"In a world of SMART devices and SMART customers, we need to find a way to create SMART Customer Experiences." ~ Mike Saunders, CEO of DigitLab 29 May 2014 [...]

DigitLab is proud to announce the launch of Fundi, a mobile app empowering the entrepreneur in South Africa. 27 May 2014 [...]

There is a unique relationship between the retail industry and the digital world. Retail has more potential than almost any other industry to create serendipitous experiences for consumers; mainly because retailers tend to control the entire supply chain, from manufacture to customer purchase. In years gone by, retailers worked with a relatively linear purchase funnel, perfecting the art of nudging consumers through the purchasing process over the years 20 May 2014 [...]

"The KPMG Global Africa Practice engaged DigitLab to provide a full, turnkey solution for the development and implementation of our digital strategy, on the back of the recommendation from our Global Middle Markets Group, who were already engaging DigitLab.  29 Apr 2014 [...]

"With a growing list of clients around the world, DigitLab have made the move to open a Johannesburg branch. "The opening of our new branch has been in the pipeline for a while now, we have just been waiting for the right strategy, the right team, and the right time. That time is now. 20 Apr 2014 [...]