Programmatic trading for publishers - How to make the best out of programmatic? - DQ&A Media GroupRemnant inventory is not really 'remnant' anymore. Technically, within DoubleClick for Publishers your guaranteed and non-guaranteed inventory have been competing since Enhanced Dynamic Allocation was introduced. Enhanced Dynamic Allocation (or EDA in short) calls the Google Ad Exchange for every eligible premium impression and checks if the ADX can win the competition from the premium impression. Currently standard line items are being competed with, but in the future this will create more possibilities for all your campaigns. 24 Mar 2015 Read more >>

What we do for our advertisers to ensure visibility of your ads - DQ&A Media GroupRecent research conducted by Google, using their Active View technology, caused an uproar in our industry. The research showed that 56.1% of all ads served were measured as not viewable. In recent articles and research on online viewability of ads it came apparent that the online ad ecosystem is in need of some serious controls. For some digital advertisers this was quite alarming. Especially if you strive every day to ensure that your ads can be seen and are seeking ways to enhance ROI on your digital advertising budget. 13 Mar 2015 Read more >>

DQ&A Media Group launches two new divisions: DQ&A One and Adsimilis - DQ&A Media GroupWe are proud to announce two new divisions within DQ&A Media Group: DQ&A One and Adsimilis. As a result of this new corporate strategy we will be able to service our clients in a more focused and better way in realising their digital marketing objectives. 25 Nov 2014 Read more >>

Tips for improved targeting - DQ&A Media GroupHow to be relevant 21 Nov 2014 Read more >>

New features of the Doubleclick stack - DQ&A Media GroupBeing display specialists, DQ&A understands the increasing complexity that comes with the rapid innovation in the industry. We love the new world, and help our clients be prepared by explaining how to enhance their data, media spend and digital strategies constantly. 3 Jun 2014 Read more >>

The rise of programmatic creative - DQ&A Media GroupProgrammatic media buying has quickly grasped a dominant position in the way media is being bought and sold, and the only way is up. By empowering the buying process with real-time, data-driven knowledge, only part of the online marketer's challenge is solved. Through empowering creation with a similar structure, truly dynamic and real-time campaigns can be launched. DQ&A has specialised in providing clients with fully dynamic messaging integrated into their programmatic media buying strategy, in an effort to truly leverage the power of real time. 27 May 2014 Read more >>

Dynamic retargeting with DQ&A - DQ&A Media GroupFor our clients innovative remarketing efforts are becoming increasingly important, as not all potential customers on the site purchase products straightaway. It's vital to continue to influence them across all devices, platforms and inventory sources available. Our experts have a wealth of experience using all these possibilities and by doing so, delivering the best results for you. 22 May 2014 Read more >>

Digital marketing trends by DQ&A Media Group for 2014 - DQ&A Media GroupTowards the end of 2013 it is time to take a look at the trends for 2014. As a leading digital marketing company we are at the forefront of new and exciting developments in our ever changing branch of industry. The past year we have been working vigorously, together with our clients, to keep our leading position and really take advantage of new techniques. We are seeing rapid developments in the possibility of media trading and we are convinced that finally the silos will merge. Digital marketing is not a singular marketing effort, it all intertwines, using it right means digital marketing for high impact formats, video and rich media is also very well suited for branding purposes. 18 Dec 2013 Read more >>

Real Time Bidding is how it started - Programmatic buying how it will continue? - DQ&A Media GroupMedia buying is changing. We have all heard about how Real Time Bidding is growing in all developed digital markets and how it has caused a great deal of disruption and forced new structures in the digital ad ecosystem. RTB is however only a subset of the broader picture, Programmatic media buying and selling, and that is where the future growth lies. 7 Oct 2013 Read more >>

Facebook Ad Exchange and new news feed ads impress with early results - DQ&A Media GroupGranular targeting for optimised results using Facebook Ad Exchange 2 Oct 2013 Read more >>

Why do you need a dashboard for all your datafeeds? - DQ&A Media GroupFrom an operational to a strategic business partner 30 Aug 2013 Read more >>

