May the force be on the shop floor! - Marin's Southern AfricaAT-AT KIT: Marin's South Africa is proud to introduce this awesome bundle of displays for the launch of the Battlefront Video Games. Thanks to this wonderful collaboration with Cargo, they have done 1,300 Kiosks with integrated bins, 420 Maxi Lama 170,210 AT-AT silhouettes, 1470 specific Canadian box with 12 compartments. 7 Mar 2016 Read more

Marin's makes its mark at Markex 2014 - Marin's Southern AfricaMarin's Southern Africa recently exhibited its latest POS display units within an executive showroom at Markex Johannesburg 2014 and enjoyed an overwhelmingly positive response from attendees and exhibitors alike. 30 Jun 2014 Read more

Light up your display with LEDs - Marin's Southern AfricaMarin's Southern Africa is thrilled to launch the new Lighting Lama - continuing to bring all the bespoke benefits of the original Lama display to the retail environment, but with the exciting addition of LED lighting. 15 May 2014 Read more

Marin's and the Lama: The POS display solution for your brand - Marin's Southern AfricaToday's shopper is constantly on the lookout for the most 'stand-out' brand - There are so many products to choose from that the shopper often gets confused or merely sticks to the same brand. Enter the Lama - a unique cardboard POS display system designed to make your brand stand head and shoulders above all others (literally), if that's what you're looking for. The display is fully customisable and opens automatically to the appropriate dimensions, allowing the print and material to be optimised. The worldwide patented system was created by Marin's in response to customer's requests in 1997, and has proven success in promoting clients' brands and products over and over again. 27 Mar 2014 Read more

"DJ Fresh Drives Goodyear" - Marin's Southern AfricaMatching the right POS elements to your campaign is just as important as matching the correct tyres to your vehicle. Goodyear went the distance choosing Marin's Mega Lamas, featuring DJ Fresh, to drive their latest campaign! 5 Oct 2011 Read more

Cast your eyes towards the millions of stars shimmering brightly and suddenly one of them radiates a sparkle brighter than all the rest. 29 Sep 2011 Read more

Intrigue abounds as the carry case unfolds. What more could Marin's, the worldwide leaders of POS displays, add to their Lamas that hasn't already been thought of you ask yourself? 27 Sep 2011 Read more

Marin's - unfolding imagination at EuroShop - Marin's Southern AfricaGermany plays host to the world renowned EuroShop trade fair running from the 26th of February to the 2nd of March 2011. 28 Feb 2011 Read more

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Marin's launches new products - Marin's Southern AfricaChampions of creative ease, Marin's Southern Africa looks set to continue their winning streak well into 2011 with the launch of the new Lama range. Following hot on the heels of a successful 2010, Marin's International recently unveiled their impressive 2011 range. 23 Feb 2011 Read more

Location, location, location! We all know the importance of this statement! 22 Feb 2011 Read more

TX Lamá - 10 times more edge for marketers - Marin's Southern AfricaDue to a first ever in the advertising and marketing arena, clients do not have to choose between pre-packs and automatic display units. Thanks to new technology based on the configuration of shelves (lowering the loads of principle), the renowned TX Lamá offers customers both advantages. 2 Jun 2010 Read more

Marin's stamps a green footprint in southern Africa - Marin's Southern AfricaGoing 'green' has fast become a necessity with which many companies are complying. In a Human Capital Review article, Brigitte Burnett says, "If it is to be successful, the responsibility for undertaking it cannot simply be assigned to a sustainability or corporate governance department. This is a journey that has to be completed by all of the people in a company, with the company's executive management firmly in the driving seat." 15 Apr 2010 Read more

Marin's and Sony's patriotic salute to the 2010 World Cup - Marin's Southern AfricaIt's 2010, we have reached the climax of our 2010 FIFA World Cup preparation, and the foremost point-of-sale company in the world is leading the way. Marin's Southern Africa conducted work for Sony which received phenomenal results. 8 Feb 2010 Read more

Marin's Southern Africa launches new showroom in 2010 - Marin's Southern AfricaWhilst many are cutting costs and still bearing post-recession effects, Marin's Southern Africa is growing exponentially. As a result of their phenomenal success, Marin's will be moving into a new showroom in 2010. The new premises will be open for the public to view and will encapsulate the modern, cutting-edge effect of the world-renowned advertising tool - the patented LAMà. 2 Feb 2010 Read more

Cutting-edge technology finally makes its mark in Africa - Marin's Southern AfricaMarin's, the largest point-of-sale company in the world, has officially revolutionised the South African advertising industry in one year. The award-winning company now has prime clients on their books and has seen a gross profit of 53.38% during the March-August, 2009. 24 Nov 2009 Read more