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Get up to speed with digital analytics and mobile marketing 10 Jul 2012 Read More >>
Britefire are very excited to be heading to Durban this May. We aim to share our E-marketing expertise and insights alongside the Tourism Indaba in three short one-hour seminars, with local business and marketing professionals at our public courses, and as in-house workshops for companies and corporates. 23 Apr 2012 Read More >>
How does a company get things done if not by project management? It has been around since the days of creating the pyramids in Ancient Egypt. Yet even today in South Africa, Project Management is an under-valued discipline. Even though it is not rocket science, successful projects remain as elusive as the Scarlett Pimpernel. 23 Mar 2012 Read More >>
Since a critical mass of senior executives were given iPads for Christmas, even the most previously technophobic of business leaders are demanding that digital marketing be taken seriously. This is a blessing and a curse - we see a lot of overnight app-happiness driving silly projects ahead of important initiatives. But at last the momentum is building and companies are striving to connect with customers in the digital places where they hang out. None of this should be done without a strategy, of course, but that can take some time to develop and implement. In the meantime, what are some of the things you can do right now to achieve digital success? 23 Mar 2012 Read More >>
How efficiently does your organisation think? Whether you are a 40,000 employee corporate or a five person start-up, if you cannot sense what is going on in your competitive environment, cannot analyse and interpret that input, and cannot make the right decisions or act appropriately in real-time, your enterprise is poorly equipped to thrive in socially networked markets. 5 Mar 2012 Read More >>
There is a common misconception that whatever you say on your Facebook Page status updates appears on the walls of everyone who has Liked your Page. The reality is that hardly any of what you post on your Page will ever appear on the walls of your fans - they only get to see what Facebook's algorithm thinks they will engage with. And if the average Facebooker is there for only 20 minutes a day (1.4% of the day) the chances of your posted content being seen is minimal. 26 Jul 2011 Read More >>
Project Management is not rocket science. It's been around for centuries and its processes and disciplines are tried and tested. Yet it is surprising today to see organisations that don't value the practice, or even more startling is to come across companies that don't use it. I fail to fathom how things get done without the rigours of project management. Within the discipline itself, there is a lot of focus on why projects fail. The main purpose for doing this is to work out how things can be improved in the future. But what if there is no project management at all? Now that's a scary thought! 31 May 2011 Read More >>
The digital revolution - in which technologies have added enough value to users' processes to earn their adoption - is forcing most industries to rethink their communications, their supply chains, their competitive strategies and even their business models. But because the digital field is constantly shifting and frustratingly ephemeral, senior executives are required to do two things they are far from comfortable with: climb steep learning curves and acquire an appetite for risk. 26 May 2011 Read More >>
The 1st April brings along not only mischievous taunts, teasers and tricks but two very instrumental legislations to consider in South African business relationships - The Consumer Protection Act and the Companies Act. 14 Mar 2011 Read More >>
Britefire, a leading firm in online marketing strategy, development and training are celebrating the accreditation of their E-marketing Professional (EMP) course with a limited pricing offer. People who register for the EMP course before December 10 will be able to save 43 per cent on the usual fee. Accreditation through the Services SETA was achieved through rigorous evaluation of the EMP, proving the very high standard and excellent quality management principles of Britefire, and assuring attendees of the best and most up-to-date training available. 12 Nov 2010 Read More >>
Next week Karen Parkin, Britefire's director and a leader in online marketing development and practice, will be leading an invaluable course focused on Website Usability and creating compelling User Experience. This one-day workshop to be held on 17 November at the City Lodge in Fourways, Johannesburg, is a must for anyone who makes business or marketing decisions about online initiatives, website conception and design, or has to interact with those who do. 11 Nov 2010 Read More >>