What is the real value of real-time media buying? - DQ&A Media GroupProgrammatic buying is gaining ground rapidly. Within Programmatic buying, RTB plays a very important role. With the use of RTB the price of an impression is created via market sources. Under the influence of availability of impressions from the sell side like publishers, websites, SSPs and ad exchanges and the need for those impressions by the buy side like advertisers, DSPs, and media agency. Every day more advertisers, agencies and publishers get started with automated trading. The price in CPM for a 1000 impressions develops to the level where both parties are able to agree, in an auction model. But with the right use of RTB and Programmatic it is not just about buying impressions for the lowest CPM price, it should be about validating the value of those impressions properly. 28 Jun 2013 Read more >>

Private marketplaces: How publishers can get ready for a programmatic future - DQ&A Media GroupPremium publishers around the world are faced with a set of very unique challenges that they are trying to overcome. There has never been such dramatic growth of advertising technology and automated advertising platforms as publishers are experiencing today, and the main aspect that is driving this growth is Real-Time Bidding technology. 29 May 2013 Read more >>

Michael Ossendrijver, co-owner and business development director at DQ&A joined Startupbootcamp on Friday all the way from LA to teach something about affiliate marketing and online sales. 2 May 2013 Read more >>

Rick van Boekel, CEO of DQ&A Media Group, grades the predictions he made last year - DQ&A Media GroupRick van Boekel, CEO of DQ&A Media Group, grades the predictions he made last year about privacy compliance, programmatic media buying and other hot digital marketing topics. 25 Apr 2013 Read more >>

Meet John. John is an ordinary guy who regularly surfs the web. He accepts that cookies are dropped on sites that he visits and so, over his surfing career, a certain amount of data has been collected - anonymously, of course! - and John is placed into a box into which, it seems, he fits. This is called audience segmentation. 24 Apr 2013 Read more >>

DQ&A Media Group is proud to announce that their proprietary Agency Trading Desk Offering (ATD) is in place in South Africa. After successfully serving clients in Europe for the last twelve years this was a logical next step for the international operating digital marketing company. With the rise of ad exchanges and sell side platforms, there is an increasing demand for transparent programmatic media buying solutions for advertisers. 17 Apr 2013 Read more >>

Heleen Dura-van Oord named Dutch businesswoman of the year 2013 - DQ&A Media GroupEdith Schippers, Dutch Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports announced on 18 March 2013 Heleen Dura-van Oord as businesswoman of the year 2013. This price is also known as the Prix Veuve Clicquot. 26 Mar 2013 Read more >>

Tips and tricks for using DFP - DQ&A Media GroupTips and Tricks for DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers) 18 Mar 2013 Read more >>

Integrating search in your digital marketing strategy - DQ&A Media GroupSearch - Tips and tricks for best use of DS3 13 Mar 2013 Read more >>

Engage with policy - Europe paving the way to a data-driven economy - DQ&A Media GroupThe devil is in the details, we need fifty shades of grey in the legislation. 8 Mar 2013 Read more >>

Since online video is one of the digital marketing buzz words these days we like to offer you some advice on the creation of online video ads. Let's start with a bit of terminology that our industry loves so much. 5 Mar 2013 Read more >>

The Dutch government applied the ePrivacy directive set by the European Commission by the means of explicit consent for cookies. This explicit consent meant for a lot of websites setting up a cookiewall. Before entering a website users had to accept all cookies or did not get access to the website content. It led to a lot of complaints from internet users, online publishers and advertisers. 28 Feb 2013 Read more >>

Transparency and cross channel marketing with DoubleClick Bid Manager 27 Feb 2013 Read more >>

Congratulations - DQ&A Media Group celebrates 12th anniversary - DQ&A Media GroupThis month we celebrate our 12th anniversary. Congratulations! 25 Feb 2013 Read more >>

Jaco LintveltDigital display advertising is undergoing a revolution. The digital media space has changed drastically for brands, media agencies and publishers in the last few years due to the introduction of real time bidding technologies and automated trading. 8 Feb 2013 Read more >>

