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Chris Moerdyk

Marketing analyst, advisor & media commentator
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


Apart from being a corporate marketing analyst, advisor and media commentator, Chris Moerdyk is a former chairman of Bizcommunity. He was head of strategic planning and public affairs for BMW South Africa and spent 16 years in the creative and client service departments of ad agencies, ending up as resident director of Lindsay Smithers-FCB in KwaZulu-Natal. Email Chris on and follow him on Twitter at @chrismoerdyk.
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Current employment

Marketing Analyst
Moerdyk Marketing -
CNN's unintended irritating consequences

Christiane Amanpour, Hala Gorani, Richard Quest, Becky Anderson, Michael Holmes and South Africa's own CNN anchor, Robyn Curnow, are all journalists of the highest order. Professional and dedicated...

By Chris Moerdyk 20 Aug 2015 09:33

Media and ad industries need a dose of Epsom Salts

It has been almost inevitable that the print media and ad industry representative bodies are going through some considerable trauma right now...

By Chris Moerdyk 6 Aug 2015 13:08

Great marketing advice for people too scared to start their own business

At last I have found a marketing book written specifically for would-be entrepreneurs and all those people who really want to start their own businesses but are just too terrified to take the plunge.

By Chris Moerdyk 22 Jul 2015 15:07

Seems everyone agrees ads are not the drinking and smoking culprits

Last week, Government published its National Liquor Policy in an effort to curb the horrendous alcohol abuse in South Africa. The new regulations make sense, although some are overly complicated...

By Chris Moerdyk 28 May 2015 13:11

Naspers newspaper titles moving into makes sense

There has not been much media coverage outside of Naspers with regard to the decision to move all their newspaper titles onto the News24 and Netwerk24 platforms...

By Chris Moerdyk 20 May 2015 14:58

It's 'battening the hatches and don't spend money' time again

It is a phenomenon that occurs as regular as clockwork and would be quite amusing if it wasn't quite so serious...

By Chris Moerdyk 28 Apr 2015 07:21

Hacking away at marketing's reputation

Never before have corporate marketing budgets, measurement and spending been under such scrutiny from boards of directors, CEOs and particularly financial directors...

By Chris Moerdyk 14 Apr 2015 06:46

SA media group buys Irish and Australian newspapers

Sekunjalo Media, owners of South Africa's Independent News and Media, has purchased a majority shareholding in its former holding company, Independent News and Media in Ireland...

By Chris Moerdyk 1 Apr 2015 07:36

A case history of branding from scratch

When the printing and manufacturing Paarl Media Group decided to list on the JSE, it started on a journey into what could well have been into the dark unknown of choosing a new name...

By Chris Moerdyk 17 Mar 2015 07:45

Why newspapers and magazines are giving print a bad name

Print is by no means dead. Far from it. The growing perception that it is dying falls squarely on those newspapers and magazines that seem to have some kind of death wish...

By Chris Moerdyk 13 Mar 2015 15:46

Why customer service is so bad

One of the main reasons why customer service in South Africa is pretty much atrocious is because staff attend customer service training courses...

By Chris Moerdyk 3 Mar 2015 05:02

Brands, cats and the ANC all have nine lives

I was asked to comment by a few business newspapers last week about the impact on the Ocean Basket restaurant brand following a complaint that it sold some dishes using freshwater fish...

By Chris Moerdyk 19 Feb 2015 06:51

Don't think out of the marketing box - just get rid of the whole damn box

Many South African marketing and media people are still in denial. To about the same extent as Thabo Mbeki and Co were over HIV/Aids...

By Chris Moerdyk 5 Feb 2015 09:10

Let's encourage Zuma to bash whites

I am all in favour of President Jacob Zuma continuing his sniping campaign against whites and blaming everything on apartheid...

By Chris Moerdyk 29 Jan 2015 06:35

It's time for a war on the digital chokers

I received an email from a colleague this week asking me to sign a petition against local cellular networks taking 50% profit from revenue generated by SMS text messaging in aid of charity...

By Chris Moerdyk 15 Nov 2014 08:29

Government on an ad-banning roll

It was entirely predictable that after a relatively trouble-free and politically safe banning of tobacco product advertising almost two decades ago, government would turn its attention to liquor, fast food and a raft of other forms of advertising...

By Chris Moerdyk 13 Nov 2014 14:48

Massive shifts in marketing landscape good for business

There is absolutely no doubt that the era of the marketer has arrived in the corporate world. That is, for marketers who are prepared to shift massive paradigms...

By Chris Moerdyk 15 Sep 2014 05:33

(Not) in praise of the ubiquitous, obfuscating press release

PR people and their clients need some serious mentoring on how they can both profit once ego and stupidity have been removed from the equation...

By Chris Moerdyk 5 Sep 2014 04:56

A justifiable sense of déjà vu for SA's mass media

Anyone who worked in South African media from the 1960s until 1990, when Nelson Mandela was released from prison, could be forgiven for feeling an ugly, disturbing sense of déjà vu today.

By Chris Moerdyk 3 Sep 2014 14:28

The awesome power of an apology

It is a window of opportunity that has opened up for perhaps just a few years but it is going to take the mass media, marketing strategists, ad agencies, and...

By Chris Moerdyk 15 Aug 2014 06:45

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