Matrix maintains momentum through another exceptional offering - MatrixEveryday living and engagement is being transformed greatly by the use of Smartphone technology and as the presence of mobile technology continues to increase, so too does its impact. 12 Aug 2014 Read more >>

The blurred lines between hijackings and house robberies - MatrixIt is safe to assume that most South Africans have come across hijacking tips and statistics at least once since this criminal trend first reared its ugly head on South African roads. Matrix, right by your side, was among the many safety advocates providing tips, insights and emergency contact numbers to arm motorists with enough knowledge to protect themselves. 3 Jun 2014 Read more >>

Product release: new Matrix Internet Tracking site - MatrixConsumer behaviour has certainly shifted, ever increasing is the demand for innovation; what has changed is the speed and personalisation that has come to be expected from today's market. Research shows that consumers not only want the latest in technology and services but that all product offerings should be customisable for the perfect fit, in a world full of all shapes and sizes. A one-size-fits-all approach finds its way to the trash as the market embraces the less than perfect because perfection is simply no longer on trend, mixing it up into something that works for 'me' is what must be delivered. 30 Apr 2014 Read more >>

Matrix continues to navigate the path of innovation - MatrixFor some time now and surely for the many years to come the trend in consumer behaviour will be dominated by the use of smartphone technology. Increasingly, the ease of use and the imminence of purchasing, enquiring and researching, via mobile phones, is becoming more prevalent in the marketplace - satisfying customer demands at a time and place dictated by customer convenience. 19 Mar 2014 Read more >>

Pack the car right this festive season - MatrixMatrix knows that there are many things to remember when packing the car and it's often tempting to pack the kitchen sink just in case of emergency. While filling the car with luggage, toys, eats and drinks, please don't forget to pack what's most important - the car seat or booster seat, to protect what matters most - in case of a real emergency. 18 Dec 2013 Read more >>

Wishing for a safer tomorrow for our children - MatrixMatrix understands the importance of the Car Seats for Kids initiative; educating all road users, both young and old of safety initiatives to ensure a brighter tomorrow. The initiative reaches and sees collaboration from the general public, government and corporates across the nation; started by Peggie Mars as a once-off favour for a friend in Cape Town, the initiative exploded in Johannesburg and it continues to gain momentum. Matrix spoke to Peggie to understand how the initiative was started, its impact and where it's going; Johan Jonck of Arrive Alive and Niki Cronje of Imperial joined the discussion. Peggie explains the initiative as being 'her path', as she paves the way to make a difference and ensure a safer tomorrow - we will be right by her side. 29 Nov 2013 Read more >>

Crime statistics released, South Africans offered little consolation - MatrixSeptember saw the release of the latest crime statistics by police minister Nathi Mthethwa and although the results mark an increase in murder, house robberies and hijackings, Mthethwa continues to be positive in his outlook, "South Africa remains on the right path in its fight against crime." 30 Sep 2013 Read more >>

Indulging in the moment and enjoying the journey - MatrixMatrix, a leader in the vehicle tracking and telematics space, represents the true meaning of innovation following a year of great successes. 2013 has been one for the history books for the brand, a complete refresh took place in April this year and every month since has been met with progress, updates and forward thinking - and the year is not yet over. Matrix has been a major player in the industry for almost two decades but absolutely nothing associated with this brand is outdated, in fact the brand stands for development, creativity, leadership and technological excellence. 19 Sep 2013 Read more >>

Matrix puts a spring in your suspension as we cruise into the summer days - MatrixMatrix puts a spring in your suspension as we cruise into the summer days 3 Sep 2013 Read more >>

As we move further into the realm of the online space, smartphones, app's, location services and sharing has become more of norm than an innovation. This space is an ever changing environment and how brands and businesses innovate identifies the thought leaders in this arena. 26 Aug 2013 Read more >>

Augmented Reality (AR) can be traced as far back as 1957 with the invention of Morton Helig's Sensorama. During the decades that followed, AR was used in manufacturing and engineering, as well as the Airforce and broadened its horizons into the arts, in a production called "Dancing in Cyberspace" by Julie Martin. 13 May 2013 Read more >>

Matrix - a new look, a new feel and exceeding expectations since 1996 - MatrixStarted in 1996, Matrix was among the first of its kind in the South African and global arena. As with any innovation, tracking products in the 90's were regarded suspiciously, viewed as complex and carried with them many uncertainties. For a few years short of two decades, Matrix has been a major player in the industry and through 17 years of unparalleled customer protection, the brand has become synonymous with innovation, leadership and security, dissolving any doubt in the consumers mind. 24 Apr 2013 Read more >>

Considering the statistics on road deaths and serious accidents on South African Roads, 18 000 people killed annually and 150 000 severely injured (Medical Research Council), it is understandable why road safety is a top priority for Matrix Vehicle Tracking. Due to the fact that Matrix's customers are vehicle owners and are potentially affected by dangerous situations on the roads, a road safety initiative termed 'The Matrix Road Safety Association' was established in April 2012. 18 Feb 2013 Read more >>

Tracking your vehicle online is not a new service offering for Matrix customers. In fact, Matrix has been offering customers Matrix Internet Tracking for some time now. We have, however, over time realised that managing the admin around a vehicle can be very time and energy consuming for our customers. Between tracking private and business trips and documenting and calculating fuel and maintenance costs, our customers can spend hours each month making sure that they stay on top of their vehicle admin. 22 Jan 2013 Read more >>

Since the Matrix Road Safety Association emergency vehicle hit the streets of Johannesburg at the beginning of April 2012, the team onboard has assisted at close on 30 accident scenes. 6 Jul 2012 Read more >>

Over the least few weeks several serious incidents involving trucks have happened on Gauteng roads. And this seems to be the weekly norm! 25 May 2012 Read more >>

MiX Telematics proudly launched the Matrix Road Safety Association in April in response to the United Nations call for action on a 'Decade of action on Road Safety'. "All South Africans have a duty to ensure that their actions on our roads do not impact negatively on the lives of others. This initiative actively provides the public with information on road collisions via the media, whilst providing an informative on-line training service detailing the cause, prevention and other general safety information pertaining to road accidents," says Brendan Horan, Managing Director of MiX Telematics: Consumer. 25 May 2012 Read more >>

The winter school holiday period is creeping closer and unfortunately, with it comes road congestion and road accidents.Dave Johnston, consultant for the Matrix Road Safety Association, offers these additional tips for road users as they prepare for and embark on their holiday voyages: 25 May 2012 Read more >>

Sorting out tax returns is a headache for many South Africans, especially since it became mandatory to track all kilometres travelled and keep an up-to-date logbook. However, having the option to use a fully-automated logbook continues to provide relief for many individual drivers and fleet managers. 23 May 2012 Read more >>

With today's road accident rate, having the peace of mind that roadside assistance brings is definitely worth the investment, believes Brendan Horan, Managing Director MiX Telematics (Consumer). "There is nothing more terrifying than the thought of being in an accident or breaking down in the middle of nowhere and knowing that no-one knows where you are," says Horan. "We can't rely on our cell phones as more often than not there won't be signal especially in the middle of nowhere! This is why having a tracking unit in your vehicle that instantly alerts a control centre should you be involved in an accident or break down is key." 23 May 2012 Read more >>