Video clips from Radio Works 2011

Lebo Motshegoa recently made some waves with his presentations at Radio Works 2011. Here are some examples.
You can click to the youtube videos links here below to see our Managing Director's presentation that received these raving tweets:
  • "You can't say that black people don't *get it*. You just need to know what is funny to us!"
  • "You don't have to move out when a black person moves next door. Not all black people make noise"
  • "Foshizi is a Black Consumer Insight Agency. How do you speak to the people you're trying to target?" Claire Mawisa
  • "Yip. That's the Lebo effect. Awesome guy. Lebo Motshegoa's talk just put me in a good mood!" Radio Works and Clair Mawisa

Lebo Motshegoa / FOSHIZI MD:

What black youth are into

Evolution of the black teenager

Times have changed

Tips for advertising to the black consumer

Writing creative for the black consumer

Going deeper into the townships

Black people know of only 3 seasons

Show you care or voetsek!

Why radio works in the townships

Get your township lingo right

The many shades of black

3 types of black guys

Foshizi's press office

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