Associated Media Publishing awarded coveted Xtreme Digital makeover prize from NXT\ Digital Innovation - NXT\Extreme makeovers are exciting to watch. We all love witnessing something fabulous unfold, revealing the potential that was there all along. 10 Nov 2015 Read more >>
Western Province Blood Transfusion Service challenges you to Keep the Beat Going - NXT\Did you know that less than 1.5% of Western Cape residents donate blood? That is an alarming statistic, considering our rapidly growing population and increasing demands. 9 Nov 2015 Read more >>
NXT\ Digital Innovation partners with Ping Media Group to provide new digital marketing suite - NXT\NXT\ Digital Innovation, an integrated digital agency, and Ping Media Group, a global mobile marketing company, have announced an exclusive licensing partnership that will combine and expand Ping's powerful and robust mobile marketing technology platform with NXT\ Digital Innovation's fully-integrated digital products and services. This will enable brands, companies, and agencies to plan, execute, measure, and manage ongoing consumer digital engagement more effectively than ever before via a complete digital suite. 9 Jul 2015 Read more >>
Looking sharp - NXT\ Digital Innovation awarded a Wooden Pencil at 2015 D&AD Professional Awards ceremony - NXT\NXT\ Digital Innovation, in partnership with TBWA\ Hunt Lascaris, has been awarded a Wooden Pencil Award at the 2015 D&AD Professional Awards ceremony. 4 Jun 2015 Read more >>
Agencies these days; they're innovators, fully integrated, omni-channel and multi-funnel. They've also been 'disrupting' things, long before Eskom dominated that party. 27 May 2015 Read more >>
Wayne Levine, MD of NXT\, will be speaking at the new generation social and digital media conference on 16 July 2013. 15 Jul 2013 Read more >>
NXT\ is proud to announce that through collaborative efforts with TBWA\Tequila, NXT\ is a joint recipient of several IAC (Internet Advertising Competition) Awards. The awards highlight the best in online advertising in 96 industries and across nine different online formats. 10 Apr 2013 Read more >>
The introduction of Facebook, Twitter and other digital media has opened up a whole new world of social interaction, and potential distraction in the office environment. With the development of these communication platforms, we can be connected to friends, family and colleagues at the click of a button. Consider that in South Africa alone there are over four million Facebook users and globally the tally is around 750 million. While in the Twitter universe, South Africa has become the 10th largest twitter user in the world; the Mobility 2011 study released in February this year, reports approximately 1-million twitter users in South Africa┬╣. There's no denying that social media has transformed the way in which we communicate in a world that is now permanently connected. 25 Jun 2012 Read more >>
Integrating socially responsible values into a brand was considered a novelty practice 20 years ago. Initially embraced by only a handful of entrepreneurial companies, there are now well over 100 000 pages on corporate websites dealing with corporate social responsibility (CSR) and more than 50 percent of top emerging corporations issuing annual CSR reports. 22 Jun 2012 Read more >>
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a topic that continues to capture the interest and imagination of people in the business world. What used to be considered window dressing for community relations is in fact linked to how well a company performs. In other words, CSR extends to the bottom line. Sound like an exaggeration? Not at all! 21 Jun 2012 Read more >>
NXT\ Digital Innovation, South Africa's leading full-service digital agency, has walked away with the Outstanding Social Media Campaign Award at the 10th Annual Internet Advertising Competition (IAC). 12 Apr 2012 Read more >>
South Africa's leading full-service digital agency, NXT\ Digital Innovation, has completed yet another successful website launch. Commissioned by specialist intellectual property law firm, Adams & Adams, NXT\ assisted in the creative rationale and conceptualisation of the new website layout, design and development. 22 Feb 2012 Read more >>
NXT\ partnered with the University of South Africa (UNISA) to create application and registration awareness and efficiencies for the 2009, 2010 and 2011 years and provided UNISA with a fully integrated campaign and media reporting system, with a full spectrum digital campaign dashboard called the UNISA Deck. 21 Feb 2012 Read more >>
Award wining digital communications agency, NXT\ Digital Innovation, has been appointed by the Johannesburg Zoo to develop and manage its national sms-to-give campaign dubbed; Project Honey Badger. 17 Jan 2012 Read more >>
Digital convergence specialist NXT\ Digital Innovation has been appointed by Gautrain to implement and manage a bulk SMS platform that will enable Gautrain to send SMS alerts to customers using its train and bus services. 17 Jan 2012 Read more >>
Air travel was once considered a lavish experience. Today, with far more commuters, it's increasingly more likely to be an unpleasant ordeal for passengers who have to contend with long check-in lines, crowded spaces, lost luggage and service delays. Turning this around and ensuring a positive experience for in- and out-bound travellers is every airports biggest challenge and based on the enormity of the task, is one that requires the assistance of professional partners geared up for the challenge. 1 Jan 2012 Read more >>