Harry Trisos of Mobilety has been involved in the marketing of telemedia for the past 15 years. Commencing with Telkom and the 087 industry in the early 90s, he has been at the forefront of developments in value-added content throughout this period, working with some of the leading service providers in this sector.

Harry has also provided media marketing services to almost every major publication in the country. His services have ranged from setting up and managing of variable data promotional competitions to consulting on mobile strategy for publications. He can be reached at .
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A letter to Mother Christmas

Dear Mother Christmas, I must start off by confessing that I am addressing this festive missive to you not because I am trying to be politically correct. It is simply that I recall being contacted by you after my letter to Father Christmas last year about 3G connectivity.

By Harry Trisos 10 Dec 2007

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