Britefire, a leading firm on online marketing strategy, development and training, has assembled a focused course for all Estate Agents, Agencies and Developers to spread the word on properties through Social Media. This course will show you how to sell yourself as an agency, grow your consumer relationship and turn your clients into your best marketing tool. You will leave with a ready to run campaign plan incorporating Facebook, Google Maps, YouTube, Twitter and other new tools. 14 Oct 2010 Read More >>
Britefire, the leading firm on online marketing strategy, development and training has assembled a focused course for all retailers to spread the sales word through Social Media. This course will show you how to grow your consumer relationship and increase the number of people in your shop in the wake of the Festive Season. You will leave with a ready to run campaign plan incorporating Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other new tools. 14 Oct 2010 Read More >>
Facebook's decision to change the “Fan” button to a “Like” button, and to roll out the capability of placing these buttons on ordinary non-Facebook web pages, has instantly transformed the web. In the process, it has left Google's search looking very vulnerable. 4 May 2010 Read More >>
The launches in March of FNB's PayPal and MWEB's uncapped service generated a lot of buzz in the industry. But while MWEB's service is having an important impact, FNB's PayPal is disappointingly inadequate. 20 Apr 2010 Read More >>
In a session titled “The Social Media Lens” at next week's AdExpo, Britefire's Godfrey Parkin will present a 10-step approach to massively improve the effectiveness of social media marketing. 19 Mar 2010 Read More >>
Succeeding in online marketing today is not as easy as we would all like it to be. But now there is an authoritative e-marketing course which helps hotels to raise their game. 6 Oct 2009 Read More >>
The Programme in Online Marketing Strategy will be run by University of Stellenbosch Business School Executive Development (USB ED) in conjunction with e-marketing strategy firm Britefire. 26 Feb 2009 Read More >>
The latest in a popular series of professional e-marketing courses will be run in January and February by Britefire, SA's international web marketing specialist. Godfrey Parkin, author of “Doing Business Digitally”, will lead many of the courses. 21 Jan 2009 Read More >>
Next week, on July 22-23, Britefire's Web Project Management course, run by an award-winning international emarketing project leader, will take place in Fourways, Johannesburg. 15 Jul 2008 Read More >>
An intensive two-day course in Web Project Management has been announced by digital strategy firm Britefire. The course teaches the professional principles and disciplines of Project Management, state-of-the-art methodologies for web development, and the leadership and communication skills essential for success. 7 May 2008 Read More >>
Internet marketing firm Britefire will run five one-day courses in Cape Town, from April 21-25. Designed for non-technical managers, each course will focus on a different dimension of online marketing: internet marketing strategy; website design; search engine marketing; email marketing; and web advertising and PR. 16 Apr 2008 Read More >>
Next week international digital strategy firm Britefire will run an intensive two-day course in Web Project Management. This course will teach participants how to professionally manage high performance web development projects. 25 Feb 2008 Read More >>
Britefire has launched a cutting edge certification programme to get marketers up the online learning curve and differentiate them as total E-Marketing Professionals – inspired, and fully equipped with the very latest know-how, insights and skills. 31 May 2007 Read More >>
Next week digital strategy firm Britefire will run an intensive two-day course that teaches the fundamental principles, tools, and disciplines of managing web projects. The course is run by a project leader with a depth of experience in managing both micro-projects for small businesses and complex large-scale web projects for US organisations such as Intel, Marriott International and Lockheed Martin. 24 May 2007 Read More >>
Cape Town based digital strategy firm Britefire is rolling out a series of courses to help hotels and tourism operators ramp up their success in online marketing. The courses are being run by Karen Parkin, till recently the project manager at Marriott International behind the phenomenal e-commerce growth in globalisation. 16 May 2007 Read More >>
Britefire's President, Godfrey Parkin, has once again been asked to serve as a judge on the prestigious Excellence in Learning Awards that are presented every year in the US by Brandon Hall. He will be evaluating several corporate training programmes that have been nominated in the categories of Innovation, Custom Content, and Emerging Technology. 18 Apr 2007 Read More >>
Britefire, a new digital strategy company, run by recently returned South African veterans of the European and US e-commerce and e-learning industries, is the sponsor of a major international wearable computing competition. 9 Oct 2006 Read More >>