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Gizmo - Ola! FilmsHow to sell a new DStv decoder? Well if you are Amy Allais you find a hilarious lead and let him sell a competing 'gadget' in a crowded electronics store. The shot of him massaging his cheeks alone is worth a thousand words. Go on - spoil yourself. 19 Dec 2014 Read More >>
Festive bucket - Ola! FilmsOla! Films Mfundo Mkhize hits a home run with KFC's beyond adorable Christmas spot. Shot on a chickenfeed budget it punches way above it's weight class in production values, slick storytelling and heartwarming performances. 19 Dec 2014 Read More >>
Balantines, impressions - Ola! FilmsChris Saunders heats up downtown Jozi with his latest spot for M&C Saatchi London and Ballantine's Whisky. Saunders won the pitch against stiff international competition on the strength of his street-savvy "Run through Time" campaign for Adidas, which snagged the young director a bronze Loerie this year. For Ballantine's he recasts Joburg as Luanda and throws a wicked street party for Angolan superstar and brand ambassador, DJ Alves. 2 Dec 2014 Read More >>
Chris Saunders shoots beauty - Ola! FilmsIn a feat of versatility, Chris Saunders recently turned his hand to beauty for this Johnson's Hydra spot for 140 BBDO Cape Town. His extensive experience in fashion photography paid off, and he took to it like an old pro. 25 Nov 2014 Read More >>
Bubbles and babies - Ola! FilmsAmy has acquired a bit of a reputation as a baby-whisperer recently, amongst others, for this Johnson's Soft & Shiny spot for BBDO Cape Town which involved wrangling both toddlers and animators. 21 May 2014 Read More >>
Ola! Films's Mfundo Mkhize takes the wheel! - Ola! FilmsIt's not rare for a commercial to try to pluck at the viewer's heartstrings as these are often connected directly to their purses. But in the case of Mkhize's spot for SMD, a South African online vehicle retailer with a growing following, the sentiment feels earned. It may be his skill in telling a small tale well or the sympathetic performances he draws from his cast. Regardless, the spots feel heartfelt, authentic and effortlessly engaging. 11 Dec 2013 Read More >>
Amy stretches her wings for Cell C - Ola! FilmsSometimes when you are on a shoot in Cape Town the weather can feel like another member of the cast - a temperamental diva who can go from fabulous to foul in a split second. "She was hiding in her trailer talking to her therapist for most of this shoot I'm afraid," says Amy Allais ruefully. 24 Oct 2013 Read More >>
The backgrounds steal the show in Allais spot for McDonalds - Ola! FilmsFor a touch of classic silver screen artistry look no further than the new McDonald's 'Tastes of the World" campaign from Ola! Films. 21 Jun 2013 Read More >>
Amy Allais is a lucky fish - Ola! Films
Ola! Films has been juggling a string of high-profile jobs this summer but the Lucky Star "Be Mega" spot was an opportunity for Amy to work on an iconic South African brand.
 25 Mar 2013
Day-night double promotion: Princess Pinkie does Vodacom - Ola! FilmsIf a cool quickie is your thing, then the latest Vodacom ad is guaranteed to please. Complete with benevolent bling king, two velveteen advisors and an errant princess, it was certainly up our alley at any rate. Ola Films director, Francis Gavin, has infused zippy fun into the latest in a string of Draftfcb's themed product promotion ads and the outcome of this one is nothing short of gigglesome yayness. 4 Sep 2012 Read More >>
Mkhise hits the high notes in Vodacom's Durban July spot - Ola! FilmsHere at Ola! Films we firmly believe there is a place in the world for rotund men in shiny suits and plump-cheeked beauties poured into foolish frocks. That's why, when Draftfcb's highly entertaining Vodacom Durban July concept came round the bend, Ola! Films director Mfundo Mkhize was champing at the bit to be part of the action. 13 Jul 2012 Read More >>
Making pap look like a piece of cake - Ola! FilmsOla Films's Mfundo Mkhize added a little bit of glamour to the seemingly ordinary world of pap with his latest White Star ad. Easy, natural performances from DJ Eddie Zondi, Lucia Mthinyane and Wanda Baloyi showcase the young director's knack of getting the best out of people. There wasn't much time and the bucks were tight: "But like they say, if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen," he says with his usual sure-footed style. 26 Jun 2012 Read More >>
Natural Beauty with Ola! Films - Ola! FilmsAmy Allais and the Ola! Films crew had a crazy ol' time of it in Limpopo's deepest and darkest shooting the latest Johnson's African Nurture spot. The location was accessible only by 4x4, making logistics complicated. Torrential rain, insane heat, zero cell phone reception (that's right- not one drop of life-giving cellular connectivity) and things got trickier still. 25 Jun 2012 Read More >>
Ola! Films Disclaimer: No actors were harmed in the filming of the Polo Vivo spot - Ola! FilmsThe six spots for Volkswagen Polo Vivo have started airing recently and are swiftly developing a bit of a cult following. After all who doesn't love to see a grown man in a spandex leotard ride a giant rubber duck like a bronco, or a group of hapless contestants dressed as skittles mowed down by a giant bowling ball? 22 Jun 2012 Read More >>
