Firewater Interactive rebrands: New logo. New website.

Digital agency, Firewater Interactive, has a new look. We've revamped our logo and website to incorporate cutting-edge design trends and web technologies. We're reminding our clients that we create work which not only reflects top local standards - but international ones.
New look
The logo
Firewater Interactive rebrands: New logo. New website.
To celebrate a decade of successful business, Firewater's logo has a fresh, tidy face. Evolving from the old 3D logo, the new 2D logo is more modern. More versatile.

"We needed to update our logo and show our leaps forward in the industry," says Mark Stecker, managing member of Firewater Interactive.

"It was time to re-energise it. Modernise it. Show that we are a business that keeps up-to-date with the times."

Firewater also created a new logo and CI for the Firewater Group. This is to create stronger unity between the two divisions - Firewater Interactive and Firewater Light - and better serve our clients.

The website
Firewater Interactive rebrands: New logo. New website.
Firewater Interactive rebrands: New logo. New website.
The Firewater website also underwent a complete makeover. Abandoning Flash, it embraces the latest web trends and technologies, using HTML 5, CSS3 and JQuery.

But the site is also built around a responsive framework. It performs well across all devices - be it desktops, tablets or smart phones.

"The goal behind the website was really to make the navigation smooth across all devices. We want users to engage with it. Play around," says Alon Berman, second managing member of Firewater Interactive.

"Responsive layout has become a key feature in today's digital age. We did a lot of user experience research and content analysis. We wanted to build frameworks that would adapt to reflect the most important content on different platforms."

The result? A website that offers a visually pleasing experience across modern devices and webkit browsers.

It even degrades gracefully in Internet Explorer.

New feel
The tone behind the re-brand of Firewater Interactive is simple: Clean. Slick. Dynamic.

"We're incorporating our new CI and showing clients what we can do - without going overboard," adds Mark.

The website also reflects the playful, yet professional, Firewater company culture. A real-time social media feature appears on the site, which gives users a glimpse into Firewater life.

Same taste
Although Firewater has rebranded, our approach to business remains the same. Quality, innovation, knowledge, passion and insight are still our core values. We remain passionate. We remain perfectionists. We remain specialists. We remain a Double Distilled Digital Agency.

Check out the new logo and website

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Firewater Group
Firewater Group
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