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Is creating co-dependent business ecosystems the new competitive advantage?

When you buy a Nespresso coffee machine, you do not buy a coffee machine. You buy into a system of consumer benefits. Or what I would call an "ecosystem "of related offers.

By Thomas Oosthuizen 18 Jun 2014

[2014 trends] Marketing 'trends', challenges, observations

In this piece, I highlight a few key issues in marketing that we need to take advantage of to become more successful and profitable in the next years. By doing that, we will succeed, regardless of the short-term trends.

By Thomas Oosthuizen 30 Jan 2014

This time Liberty Life is not taking liberties

It seems we have, as brand owners, marketers and agencies, increasingly fallen into a trap where we believe we "know" - even if we don't know.

By Thomas Oosthuizen 30 Sep 2013

The language of brands

It would not be wrong to state that Coca-Cola is the world's largest "language". When we say the words, "Coca-Cola", it conjures up a set of meanings that was built-up over generations, across geographies, across demographics, across socio-political persuasions and across cultures.

By Thomas Oosthuizen 21 Feb 2013

[2013 trends] It's not trends that matter; it's the traits marketers need!

I like the number 13. Like with most other things, it is what we do with it that matters. Great companies never use the excuse of prevailing trends as a reason for them not to perform. They just leverage the circumstances better than their rivals. So, while economists will contemplate economic and social conditions in 2013, it is what we as marketers do that matters.

By Thomas Oosthuizen 28 Jan 2013

Know what makes your brand succeed - or not

In a Forbes article of 5 November, it is reported that recent consumer reviews in the US and Europe found that the number of people who claim they will buy the next device from Apple, has dropped to levels lower that in 2009. A lack of recent innovation in new products is cited as the main reason for this.

By Thomas Oosthuizen 11 Dec 2012

Developing iconic brands

We all recognize them, we all love them and we all want them, yet iconic brands are rare.

By Thomas Oosthuizen 20 Nov 2012

Iconic brands tell stories

We all recognise them, we all love them and we all want them. Yet iconic brands are rare. An iconic brand is able to punch far above its weight. Most iconic brands do not spend a fortune on marketing - they attain gravity naturally as consumers tune into them. Whatever they do creates impact way beyond their magnitude. (video)

By Thomas Oosthuizen 20 Nov 2012

What makes advertising work?

Throughout my career in marketing, I was challenged by "what makes marketing communication tools like advertising, work". This is a question every single client asks often - yet it is the one question where the answer is most elusive.

By Thomas Oosthuizen 18 Jun 2012

Can marketing lift stock price?

While most marketers will endorse the fact that marketing works in building brands, improving brand image and driving sales, the relationship between marketing and investor value is not always that clear. Although we as marketers will anecdotally believe it, isolating the effect of marketing is complex.

By Thomas Oosthuizen 28 Mar 2012

Can Facebook ever make (real) money?

Growth is hardly the challenge Facebook faces. The challenge for the monetarisation of Facebook is not how many people it reaches - it is a huge medium by any standards - but how it extracts revenue from its core business: connecting people in an objective, friendly, social, non-threatening and non-commercial environment.

By Thomas Oosthuizen 7 Feb 2012

[2012 trends] Marketers must cut costs yet drive growth

2012 will be tough. Business will need to control costs and grow, despite global turmoil and low economic growth. Here are twelve questions marketers need to ask themselves this year.

By Thomas Oosthuizen 16 Jan 2012

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