Television giant TVSA partners with Dash of Lime - Primedia OnlinePrimedia Online's sales house Dash of Lime is proud to add TVSA to its growing network of premium publisher sites. 10 Dec 2014 Read more >>

Juice Content appoints Sifiso Mazibuko as Senior Social Media Strategist - Primedia OnlinePrimedia Online's digital content solutions division announced the arrival of a valuable addition to their robust team. 12 Nov 2014 Read more >>

Banner blindness, low click-through rates and conversions - when conversions are even being measured in the first place - have been plaguing publishers and advertisers since the very first seizure-inducing animated gifs hit the internet. Thinking back to those days, it's not hard to see why we developed selective blindness. 14 Nov 2013 Read more >>

2012 was the year 'viewable impressions' gained prominence as a potential new measuring metric for online advertising. The proposed metric was to make the transition from standard 'served impressions' to 'viewable impression', which has gained strong momentum as a result of the IAB's Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS) initiative and their advisory relationship with the Media Rating Council (MRC). 28 Jun 2013 Read more >>

DOL signs deal to represent the world's largest news site, the MailOnline, in South Africa - Primedia OnlineSales house Dash of Lime is now exclusively representing MailOnline ( - one of the world's largest news sites - in South Africa. 16 Apr 2013 Read more >>

Primedia Online is proud to announce the launch of a new business unit dedicated to the provision of bespoke "made to order" content intended for resale and syndication. This new service will include the provision of topical and current content which is optimised for use across online and mobile platforms. 21 May 2012 Read more >>

1. Why was Google+ created? 2 May 2012 Read more >>

R2 billion. That's how much revenue South African ecommerce generated in 2010. 2 May 2012 Read more >>

There're many ills which, despite almost two decades of democracy, post-apartheid South Africa still faces. Perhaps not as apparent as issues surrounding education, healthcare, social welfare, and the such, the psychological shackles of South Africa not fully recognising itself as part of the African continent, is yet another of apartheid's myriad legacies. 2 May 2012 Read more >>

Dash of Lime launches Portrait Ads on IOL - Primedia OnlineEffective immediately the IAB's Portrait Ad is now available on IOL ( As part of the IAB RMBU (rich media branding unit) suite and formerly rising star ad formats the Portrait Ad is a high impact rich media unit that allows for the incorporation of a host of content/engagement modules such as video, gallery's, poll's, content feeds, etc. 2 May 2012 Read more >>

Umuntu Media ( and 365 Digital Publishing (, a division of Primedia Online (Pty) Ltd, have signed an agreement in which 365 Digital will handle all media sales for all of Umuntu Media's online content portals. 2 May 2012 Read more >>

We all appreciate the drive-thru on those days where things have gone from bad to worse, there's nothing in the fridge and the last thing we want to do is speak to another person. Even the thought of queuing up for groceries is triggering major avoidance issues. At moments like this the convenience of convenience foods easily justifies the guilt of scoffing a double cheeseburger with all the trimmings and a supersized megabucket of root beer. 30 Apr 2012 Read more >>

365 Digital has announced a partnership with Independent Online to represent their digital properties, in the market place from January 1st 2012. 27 Jan 2012 Read more >>

Primedia Online serves up a digital revolution with a dash of lime - Primedia OnlineLeading media group Primedia Online is changing the face of digital ad sales and operations in South Africa with the launch of, a single streamlined platform that will give access to the group's products as well as further serving customers by keeping them up to date with the latest news and innovations impacting the digital environment. 19 May 2011 Read more >>

If you want to catch the latest entertainment and celebrity news, 365 days a year, there's only one place to be - E! Online. And if you want to catch the attention of the 100 000 South African entertainment aficionados and celebrity devotees who interact with the site every month, there's only one company to contact - 365 Digital. 8 Mar 2011 Read more >>

ADTECH introduces iPad compatible ad serving technology - Primedia OnlineThe Apple iPad might not have officially launched in South Africa, but ADTECH, operated locally by 365 Digital, has already launched revolutionary ad serving technology which enables advertisers to target the affluent, early adopters who own them. 14 Sep 2010 Read more >>