Ola! Films' Mfundo shakes some booty for MTN - Ola! FilmsThe music came first. "I knew the song would really drive the visuals so I got together with my buddies at Mash Entertainment and we wrote a track for the pitch," explains Mfundo. 26 Oct 2011 Read More >>
Amy Allais gives Schalk Burger the Vaseline treatment - Ola! FilmsTwo generations of Springbok royalty take centre stage in Amy Allais' lushly filmed spot for Vaseline. 26 Sep 2011 Read More >>
Amy Allais brings it on for Wimpy - Ola! FilmsAmy Allais shakes her pompoms for Wimpy 16 May 2011 Read More >>
Ola! Films keeps Twinsaver spot sugar free - Ola! FilmsIn the newTwinsavers Luxury 2 Ply spot forTBWA, Amy Allais has pulled off a pretty impressive balancing act. By finding the wry humour in a script that is jam-packed with cute children, bunnies, kittens and fluffy slippers, she's somehow managed to steer clear of cavity-inducing sweetness. 1 Feb 2011 Read More >>
Ola! Films gives Nando's its own ambassador of love! - Ola! FilmsIt's love at first bite when Ola! Films take on Nando's. 4 Jan 2011 Read More >>
Ahh, the glamorous life of a commercials producer. You've planned every detail of an international shoot that has more working parts than a nuclear reactor. The location - a virginal stretch of beach - is a triumph, the cast is a dream and the director cannot wait to step off the plane from freezing Norway. And then disaster strikes! 23 Dec 2010 Read More >>
Ola! Films has Daddy issues... - Ola! FilmsVodacom has once again brought the party to the people with its Daddy Cool campaign that just launched. Created by Draftfcb and directed by Amy Allais, Daddy Cool is a worthy successor to the team's hit Vodacom Single Ladies campaign and features the most deliriously trippy hit of the disco era - Boney M's Daddy Cool. "If I spark a bit of Boney M revival in South Africa then my work here is done!" laughs Allais. 22 Jul 2010 Read More >>
Ola! Films works with babies. Lives to tell the tale... - Ola! FilmsAt some point in every commercial director's life they have to stare naked fear in the face and work with the most maddening, adorable creatures on earth: babies. Amy Allais of Ola! Films just wrapped a Spekko Rice spot for Old Shanghai Firecracker Company that features an especially cute passel of pint-sized stars. 1 Jun 2010 Read More >>
Hello friends!
We would like to announce that we have moved to brand new digs in the Rosebank Fire Station. And while saying goodbye to our beloved 44 Stanley pad has not been easy, a few martinis and the bracing sight of twenty shirtless firemen playing touch rugby on our lawn has helped to ease the pain. Plus the extra real estate is certainly welcome because we are proud to introduce a new addition to Ola! Films.
 25 May 2010
Ola Films! is all about the ladies! - Ola! FilmsCurrently the most infectious, hilarious and downright irresistible ad on the air is the new Vodacom “Single Ladies” spot. Part of Vodacom's ‘Connect to Fame Campaign', this tightly choreographed spoof of Beyonce's smash hit video has been rocking the airwaves and racking up serious viewership numbers on the web. 5 Aug 2009 Read More >>
Ola! Films and Craig Gillespie cause havoc in the Mother City - Ola! FilmsSouth Africa has proven itself to be one of the world's premier commercials production hubs once again; this time for USA-based production mega-house, MJZ and their big-name director, Craig Gillespie (of Lars and the Real Girl fame). With a quirky, off-centre brief on the latest Wrigley's Orbit Gum campaign, plus the high expectations of international agency BBDO Chicago, Ola! Films was called in to deliver on the challenging duo of commercials. 29 Jun 2009 Read More >>
Ola! girls are maklik - Ola! FilmsFrom Ola! with love... Director Amy Allais brings her special brand of sly comedy and deft characterisation to a hilarious new campaign for Vodacom. In the 60-second spot currently airing, two polyester-clad representatives of a mythical goat-loving Slavic state arrive in South Africa in search of the INTERNET. 7 May 2009 Read More >>
Ola! keeps it classy - Ola! FilmsDirector Amy Allais of Ola! Films continues to surprise with her gorgeously understated commercial for Russell Hobbs' new homeware range. It is essentially a series of beautifully lit, languorous shots of merchandise, with a soundtrack that is generated by the objects themselves. 28 Apr 2009 Read More >>
Ola! making milk look interesting - Ola! FilmsOla! Films' Amy Allais has just completed Clover's new spot and according to Allais, “it was an opportunity to craft something poetic and abstract, and play with some cool toys.” 31 Mar 2009 Read More >>
Ola! More Love for Vodacom - Ola! FilmsVodacom's new TV ad, More Love, which aired for the first time on Sunday night, 30 November 2008, was commissioned by Draftfcb and executed by the dynamic duo from Ola! Films, director Amy Allais and producer Olivia Leitch. The 45-second spot took only five days from shooting to airing, “but that's okay because we thrive on adrenaline” explains Allais. 30 Nov 2008 Read More >>