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What do you mean “what does it mean”?
It means whatever you want it to mean!
To be honest though, it’s more about ideas that Stick than celery Sticks, pogo Sticks or Sticking to the knitting… but, hey, if that’s what tingles your temples then that’s just fine with us. If you want to call us Stick people then call us Stick people. If you think that the stuff we do is Stick-i-stuff, then it probably is. And yes, all our financial goodies will probably go under the general heading of Stick figures. So, Stick of dynamite, hit ‘em over the head with a big Stick, Stick around, Stick up for, Stick together… they’re all fine. We really don’t mind what you call us… just call us. 011 996 3400
Engaging talent - The route to victoryUniversity of the Witwatersrand students declare FirstRand the "Best Recruiter Accounting Career Fair for 2015" 3 Jun 2015 Read more++
Stick and AAA make a splash at Design IndabaStick sponsored 11 AAA, first-year Copywriting students to the Design Indaba 2015 Conference Simulcast, one of the world's leading forums of creativity and design. 9 Mar 2015 Read more++
Sticking to interestingStick, the Johannesburg-based communications agency, recently scooped not one but two awards at the SAB Gold Circle Awards ceremony. Stick received both the award for Excellence in Advertising and the award for Living the Brand. 17 Sep 2014 Read more++
Stick celebrates eight years in the industry with a fresh new look!After eight years in business - and tons of new business and new developments - Stick is proud to announce the long awaited update to our website - Whether you are a current or former Stick, a client, a partner, a supplier, a charity contributor or just curious, we invite you to have a look, browse, click back and enjoy. You can enjoy a sampling of our work, see a gallery of the team or find out more about us and who our clients are. 28 May 2014 Read more++
Stick connects with efiveStick, the Johannesburg-based communication ideas company, was originally approached by efive telecoms to update their Corporate Identity. 27 Nov 2012 Read more++
Stick feels some healthy rageBetween January 2010 and September 2012, poachers have butchered 1,120 rhinos in South Africa alone. 29 Oct 2012 Read more++
Stick conquers SummitStick, the Jo'burg-based communication ideas and design company, won a pitch and was awarded the Discovery Invest Leadership Summit 2012 business. 6 Aug 2012 Read more++
Stick used against rhino poachersStick, the Jo'burg-based communication ideas and design company, has added its voice and creative talents to the growing outrage that is accompanying the slaughter of South Africa's rhino population. 2 Jul 2012 Read more++
Stick and Nestlé rock and rolls onStick, the Jo'burg-based communication ideas and design company, recently took Nestlé's King Cone Cone-ing concept further with a rock star campaign. 6 Jun 2012 Read more++
Stick brings Jimmijagga to the partyKWV recently called on the conceptual and design skills of Stick, the Jo'burg-based communication ideas company, to help create, name and design a range of low-alcohol fusion wine spritzers that would take the ready-to-drink market and 'rattle its cage a little'. 16 Feb 2012 Read more++
Nestlé goes cone-ing with Stick"It's not often that you get the chance to bring new ideas to a well-established, iconic brand," says Lame Modise, head of client interface at Stick, the Jo'burg-based communication ideas and design company. "So we relished the challenge set out by Nestlé to come up with something completely different for their flagship ice-cream brand, King Cone." 24 Oct 2011 Read more++
At Stick, good business is goodStick does more than pay lip service to socially responsible corporate citizenship. As a group of people who care about our community, we believe that all business can, and should, play a crucial role in making the world (and South Africa in particular) a better place. 10 Mar 2010 Read more++
100% Julius. 100% StickWhen Nando's recently briefed Stick, the Jo'burg-based communication ideas company, to help them 'create some noise', 'have a little fun' and 'sell a whole bunch of chicken' over the month of April (a particularly eventful month with a number of public holidays, the start of the IPL, Easter and the General Elections) the team of Nicole Wills, Mike Ellman-Brown, 'Dazzle' Cowling, Jono Wolberg and Lame Modise did what any other team would do in the same circumstances... they ordered a full peri-peri chicken with chips, Portuguese rolls and Cokes, and began to sweat. 23 Apr 2009 Read more++