Chris Moerdyk

Marketing analyst, advisor & media commentator
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


Apart from being a corporate marketing analyst, advisor and media commentator, Chris Moerdyk is a former chairman of Bizcommunity. He was head of strategic planning and public affairs for BMW South Africa and spent 16 years in the creative and client service departments of ad agencies, ending up as resident director of Lindsay Smithers-FCB in KwaZulu-Natal. Email Chris on and follow him on Twitter at @chrismoerdyk.
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Current employment

Marketing Analyst
Moerdyk Marketing -
The marketing game is moving fast

Marketing is moving so fast its transition is like playing a five-day cricket test and then going straight into the Indian Premier League 20-over circus with dancing girls and fireworks...

By Chris Moerdyk, Issued by Chris Moerdyk 3 hours ago

You are losing money on ads that don't appear

South Africa wastes R50bn a year on inefficient marketing strategy, misguided advertising and sponsorship but also through advertisers not really checking to see whether the ads they have paid for have actually been flighted...

By Chris Moerdyk, Issued by Chris Moerdyk 17 Mar 2016

Bad marketing decisions cost South Africa billions every year

A growing number of chief executives and members of corporate boards in South Africa are becoming alarmed at the amount of money their companies are wasting every year through bad marketing. The average wastage on marketing budgets for corporate South Africa runs at about 25 percent...

By Chris Moerdyk, Issued by Chris Moerdyk 11 Feb 2016

Case study: Brand loyalty is very fragile

The objective of branding today is to make customers so loyal to your company or product that they don't even think about going somewhere else...

By Chris Moerdyk, Issued by Chris Moerdyk 13 Nov 2015

Marketers can enhance corporate boards

Having just been appointed non-executive chairman of the board of a financial services company, I am both delighted and excited at the prospect and even more enthusiastic as ever about what marketers can add to corporate boards...

By Chris Moerdyk, Issued by Chris Moerdyk 27 Oct 2015

WhatsApp, MTN?

MTN is upset because WhatsApp is replacing local chat applications for smartphones and wants the Independent Communications Authority of SA to "investigate" foreign operators like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram...

By Chris Moerdyk 15 Oct 2015

Why do big brands keep making the same mistakes

Too many marketers as well as brand and advertising managers still aren't thinking things through and these mistakes are costing a fortune...

By Chris Moerdyk, Issued by Chris Moerdyk 30 Sep 2015

The extent of Volkswagen's brand damage is debatable

In the coming months Volkswagen will find out to what extent its blatant cheating on emission data will damage its brand...

By Chris Moerdyk 29 Sep 2015

Sponsorship is more than just a badge on a Springbok jersey

More than a century ago a cynical fellow called John Wanamaker bemoaned the fact that while he knew that half the money he spent on advertising was wasted, he couldn't work out which half...

By Chris Moerdyk 3 Sep 2015

Forget words, consumers like pictures

Times have changed, but only a few advertisers and PR people have realised it, with the rest continuing their outdated obsession with the written word...

By Chris Moerdyk, Issued by Chris Moerdyk 25 Aug 2015

CNN's unintended irritating consequences

Christiane Amanpour, Hala Gorani, Richard Quest, Becky Anderson, Michael Holmes and South Africa's own CNN anchor, Robyn Curnow, are all journalists of the highest order. Professional and dedicated...

By Chris Moerdyk 20 Aug 2015

Media and ad industries need a dose of Epsom Salts

It has been almost inevitable that the print media and ad industry representative bodies are going through some considerable trauma right now...

By Chris Moerdyk 6 Aug 2015

South African retailers are missing massive profit opportunities

Not only is retail advertising generally inefficient in South Africa but the majority of the big chains are missing out on profit opportunities by letting customers leave their stores unhappy...

By Chris Moerdyk, Issued by Chris Moerdyk 28 Jul 2015

Great marketing advice for people too scared to start their own business

At last I have found a marketing book written specifically for would-be entrepreneurs and all those people who really want to start their own businesses but are just too terrified to take the plunge.

By Chris Moerdyk 22 Jul 2015

This is why CEOs laugh at marketers, PR and ad people

Marketers, PR people and especially ad agencies are breaking the first rule of their own trade by not talking to their target markets in a language they understand. It's so bad it's the equivalent of running Croatian soap powder ads in Peru...

By Chris Moerdyk, Issued by Chris Moerdyk 9 Jun 2015

Seems everyone agrees ads are not the drinking and smoking culprits

Last week, Government published its National Liquor Policy in an effort to curb the horrendous alcohol abuse in South Africa. The new regulations make sense, although some are overly complicated...

By Chris Moerdyk 28 May 2015

Naspers newspaper titles moving into makes sense

There has not been much media coverage outside of Naspers with regard to the decision to move all their newspaper titles onto the News24 and Netwerk24 platforms...

By Chris Moerdyk 20 May 2015

CEOs need social media shock tactics

Right now, far too many CEOs think social media is just a passing teenage fad but what they are seeing is the tip of an iceberg that will sink their corporate ship if they continue to ignore it...

By Chris Moerdyk, Issued by Chris Moerdyk 8 May 2015

It's 'battening the hatches and don't spend money' time again

It is a phenomenon that occurs as regular as clockwork and would be quite amusing if it wasn't quite so serious...

By Chris Moerdyk 28 Apr 2015

Maximum exposure from social investment projects

Corporate South Africa should be applauded for its massive social investment but strangely enough many shy away from publicising what they do...

By Chris Moerdyk, Issued by Chris Moerdyk 21 Apr 2015

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