In the past months saidWot has spread its wings and the team has expanded to not only provide support services in South Africa, but also in the United States. With online media monitoring and reputation management becoming an integral part of most Brands' digital strategies, the business is experiencing increased demand in global markets. 22 Aug 2011 Read more >>
Constitution Hill is a city precinct, anchored by the South African Constitutional Court - the highest court in the country on constitutional matters. Constitution Hill is also the site of Johannesburg's notorious Old Fort Prison Complex, where thousands of ordinary people were brutally punished before the dawn of democracy. 12 Jul 2011 Read more >>
When you set up your own business, you develop a strategy as to how you are going to reach people, how you are going to serve them, what you are going to charge them ,etc. This is all based, hopefully, on information that you have gathered in the industry, as well as competitor analysis that has been conducted. 27 Jun 2011 Read more >>
We are all engaging in the social media space, as individuals, for our companies and also for our clients. There are many out there that profess to be specialists, some are doing it well, while others are just doing it. 31 Mar 2011 Read more >>
Online marketing across digital platforms is fast becoming a key component within communications strategies for all smart brands. Building brand engagement within this platform has become crucial, as it is the one place many customers turn to, to find out exactly what they need to know - good or bad. 22 Feb 2011 Read more >>
saidWot together with Business Connection hosted a mini ORM and Social Media conference at the BCX campus on Tuesday, 25 January 2010, bringing together and introducing the advanced technology brands with Online Reputation Management market and Social Media providing the knowledge needed to make Brands a success online. Ingrid Rubin, MD and Founder of saidWot; Mike Stopforth, CEO of Cerebra and Carla Jones, Reputation Strategist at saidWot, provided valuable insights to the audience. 31 Jan 2011 Read more >>
Business is an ever changing landscape, especially in the online sphere, and if you do not move fast enough, you lose trend of your customers, what they are thinking of your brand, what they are saying and where all the online chatter is taking place. 20 Jan 2011 Read more >>
It's never too late to learn about your business or brand's online presence, but we have to say it's never too soon to start either. Consumer generated content is all over the web, and with new articles popping up by the second, you cannot afford to let the chance of knowing what is said about you brand, go by. 3 Dec 2010 Read more >>
How does Social Media and Online Reputation Management come together? A question many are asking. Some are only implementing their brands on Social Media platforms, but aren't sure how to measure the effectiveness. Here is the guide! 17 Nov 2010 Read more >>
When the African Alliance team decided that they needed to update their online presence, they entrusted Virtuosa with the task to design a site fitting of their business with current online trends in mind. 28 Sep 2010 Read more >>
Britehouse Specialist SAP Division approached Virtuosa earlier in the year to assist with refreshing the look & feel of their website. Their previous company Pebbletree Consulting acquired Eventus Consulting and merged with OneArch Consulting. This resulted in re-branding under the Britehouse Holding umbrella and Britehouse Specialist SAP Division was formed. 1 Sep 2010 Read more >>
One of Virtuosa's long-standing clients, Coricraft, has recently extended their website to include a brand-new Careers Portal. 10 May 2010 Read more >>
Founded in 1998, Tshikululu Social Investments is South Africa's leading social investment management agency, providing a one-stop service for comprehensive community grantmaking for large and medium-sized businesses. 29 Mar 2010 Read more >>
The mobile phone has long been a popular device for communication when on the move. Not only has the mobile evolved from simply sending text messages and making voice calls, but many technological improvements over the years has made it into being a digital office in one single hand-held device. 2 Mar 2010 Read more >>
As the leading youth brand from Procter & Gamble, Always Ultra has been providing leading sanitary wear for women around the country. In order to stay up to date with feminine solutions that women young and old can recognise and relate to, Procter & Gamble have appointed Virtuosa to develop and manage their digital campaigns. 12 Jan 2010 Read more >>
As search continues to grow in relevance within any digital communications strategy and media plan, particularly paid search (PPC), it is in many instances a misused tool by agencies that claim to be specialists and charge clients for these services but most often are not delivering results. Paid search (Pay Per Click) by Google Adwords in particular can either generate effective results or cost the client their entire budget with no return. 13 Nov 2009 Read more >>
In the last month Virtuosa has expanded their team and increased their expertise in the area of web development. This means that Virtuosa can offer a multitude of additional technology that will provide an even greater spectrum of services to their clients. 22 Sep 2009 Read more >>
Full-service digital agency Virtuosa has announced that an agreement to acquire IceBlue has been favourably concluded. Virtuosa and IceBlue have worked together closely over the past year with IceBlue bringing additional development capabilities to the joint projects. The buy-out was a natural progression when IceBlue MD Rex Green indicated his intention to sell to pursue other business interests. 19 Aug 2009 Read more >>
Virtuosa recently launched a refresh to their website with some exciting new sections and updates to the site. In talking to Creative Director Bryce Hancock it was easy to understand that although design is a passion it's not always that easy when it comes to your own brand and company. 3 Aug 2009 Read more >>
Virtuosa has played a key role in assisting the Hospitality Property Fund, which owns over 20 properties in South Africa, to embrace online as a key component of their marketing mix especially for their internationally branded properties, Crowne Plaza Johannesburg, The Rosebank and Holiday Inn Sandton.. 17 Jun 2009 Read more >>
Online marketing can transform the profitability of a business, but many marketing directors are so confused by the massive range of marketing techniques and technologies they're unable to get started. So let's take a step back, the starting point of what you want to do online needs to be a plan based on what you want to achieve. Do you want to build Brand awareness? Are you trying to generate leads? Or is it to find out what consumers are thinking about your product that is being launched? 6 Jun 2009 Read more >>
Nick de Klerk, responsible for Business Development & Strategy chatted to Virtuosa client Joe du Plooy (Marketing Director of Tiger Wheel and Tyre) about their online marketing efforts and especially the role of Search Engine Optimisation.
"I have been working with the team for the past seven years and we have grown together in this relatively new environment to find the right approach that works for Tiger Wheel and Tyre" Joe du Plooy, Marketing Director of Tiger Wheel & Tyre. 19 May 2009 Read more >>
Melt du Plooy, Search Marketing Manager at Virtuosa chatted to Edwin Swan, one of our clients, to talk about a recent campaign, Smitten with Football, we ran for Edwin. (Edwin Swan is the SA Country Manager for VisitBritain). 16 Apr 2009 Read more >>
Although here at Virtuosa we love to talk, we believe that it's also important to show you some examples of our work including client feedback and actual results. We have been involved with the Chef Direct project from conception, working very closely with the client, Jonathan Akal and Master Chef Regev Afek to produce the best creative solution for their brand. 15 Feb 2009 Read more >>