King Korn Mabele campaign - Yourself ManagementThe festive season is the busiest time of the year for wholesalers. This is the period when the various stokvel organisations, both big and small flock to the wholesalers and buy groceries in bulk. So Yourself Management was there to drive sales and encourage customers to buy King Korn Mabele. 26 Jan 2015 Read more++

It's Crunch time in Bloemfontein - Yourself ManagementFollowing the success of the Jungle Crunch Light campaign in Gauteng and KZN, the Jungle Crunch Light promotions have now gone national. The promotion was characterised by sampling of the new range (original, apricot and peach) and the in-store promotions. It was aimed at health conscious people who lead a busy, active lifestyle and require energy to enable them to accomplish their daily tasks. 23 Jan 2015 Read more++

Ace Instant Porridge on the move - Yourself ManagementSince the beginning of November Yourself Management has been running the Ace Instant Porridge campaign in four provinces: Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape and Western Cape. 22 Jan 2015 Read more++

Albany campaign weighs in the PMB bread market - Yourself ManagementWhat prompted the activation? 17 Oct 2014 Read more++

Jungle Energy Crunch Lite launches new innovative product - Yourself ManagementYourself Management is currently running the launch of the new Jungle Energy Crunch Lite. The new product is a significant move away from the old traditional way of cooking hot breakfast. Hence the Jungle brand has now moved on to resemble the brand that offers modern, relevant solutions without losing its long established heritage around health, wholesomeness and lasting energy. 13 Aug 2014 Read more++

Nestle is dominating winter with Chocfest campaign, giving away-air time worth R1.5 million - Yourself ManagementYourself Management is currently running the Nestle Chocfest campaign nationally. The main objective is to aggressively raise brand awareness around five of Nestle's products: Aero, Bar One, Kit Kat, Smarties and Tex. 6 Jun 2013 Read more++

Cell C excels at the Rand Show - Yourself ManagementYourself Management had an opportunity to paint the Rand Show red. The main objective was to aggressively raise brand awareness around Cell C's value-for-money products and services, namely 99c and Supercharge, for five days at Nasrec Expo Centre. 5 Apr 2013 Read more++