Five trends in mobile advertising 28 Jan 2013 Read more >>

Digital marketing trends 2013 for publishers - DQ&A Media GroupAt the end of 2012, it's the perfect time for reflection - and at DQ&A Media Group, that means thinking about how our strategies took shape, how we adapted our tactics and techniques, and of course, how successful they all were. Andries de Jonge, Publisher Consultant and co-owner of DQ&A Media Group shares his thoughts on 2013... 25 Jan 2013 Read more >>

For some time now we have been seeing an increase in online marketing budgets. We expect growth in 2013 may still be greater than in 2012. Our portfolio of services is very complementary: adtech and operations, trading desk, performance marketing, tech solutions, yield management and monetisation. And now we offer for our existing DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) clients DoubleClick Search. We can set up, monitor and report on search accounts. 13 Nov 2012 Read more >>

Why to implement the new Google Publisher Tag, and how to choose the right GPT modes for your website. 8 Nov 2012 Read more >>

An update on Do Not Track - DQ&A Media GroupSpeech by Neelie Kroes Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda Online privacy and online business: 16 Oct 2012 Read more >>

Changing the 'chain' on mobile rich media - DQ&A Media GroupInterest in mobile rich media advertising is rapidly growing awareness as advertisers look to exploit the capabilities of smart phones and tablets as part of their marketing mix. Much of the growth in mobile advertising has been centered around ad networks that have acquired numerous publishers with applications and/or mobile sites, and now serve billions of impressions each year. You only need to look at the mobile advertising landscape created by inneractive to see how many international ad networks there are offering premium and blind mobile inventory. 4 Oct 2012 Read more >>

Mobile marketing in Spain; from tactics to strategy - DQ&A Media GroupInteractiva, a leading marketing trade magazine in Spain, published a debate in which industry players discussed and analysed mobile marketing and its reach. In this discussion Ferndando del Rey, Managing Director of DQ&A Media Group Spain, and Marta Rodriguez, Mobile and Performance Specialist at DQ&A Media Group, joined leading industry players such as Vodafone and Ericsson. 3 Oct 2012 Read more >>

Facebook re-targeting - DQ&A Media GroupBelieve in re-targeting. Although it is a relatively old technique, re-targeting has not taken the full step into social media. And now Facebook has allowed external companies to re-target on their network. This makes it easier to create scaled campaigns for advertisers, and DQ&A Media Group is proving their success. 2 Oct 2012 Read more >>

MT names list of 50 Business Boosters - DQ&A Media GroupMT named the 50 most influential sales people in the Netherlands according to the Sales Management Association Netherlands (SMA), featuring DQ&A Media Group's CEO and owner, Rick van Boekel, at Number 37. 25 Sep 2012 Read more >>

Online Video RTB - DQ&A Media GroupNew technologies as Apple TV and IPTV are emerging, which eventually will close the gap between digital and offline video. These developments are going fast. Though online display still accounts for the biggest piece of the RTB (Real Time Bidding) pie budget we see the piece in that pie of Video RTB buying growing significantly. And we can help publishers and advertisers to ride this wave. 5 Sep 2012 Read more >>

DQ&A Media Group on data driven advertising solutions and trends at dmexco 2012 - DQ&A Media GroupIn the last year so much has happened. We have many new products and services rolled out this year and greeted many new colleagues. Thus, we are well able and outfitted to welcome a large number of new customers, and many in verticals where we previously were less present. Think of e-commerce, travel, and daily deals. 29 Aug 2012 Read more >>

Communicating and interacting with your audience where, when and how they choose has always been a key to marketing success. Video advertising opens up new opportunities to target, build story lines and personalise the message across multiple devices thus increasing chances of success and profitability. Pieter Slingerland, of DQ&A Media Group and member of the IAB Online Video Task Force, shares his views and tips for making the most of the possibilities presented to us by online video advertising. 30 Jul 2012 Read more >>

Every Internet year seems to pack more than one year's worth of change. The reality - change is the new norm! Join us in the journey to becoming DQ&A Media Group, from a Dutch adops company to a global Display Engine Marketing one-stop shop. Enjoy this infographic, our story of growth and online advertising innovation. 20 Jun 2012 Read more >>

