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New appointment at Lange Strategic Communications - Lange 360Mervyn Dziva has been promoted to Gauteng regional manager of Lange Strategic Communications, the top mid-size PR consultancy in SA and the only southern African partner of global PR specialist group, Worldcom. 10 Feb 2014 Read More >>
Festive season tipple could take its toll on allergy sufferers - Lange 360'Tis the season to be merry, but for the 19 million allergy sufferers in South Africa, drinking alcohol could take the cheer right out of the holidays, warns allergy experts. 5 Dec 2013 Read More >>
The rules are relatively simple when a brand or company does something wrong and is challenged on its faux pas: apologise and tell the truth. "Tell it straight and tell it fast," says Ruth Golembo, MD of Lange Strategic Communications. 12 Sep 2013 Read More >>
Lange 360 wins only healthcare sector Prism - Lange 360Lange 360 Strategic Communications, one of South Africa's leading mid-size communications agencies and Southern African partner of the global PR group Worldcom, has won the only Prism awarded in the healthcare category at the 2013 Prism Awards for its "Cooking from the Heart" campaign. 6 May 2013 Read More >>
Lange 360 Strategic Communications is the only PR consultancy in the Western Cape to have been awarded in the 2013 PMR Africa City of Cape Town and Cape Peninsula Leaders and Achievers Survey. 2 May 2013 Read More >>
In the wake of both President Zuma and President Obama's state of the nations addresses last month, its evident that most political and corporate leaders worldwide think they are good when it comes to their ability to communicate. But most delegate the task to their marketing or PR departments and few actually tweet and talk for themselves, corporate speech writers not withstanding. 4 Mar 2013 Read More >>
Social networks in emerging markets, like Russia's Runet and Mxit in South Africa, provide unique applications that give them massive regional advantage over standardised global platforms such as Facebook. This was the conclusion drawn by communication experts from Europe, the Middle East and Africa at the annual Worldcom EMEA conference in Moscow. 4 Dec 2012 Read More >>
Your PR is good when your reputation precedes you - Lange 360Many have tried to find ways to show the difference between PR and advertising, explaining that advertisers buy space to convince people that a product or brand is cool and desirable, while PR merely needs to put word out there in order to create a favourable impression of your products and services. 3 Oct 2012 Read More >>
There are only three creative services' occupations on the US News' service list of the Best Jobs of 2012 - architects, artists (illustrators, animators and multimedia artists) and PR specialists. 28 Mar 2012 Read More >>
Leading international PR partnership holds its EMEA regional meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, and reinforces its expansion into the African region. 11 Oct 2011 Read More >>
Always the bridesmaid and never the bride, the PR function has traditionally played the role of alter ego to the rich and famous, lieutenant to the mighty and powerful, and henchman to the evil and infamous. 9 Jun 2011 Read More >>
The New Normal is a term coined by the US Pacific Investment Management company who tracked the shift in financial markets post the Lehman collapse to one of de-leveraging, tighter controls and less expectation of double-digit returns. And along with this came investor caution and mistrust. 4 May 2011 Read More >>
Revolutionising the PR industry - Lange 360Top mid-tier PR and communications agency Lange 360 has repositioned its brand to reflect both the range of services the company provides and the understanding and insight that the agency claims as its unique differentiator in a rapidly changing world. 4 Mar 2011 Read More >>
Bernice Crichton has been appointed Business Manager for Lange Strategic Communications and Andile Zibi as Account Executive. Both staff members will be based in the company's Johannesburg office. 3 Feb 2011 Read More >>
The New Normal in communications' rules of engagement - Lange 360The New Normal is commonly attributed to Wall Street's post-recession investment returns. But technology has created a New Normal for corporate and brand communications, too, says Ruth Golembo, MD of Lange Strategic Communications, the top mid-size PR consultancy in SA. 15 Nov 2010 Read More >>
Smart brand marketers have at last cottoned onto the fact that retailers should not be ones sitting in the 'pound' seats when it comes to communicating with consumers about the price of their products. 1 Nov 2010 Read More >>
Lange Strategic Communications have been appointed by Sail Stadefrance, the operators of the Cape Town Stadium and the Green Point Park Precinct, to build its brand as an iconic Cape Town asset as a multifunctional venue. 14 Jul 2010 Read More >>
In tough economic times when brands and corporates are looking to cut costs and the value of weighty, expensive ad campaigns are being questioned - PR, which has traditionally been the Cinderella of the marketing mix, has become the belle of the ball. 22 Jun 2010 Read More >>
Digital agencies are trying to cash in by positioning themselves as the new best thing. 8 Jun 2010 Read More >>
If brands are best built by providing credible proof points of one brands' key benefit over another, what will Toyota have to do now to get consumers to believe ‘everything keeps going right'? 19 Feb 2010 Read More >>
The global economic meltdown, the advent of the Obama era, environmental disasters and new organic lifestyles and fashions have caused shifts in consumer values and beliefs which have tipped the brand see-saw in favour of PR over advertising. 16 Feb 2010 Read More >>