ADTECH introduces VAST 2.0 - facilitating digital video ad response - Primedia OnlineADTECH, operated locally by 365 Digital, has boosted their ad serving offering by introducing the VAST 2.0 template, an international standard for handling video ad response. 8 Jul 2010 Read more >>

365 Digital signs up - Primedia Online365 Digital has partnered with to provide their complete online publisher and advertiser solution for the specialist online portal. 7 Jul 2010 Read more >>

Usability and content are paramount as more and more users flock to - Primedia, South Africa's most established online brand, has recently experienced a substantial increase in daily unique users and page impressions. 7 May 2010 Read more >>

ADTECH, the leading provider of ad-serving technology operated locally by 365 Digital, have recently launched geo-load balancing, a sophisticated technology which ensures online advertising loads faster. 8 Apr 2010 Read more >>

ADTECH signs on yet another leading publishing house, Ramsay Media - Primedia OnlineCogniscent of the need to keep abreast of ever-changing technology, leading media company, Ramsay Media, has replaced their original ad server in favour of ADTECH's Helios IQ from 365 Digital. 13 Jan 2010 Read more >>

365 Digital proves click-through rates aren't always the determining measure of campaign performance - Primedia OnlineWith the recent Bookmark Awards ‘Be Big in Digital' call-for-entry campaign, 91% of entries received as a result of the online advertising were from users who only viewed the ad, not clicked on it. 24 Nov 2009 Read more >>

Fourteen months after the site first launched in June 2008, Cosmopolitan have chosen 365 Digital to handle their online campaign management and to deliver advertising on the site through the ADTECH Helios IQ ad server. 14 Sep 2009 Read more >>

ADTECH's Helios IQ mobile ad serving solution chosen by mobile video entertainment site - Primedia Online365 Digital, the exclusive representative and partner for ADTECH in Southern Africa, is pleased to announce that, a South African video entertainment site for mobile, has chosen the ADTECH ad serving solution to serve all the banner advertising displayed on the site. 19 Aug 2009 Read more >>

New 'scroller' technology for - Primedia OnlineLeading South African portal, - which is published by Cape Town-based Primedia Online, has introduced a brand-new 'scroller' on its website; a boost for the popular communities, but also an attractive option for any would-be advertisers. 21 Jul 2009 Read more >> is evolving; later this month the world's leading rugby website will be launching its very own UK version in order to offer our loyal readers across the globe the very best and extensive rugby coverage. 15 Oct 2008 Read more >> partners Lifestyle SA Festival - Primedia is proud to be the official online media partner to the Lifestyle SA Festival, brought to you by Human Element Inc, on the weekend of October 11-12 at the Kenilworth Race Course in Cape Town. 29 Sep 2008 Read more >>

Airline lounges are a great place to meet weird and wonderful travellers. Whether it's a stranded refugee living in Paris CDG or the captain of a nuclear submarine in Her Majesty's Navy (both true stories), you're bound to meet someone interesting in the lounge. 22 Sep 2008 Read more >> powers up accommodation booking with SafariNow - Primedia, South Africa's oldest internet portal, has beefed up the reader-offering on its dedicated Travel community ( with the integration of SafariNow's online booking technology. 22 Jul 2008 Read more >>

Puma sponsors Euro 2008 section on - Primedia OnlinePuma, one of the world's leading sports brands, has thrown its weight behind Primedia Online and agreed to a lucrative sponsorship on for the Euro 2008 football tournament. 10 Jun 2008 Read more >>

New coming - legendary SA portal gets new look - Primedia OnlineOne of South Africa's most loved web sites and biggest portals is undergoing an exciting overhaul as it comes out with a great new design and upgraded content. 16 Apr 2008 Read more >>

365 Digital, MyVideo sign ad serving agreement - Primedia Online365 Digital, the southern African representatives of Adtech Helios IQ digital ad serving solutions, has signed an ad serving agreement with MyVideo (, a South African-based video sharing platform, who will utilise the Helios IQ ad serving technology to serve their online advertising campaigns. 21 Feb 2008 Read more >>