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Popimedia Innovations are proud to announce their inclusion in the Facebook Studio showcase for 2012.
Facebook Studio Awards - Popimedia Innovations
Having entered The Facebook Studio Awards, and while waiting for the results, we are proud to announce that our Clover the One campaign has been chosen for inclusion in the 2012 Facebook Studios showcase of excellent creative campaigns.

The Facebook Studio Awards commend agencies and brands that effectively and creatively help people and businesses connect. They celebrate marketing ingenuity employed within the Facebook platform by assessing various criteria, including the social clout of a campaign (is social interaction fundamental to the idea?), whether the campaign and its associated content fully utilises the creative components of Facebook, whether it encourages engagement and sharing and whether it accomplishes positive 'real world' business results (including reputation, customer relations, driving of sales, etc).

With all of this in mind, Popimedia Innovations submitted our Clover The One 'Tag the One/Which One?' campaigns for this prestigious award. Clover The One briefed us to drive awareness of the launch of 1% milk - an entirely new market category in South Africa. In order to educate our consumer about the product and its benefits, we ran the 'Tag the One' campaign - a campaign utilising one of the most common Facebook interactions: picture tagging.

After 'liking' the Clover The One fanpage, fans used the Tag the One Facebook application to wait for prizes to drop. Every week prize drops were themed around various Clover The One lifestyles we had identified (e.g. gym, work, cooking, family, etc). When these prizes dropped, the first person to tag herself on an item...won that item! Initially, a timer counted down to the prize drops, but this was later removed to encourage fans to stay on the Page to wait for prizes to drop.

Our second campaign, a build up to a sales driver, then mined this audience for information. 'Which One?' was a data collection campaign aimed at finding out more about what consumers would like as an incentive to purchase Clover The One in stores. For this campaign, we posed a simple choice between two prizes (products or experiences). People then voted for the prize which they liked best and stood a chance to win that prize. The result was that we discovered that Clover The One fans preferred a tangible product to an experience.

By successfully encouraging social engagement with Clover The One's fan base, Tag The One managed to create an engaged and interactive community who literally sat online every day waiting for prizes to drop! We experienced an overall sales increase of 15% during the campaign, and an overall Page growth rate of 197%. Average engagement was 35%.

These campaigns embody all of the criteria required by the Facebook Studio Awards: by encouraging individuals to engage with our application, we successfully employed Facebook marketing to drive consumers in store and purchase a previously unheard of product! On top of this, we gave consumers a platform to air their preferences, gained consumer insight and managed to reach and acquire new fans.

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Popimedia Innovations is a Specialist Social Media & Technology Company. We are Africa's only Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer "PMD" - a title bestowed upon "best of breed!"

Popimedia is a Facebook ad sales house and owns Meedee8 a Social Media Page management tool.

Popimedia is part of the TCC Group.

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