Aki Kalliatakis

Managing Partner at The Leadership LaunchPad
Location:South Africa


Aki Kalliatakis is the Managing Partner of The Leadership LaunchPad, a business focused on customer loyalty and radical marketing. Contact him on +27 (0)83 379 3466, +27 (0)11 640-3958 or . Follow @akikalliatakis on Twitter.
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Good old-fashioned customer care tips that will set your franchise apart

There's a great story about how an employee at one of the famous American Trader Joe's stores went the extra mile in terms of service, not because they had to, but because it was the right thing to do...

By Aki Kalliatakis 10 May 2016


Know what makes your customers happy

In a world where customers are bombarded with too much information and communication, there is a certain fatigue that comes from companies wanting more and more information about customers and their needs...

By Aki Kalliatakis 12 Apr 2016


Challenge everything!

Is it just me, or have companies forgotten that we are right in the middle of one of the worst recessions we have experienced in our lifetimes..?

By Aki Kalliatakis 21 Mar 2016


What would Steve Jobs do?

I'm one of those people who prefers not to replace stuff just because someone tells me it is time to do so. I like driving the same car until it's really, really dead...

By Aki Kalliatakis 3 Mar 2016


'Tis the season to go the extra mile for your customers

With only a couple of weeks to go until Christmas, shoppers are starting to feel a bit stressed by the insane nightmare of mass advertising, crowded shopping malls, overstretched banks, and businesses that never seem prepared enough...

By Aki Kalliatakis 16 Dec 2015


2016: Year of the consumer snitch

Never waste a good crisis - this advice to business leaders was bandied about during the global financial meltdown and subsequent recession. Well, another crisis is on the way and winners and losers across our economy will be determined by whoever seizes or wastes the opportunity...

By Aki Kalliatakis 1 Dec 2015


Between 'Y' and 'Z' is a new generation that will reshape customer service

They're here, a whole new generation of 'Teens' and 'Tweens', the 15- to 25-year-olds of today, making up around 24% of the population, who will change the face of retail shopping and already demand a high level of customer care...

By Aki Kalliatakis 28 Oct 2015


Turning ducks into eagles

There are only two kinds of people - ducks and eagles. Ducks act like victims, and just go around saying 'Quack! Quack! Quack!' Eagles take the initiative and soar above the crowd...

By Aki Kalliatakis 19 Oct 2015


No company is untouchable anymore

I really thought that the recent banking crisis which has caused misery for billions of people around the world was the pinnacle of corporate stupidity...

By Aki Kalliatakis 6 Oct 2015


How to save your business from difficult customers

No business has the right to brazenly and publicly offend customers just because of their religion, nationality, or skin colour. There are always consequences to your business with this extreme behaviour...

By Aki Kalliatakis 2 Oct 2015


Hot tips for local shop owners

Most people are too busy making a living to make really big money. That's why dedicated salary earners stay wage slaves and why small-time entrepreneurs stay small-timers...

By Aki Kalliatakis 25 Aug 2015


Why are they so against what customers want?

How can an administration that started out with the world's greatest slogan - Power to the People - get things so wrong?...

By Aki Kalliatakis 24 Aug 2015


Twelve quick ways to build customer loyalty

Customer retention is clearly one of the most important priorities on the minds of most executives today. The payoff from keeping customers loyal is just too large to be ignored...

By Aki Kalliatakis 15 Jul 2015


Is customer self-service worthwhile?

Is self-service the panacea for customer service? There is no doubt that there is a place for it in today's world of business, especially with items that are difficult, inconvenient, or time-consuming...

By Aki Kalliatakis 16 Jun 2015


The customer service obstacle course

I don't know if it's the same for you, but have you ever noticed how some companies seem to go out of their way to place obstacles between their customers and great service?...

By Aki Kalliatakis 28 May 2015


The big new risk for business... being KFC'd on social media

Getting a 'roasting' from the eye-witness consumer is a growing risk for business now that social media can broadcast even the appearance of questionable behaviour. To be more specific, a brand can be 'KFC'd'...

By Aki Kalliatakis 15 May 2015


CRM can be really magical - when it works

Best you do everything in your power to ensure you use your CRM system properly to ensure your customers have a positive experience and leave happy...

By Aki Kalliatakis 8 Apr 2015


From Christmas to crisis for consumers

President Zuma may refer to challenges but as petrol, electricity and food costs go up and wages failed to match inflation, consumers and small businesses had better go into crisis mode....

By Aki Kalliatakis 16 Mar 2015


Do once customer-driven companies need to lose their customer focus?

Looking at all companies, at some stage in their history they were fantastic with customers - and then lost their way. We need to question whether the pressure to produce profit is so forceful...

By Aki Kalliatakis 11 Mar 2015


Would you tuck your customers into bed one night?

With Valentine's Day coming up and thoughts of love in the air, it strikes me that it's a good time for us to prove how much we love our customers...

By Aki Kalliatakis 12 Feb 2015

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