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South African-based research consultancy, Inperspective, is turning the tables on the traditional way of consulting by offering snippets of their research-based insights to followers for free on social media, and you're invited. 12 Dec 2013 Read More >>
Shopper Diary 2012 is here 11 Jul 2012 Read More >>
The recession has impacted on shopping patterns, with shoppers doing fewer trips compared to previous years. Despite their attempt to shop less often, convenience is a key driver of store choice. 4 May 2010 Read More >>
Inperspective Shopper Diary 2009 reveals key shopping trends in the Indian market 5 Jun 2009 Read More >>
Shopper mind-sets are changing in line with their lifestyle needs. How you engage them may need to change as Shoppers attempt to become 'more responsible' in what and how they are buying. 6 Sep 2008 Read More >>
Many marketers see the emerging market as a source of untapped growth for their categories and brands (LSM 3-6 are estimated to contribute 37% to total grocery spend in SA, although they account for half the market in population terms). Marketers should caution against 'lumping them together in one bucket' based on their low levels of affordability. Shoppers are likely to make different choices in different retail environments (based on availability and price). Furthermore Inperspective's shopper segmentation model has identified that this segment of the market is not homogenous and consists of shoppers with highly differentiated lifestyles, needs and behaviours. 14 May 2008 Read More >>
Shopper Diary 2008 has identified key changes in Shopper Profiles. How you engage with your shoppers in this changing landscape can determine the level of success you have in implementing and achieving your commercial objectives. 3 Jan 2008 Read More >>