Jeremy Daniel is the editor of, and a firm believer in the transformative power of mobile technology for emerging markets. Jeremy has written across various media platforms for the last 10 years, from television to advertising to print before making the permanent cultural leap into online journalism. Follow him on Twitter at @jeremytdaniel.
Snapchat hits a tipping point as most popular social network for teens

Last week, a significant tipping point was reached in the battleground that is social media with the news that upstart network Snapchat is now 'the most important social network amongst us teens', narrowly beating out Instagram for the title...

By Jeremy Daniel 18 Apr 2016

Nollywood comes to YouTube

In a major boost for the African film industry, YouTube has created a Nollywood-specific channel on YouTube. The channel boasts over 400 Nollywood movies that can now be downloaded and viewed for free from anywhere in the world.

By Jeremy Daniel 1 Apr 2011

Africa is the fastest growing Facebook continent

Africa may not have the numbers of Facebook users that more developed continents do, but the continent is rising fast. According to Facebook-analysis site,, the number of users on the continent grew by over 27% in the last three months, and by over 50% in the last six months.

By Jeremy Daniel 25 Feb 2011

Google, Twitter set up voice-to-tweet service for Egypt

As the Egyptian government feverishly tries to cut off all contact with the outside world, Google, working in collaboration with Twitter, has set up an innovative service for Egyptians desperate to communicate and stay in touch. It's a service called voice to tweet, and relies on software from a company called SayNow that Google purchased only last week.

By Jeremy Daniel 1 Feb 2011

Russian hackers target M&G Online, site taken down

The Mail & Guardian Online, one of South Africa's premier online sources of news and opinion, has been taken offline today, Wednesday, 26 January 2011, after an attack by Russian hackers in a phishing attack that has been building for several weeks.

By Jeremy Daniel 26 Jan 2011

Google's Africa strategy: access, relevance, sustainability

In a cold and rainy Cape Town on Monday morning (8 November 2010), Google launched gSouth Africa, its sixth African event of the past twelve months, inviting developers and tech entrepreneurs from all over the continent to come and engage to help create a better, more relevant internet for Africa.

By Jeremy Daniel 8 Nov 2010

ANC Youth League calls for closure of Twitter

It seems the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) has finally had enough of all the fake Twitter accounts that have sprung up in the name of Julius Malema, hilariously calling on the authorities to "closer (sic.) Twitter if its administrators are not able to administer reports for violation of basic human rights and integrity".

By Jeremy Daniel 3 Nov 2010

Launch of API signals new era for MXit

Ten billion messages sent to mobile phones during July of 2010; 53 million photos sent during the same month, and more than 710 million logins... These are the kind of numbers that developers from emerging markets look at with envy when studying the mature internet markets of the Western World.

By Jeremy Daniel 1 Nov 2010

Official: Cape Town iceberg a Liqui-Fruit campaign

Days of speculation are at an end after Liqui-Fruit and its advertising agency, Liquorice stood up and claimed responsibility for the Cape Town iceberg spotted off Clifton Beach at the beginning of the week.

By Jeremy Daniel 28 Oct 2010

How the Nigerian president is using Facebook

Politicians around the world have woken up to the potential of Facebook and Twitter as unfiltered platforms from which they can deliver their message to a receptive audience. But few have taken it up as effectively and with the same gusto as Nigeria's wonderfully-named President, Goodluck Jonathan.

By Jeremy Daniel 28 Oct 2010

Google commits to making internet a part of everyday African life

Nick Heller is responsible for New Business Development across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at Google. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, he focuses on new product incubation and exploratory efforts in technology, meta-data licensing, strategic partnerships, special projects, as well as alternative distribution models for existing and new business initiatives.

By Jeremy Daniel 18 Oct 2010 makes you editor-in-chief of your online newspaper

There is no longer any doubt about the awesome impact that Twitter is having on the media landscape. Every day, the micro-blogging phenomenon cements its place at the centre of news gathering, social networking and information dissemination. But while its basic functionality has been widely accepted, the delivery mechanisms employed are being challenged on various fronts, most notably by the Flipboard app on the iPad, and now by

By Jeremy Daniel 15 Oct 2010

New social network for SA media, advertising industry

A new online service for the media, marketing and advertising industries that combines news and analysis with social networking is just weeks away from being launched in South Africa.

By Jeremy Daniel 28 Sep 2010

Nimbuzz planning African mobile launch

Nimbuzz, the mobile social messaging service, may not be particularly well-known in Africa at this point. But all that is about to change, according to Tobias Kemper, the general manager of Nimbuzz Inc. USA, who spoke to Memeburn about his vision for the company and the various ways Nimbuzz is used around the world.

By Jeremy Daniel 7 Sep 2010

Mobile phone interfaces should get with the social times

The user interface employed by mobile phones has not adapted sufficiently to accommodate the communication needs of the average user in the 21st Century. But help is at hand from social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter that can serve as inspiration for designers of handheld devices looking to improve on the way we communicate.

By Jeremy Daniel 20 Jul 2010

MTN says zero chance of Facebook Zero

Despite providing access to Facebook Zero in seven African countries where it operates, international mobile service provider MTN has no plans to make the data-charge free version available to South African mobile users any time soon.

By Jeremy Daniel 4 Jun 2010

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