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Isilumko Activate (powered by Studentwise) is a company focused on facilitating creative, integrated one-on-one interactions between a brand and the consumer.
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The agency-client disconnect: Where does it start and end?The client-agency dynamic is an interesting one - a relationship that needs to be fluid, high-energy, transparent and built on trust. Yet so often it's circumspect and overshadowed by a lack of respect, scepticism and unrealistic expectations. In a world that revolves around things as abstract as brands, perceptions and ideas, and where judgments are largely subjective, relationships are bound to be volatile and even emotionally charged. 22 May 2017 Read more

Lauren DurantResearch continues to indicate that live engagement and events have a direct effect on buying behaviour. Annual EventTrack research confirms that 74% of consumers say engaging with branded event marketing experiences makes them more likely to buy the products being promoted. Put simply: increasing brand awareness through human interaction has unparalleled results and the impact of live events on consumers should not be underestimated. The same research reported that 93% of consumers believe live events are more effective than television advertising which makes sense in an era where consumers can PVR and fast-forward past adverts. More than that, live events provide the context for better understanding of a brand's product or service than any form of advertising ever could. 5 May 2017 Read more

You've made the decision to resign from your current employment and you've started interviewing for your dream job; a potentially stressful process which requires preparation and some mandatory skills to succeed. While CV development and good references are imperative, grasping the significance of nonverbal communication is potentially the most important step in grounding yourself ahead of your interview. 3 Jan 2017 Read more

The term ‘brand activation' may not mean much to the average consumer, but if they've ever watched a live product demonstration in a supermarket, or been handed a discount voucher for a particular cleaning detergent at a traffic light, or sampled a new brand of sports drink at an event, then they've certainly been the target of this kind of brand-building exercise. Whether we want it to be or not, the world is a branded place and activation solutions can help distinguish brands in a crowded marketplace. 1 Jan 2017 Read more

Comprehensive, integrated and relevant reporting in the activations industry in South Africa is at the heart of building real value for clients. This is the opinion of Lauren Durant, executive at Isilumko Activate, a company focused on facilitating creative, integrated one-on-one interactions between brands and consumers. Adding to this she says that what can't be measured, can't be managed, and will thus not compete well against other media choices available to the marketer. 30 Sep 2016 Read more

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