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702/Outsurance pointspeople matzah pudding

It seems that the Outsurance/702 pointspeople sponsorship is up for pitch and many of the radio station's listeners in Johannesburg are up in arms. Here is a different take: Imagine if an agency came up with an advert concept and expected to keep the business based purely on that fact? In these cases, there are business rules and regulations.

By Angelo Coppola 31 Oct 2011

B2B magazines need to up their game

I was paging through a couple of B2B (trade) magazines recently, having decided it was time to empty out our business postbox, and I was hugely disappointed and dismayed... the content remains generally unchanged and even the headlines look and read the same.

By Angelo Coppola 17 Oct 2011

Whitewashing the news?

I was excited when I woke up on Tuesday morning, 30 August 2011. Julius Malema was to have his hearing at Luthuli House and a small group of people had arrived near the ANC head office to start their overnight vigil. Then my day deteriorated. I was disappointed that I had to rely on the social networks to stay in touch with the action just 10km from my home.

By Angelo Coppola 30 Aug 2011

Mainstream media platforms are communities, too...

I was reading Chris Moerdyk's take on South African media and, while he has a point on the substance or courage issue, I'd suggest that the mainstream media could learn some valuable lessons from the much-maligned business-to-business (B2B) or trade media.

By Angelo Coppola 30 Jun 2011

What does Google Authorship mean for SA PR industry, clients?

This piece was inspired by an original blog posted by Heather Whaling (@prtini). It got me thinking about the South African PR industry and the way we interact with our clients and, more importantly, how we measure our effectiveness and add value to our clients and meet the PR and reputational management strategies ad goals.

By Angelo Coppola 28 Jun 2011

The hunt for AVE - Manyi vs the media

I listened to the interview between Radio702 breakfast host John Robbie and new head of the GCIS Jimmy Manyi on Tuesday morning, 21 June 2011, and it finally dawned on me what the problem is. It's about measurement and advertising value equivalency (AVE).

By Angelo Coppola 21 Jun 2011

Ethics? What ethics?

The unfolding story in Silicon Valley about 'Facebook' employing a PR "consultancy" to bad mouth a Google service is a classic example of what is wrong with the PR industry, locally and internationally.

By Angelo Coppola 13 May 2011

The BRICS brand and the weakest link

I saw a cartoon about South Africa joining BRIC and that set me thinking. And, because I have a bit of a sporting background, I began thinking about a relay team and how the team wins or loses, based on the speed of the slowest team member.

By Angelo Coppola 18 Apr 2011

[2011 trends] SA PR needs to lose cottage industry perception

The public relations sector in South Africa is going to be an exciting environment in 2011.

By Angelo Coppola 14 Jan 2011

Spin doctors, CEOs and snipers

Sitting at dinner with several heavyweight CEOs can be intimidating, if you don't have the confidence to voice an opinion, or hold a strong view on anything. I was in that situation recently, and, as is my wont, I eavesdropped wherever I could, and threw in my 10 cents' worth - almost like a sniper, I stepped in, took aim, fired and retreated behind my dinner plate and wine glass.

By Angelo Coppola 2 Nov 2010

AVE: small acronym, big controversy

Blaming clients for the continued usage of AVE in South Africa when measuring the effectiveness of a public relations campaign is an excuse used by PR people, says Lesley Schroeder-McLean, MD of PR Africa, who maintains that media reach would be a far more useful measure of media coverage, until a more acceptable measure on a communications campaign's effectiveness can be found.

By Angelo Coppola 22 Oct 2010

PR is evolving

Public relations in South Africa in the next couple of years will evolve and it will need to be flexible to evolving needs of consumers, said Janice Spark, director and managing partner of Idea Engineers, speaking at the PRISA national conference in Gauteng yesterday, Wednesday, 20 October 2010. Spark touched on six trends that will affect and influence PR and communications practitioners operating in SA.

By Angelo Coppola 21 Oct 2010

Chile mine rescue: triumph of human engineering

The Chile mine rescue has all the elements of a well-managed PR campaign. Did you notice the metamorphosis between the miners in the rescue chamber nearly 700m underground and the same miners that emerged out of the escape capsule? Wearing clean clothes, hardhats, clean-shaven and sporting US$400 sun glasses?

By Angelo Coppola 13 Oct 2010

How to promote the PR profession - not

Sometimes it's important for professionals to stand up and be counted, especially when the organisation that professes to protect and promote their industry or profession gets it completely wrong.

By Angelo Coppola 22 Sep 2010

First Critical Thinking Forum addresses media freedom

The first of a series of Critical Thinking Forums, hosted by Amandla and Mail & Guardian, took place yesterday, Wednesday, 11 August 2010 at Atlas Studios in Milpark, Johannesburg. The forum, hosting speakers including Ferial Haffajee, editor of the City Press and Jackson Mthembu, ANC spokesperson, addressed media freedom in South Africa and associated legislation and the challenges that need to be addressed.

By Angelo Coppola 12 Aug 2010

Media freedom: the case for a united front

Enough is enough... While many of us sit back and watch the skirmishes between editors and journalists, on the one hand, and the police and the state, on the other hand, it dawned on me that perhaps I should be more than an interested observer. After all, we in PR have a symbiotic relationship with people in the media, despite the fact that some journalists choose to ignore that fact.

By Angelo Coppola 6 Aug 2010

Beware of the survey of one

I'm tired. Tired of explaining to clients that when doing research on perceptions of a brand or a company, either within target markets or among media, that it's essential that we don't take the view or opinion of one person as the "be-all and end all". I'm also tired of trying to explain the dangers of basing an entire PR or crisis communications campaign on that opinion.

By Angelo Coppola 29 Jul 2010

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