The technology behind the latest one-to-one marketing push. 9 May 2012 Read more >>

As the global online population continues to grow alongside increasing broadband access and device proliferation online users are becoming more active consumers constantly seeking information and entertainment. These trends present opportunities that advertisers, publishers, and their intermediaries can tap into. As these trends evolve, online video continues to play a bigger role in shaping the digital advertising landscape. 23 Feb 2012 Read more >>

State of the industry

As we wrapped up another exciting year in digital advertising, advertisers, publishers, and their intermediaries get down to business as they prepare for 2012 with keen interest and great optimism; based on anticipations about the trends they expect will dominate this year. Due to the continuous and rapid evolvement of the digital advertising industry we believe:
 13 Jan 2012

In spite of the evolution of advanced marketing technologies, the heavy fragmentation of online users continues to pose an enormous challenge for online media buyers. The rigorous task of getting the right message to the right audience at the right time and in the right place can only be achieved through greater insights into audience data using a sophisticated real-time targeting strategy. The new wave of change, propelled by the emergence of Demand-Side Platforms, Sell-Side Platforms, Ad Exchanges, Real-Time Bidding, and Data Mining Companies, will force key stake holders to redefine their business model in order to stay competitive in this fast-moving industry. Media agencies and ad networks will have to defend their share of the industry's revenue pie by providing the extra value for brands and employ data-driven strategies that will guarantee their continuity. 21 Nov 2011 Read more >>

The banner turns 17 this week! Is it leaving behind its turbulent teenager years and ready to be accepted by the majority of the online society, or is there still a major tantrum left in this, our old-school pioneer of new media marketing? 28 Oct 2011 Read more >>

'The online agencies Adsimilis, admazing and AdGibbon join the Dutch group' 26 Sep 2011 Read more >>

DQ&A celebrates their 10th year anniversary by releasing a provocative, predictive book, looking to the future of digital marketing, with wild predictions from industry leaders at Google, Microsoft and IAB Europe amongst others. The release is aimed at helping businesses to strategize by really taking a step back from now, thinking about what's coming next and how to prepare for it 30 Jun 2011 Read more >>

The online advertising ecosystem is becoming increasingly complex. As the industry evolves, audience data and innovative marketing technologies continue to play a more significant role in every marketing strategy. 22 Feb 2011 Read more >>

Display ads create a strong retention that goes far beyond the moment the ad was viewed. Display Engine Marketing improves engagement and boosts conversion at a large scale 22 Feb 2011 Read more >>

DQ&A Group, the Netherlands' leading international provider of Internet advertising technology and services, acquired a majority stake in Swiss online advertising agent admazing AG with immediate effect. In return, admazing will gain access to DQ&A Group's international network. 2 Feb 2011 Read more >>

New partner will help develop O2mc module for online display marketing. 26 Oct 2010 Read more >>

Google's key note at the IAB MIXX Awards gave 7 predictions for the future of Display Ads by 2015, in what the say it will be the Golden Age of Display Advertising, already today, 99% of Google's top 1000 advertisers are running campaigns on the Google Display Network. 14 Oct 2010 Read more >>

When connecting to the Internet, we are surrounded by videos as part of the web-site content or in the form of video advertisement. 13 Oct 2010 Read more >>

In today's marketing world where an increment in advertising ROI has become even more indisputable, an online campaign without a retargeting strategy is 'advertising spend wasted', because of the costs incurred to attract and get valuable traffic to a website. 9 Sep 2010 Read more >>

DQ&A SA expand their staff complement - DQ&A Media GroupDQ&A SA would like to welcome Shamima Ahmed and Nur Saban to the online trafficking fold. 24 Jun 2008 Read more >>

The online industry is awash with companies offering ad trafficking, ad operations, online reporting and general creative feedback to advertisers, agencies and publishers alike, but a handful of these companies actually understand and make the connection between client needs and the successful fulfillment thereof. Even fewer yet are actually able to deliver on these high standards. 2 Jun 2008 Read more >>