Will GreenThe words 'invest' and 'advertising' rarely appear in the same heading, but they should. 18 Aug 2015 Read more ++

Will GreenThe word 'native' is a word the world has adopted from our American friends but this time it is being applied specifically to digital marketing and media circles. 11 Aug 2015 Read more ++

Will GreenMost people have heard of the saying "You are what you read." 4 Aug 2015 Read more ++

Will GreenWith the meteoric rise of easy-to-use, self-publishing tools such as Wordpress, Tumblr, Medium, and this platform, more people have more to say about more topics than ever before. Over the past six months I have been inundated with more content online, and I am starting to filter the good from the bad. 30 Jul 2015 Read more ++

Adding new video ad formats for advertisers and app marketers - ApurimacNative video and video app-install ads now available 28 Apr 2015 Read more ++

Will GreenWe must celebrate our unique "African-ess" in as many ways as we can. One particularly wonderful virtue is that of 'Ubuntu', which loosely translated refers to a spirit of human kindness. 23 Apr 2015 Read more ++

Will GreenAdvertising has a concept called ABC, which stands for Animals, Babies and Children. This was - and some will argue, still is - a sure way to engender your product into the hearts of the consumer. 8 Dec 2014 Read more ++

Yahoo Gemini native ads unleash a flood of great results - ApurimacThree studies show how native ads boost performance across the sales funnel. Results increase when creating cross-channel campaigns with Yahoo Gemini. 4 Aug 2014 Read more ++

Yahoo to acquire Flurry to strengthen mobile products - ApurimacOver the past couple of years, Yahoo has been focused on re-imagining our users' daily habits, and mobile is at the centre of everything we do. Today, I'm excited to announce the next step in our vision, that we have reached a definitive agreement to acquire Flurry, the industry leader in mobile analytics. 24 Jul 2014 Read more ++

Will Green"You don't understand what you have until it is taken away from you." For me, this quote means a lot more since while relaxing with my family for the school holidays in the Eastern Cape last week, I lost my cellphone. And with it, my connection to text messages, emails, the internet, and social media. 23 Jul 2014 Read more ++

Welcome RayV! - ApurimacI'm thrilled to announce that we have acquired RayV, a company with an exciting approach to online video streaming in the rapidly evolving mobile space. 16 Jul 2014 Read more ++

Will GreenI have a personal connection with the World Cup. I am not a particularly fanatical soccer fan but for some reason my business cycle is in tune with this global event. 15 Jul 2014 Read more ++

Yahoo Aviate: The intelligent homescreen that simplifies your phone - ApurimacWe created Aviate to connect you with the information you need at the moment it's useful. Since joining Yahoo in January, we've learned a lot from our beta user community about how to deliver a simple, intelligent mobile experience. Today, we're psyched to launch globally as Yahoo Aviate, available for Android phones in English (no invitation needed!). 23 Jun 2014 Read more ++

Tumblr Sponsored Posts now promoted on Yahoo - ApurimacTumblr has always provided a creative canvas with limitless expression that attracts the culturally curious - the best place on the web for creators and marketers. In fact, over the last two years, marketers have invested in Tumblr and contributed content as beautiful and diverse as the posts from our independent creators and editors. 20 Jun 2014 Read more ++

Introducing Yahoo Beauty - ApurimacI believe that true beauty comes from within. I've always said that beauty is more than makeup. It's about how you take care of yourself, what you eat and drink, and what you do to celebrate your individuality. I'm excited to debut Yahoo Beauty, a new digital magazine that we hope will inspire all of us to live beautifully. 19 Jun 2014 Read more ++

Taking a mobile-first approach to native advertising - ApurimacNew opportunities with Yahoo Gemini enhance the experience for consumers and advertisers 18 Jun 2014 Read more ++

Ready for takeoff: Introducing Yahoo Travel - ApurimacYahoo is bringing readers a first-class ticket around the world with the launch of the new Yahoo Travel - an immersive digital magazine that makes those daydreams to getaways near and far a reality, with all the inspiration and information you need right at your fingertips. 17 Jun 2014 Read more ++

Extending Yahoo Stream Ads globally - ApurimacLast year, we debuted Yahoo Stream Ads as a way to make content discovery even more seamless and effective for our readers - through a brand new native ad format. Native advertising is paving the way for more engaging experiences across Yahoo, and we're constantly exploring new ways to deliver value for brands, while enhancing the user experience. Today, we are extending Yahoo Stream Ads internationally and offering advertisers in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain and the United Kingdom even more ways to connect with Yahoo users. 9 Jun 2014 Read more ++

Digital and marketing company Apurimac Media appoints new vice president for African Business Development - ApurimacOne of Africa's leading digital and marketing agencies, Apurimac Media, has appointed Dublin born Colman Murray as Vice President for African Business Development. 6 Jun 2014 Read more ++

Yahoo News Digest wins Apple Design Award 2014 - ApurimacToday Apple announced that Yahoo News Digest is a recipient for this year's Apple Design Award and Yahoo is absolutely thrilled and honored. To be recognised a second time by Apple, a company that has inspired millions of developers around the world to understand that simplicity can create enduring beauty, is something the company is incredibly proud of. 2 Jun 2014 Read more ++

Yahoo 2013 Annual Review, now on Tumblr - Apurimac2013 was a year of unprecedented progress and innovation at Yahoo. The company reimagined almost every mobile product, introduced new advertising experiences, embarked on world-class content partnerships, brought aboard some really amazing people, and acquired exciting technology - all as part of its mission to make the world's daily habits more inspiring and entertaining. 16 May 2014 Read more ++

Unveiling new opportunities for advertisers at the Yahoo NewFront - ApurimacAt our third annual NewFronts, we showcased new content experiences and advertising opportunities for brand and agency partners. 15 May 2014 Read more ++

Introducing Yahoo Gemini - ApurimacThe first unified ad marketplace for mobile search and native advertising 3 Mar 2014 Read more ++

Three steps to more effective digital advertising - ApurimacMuch has been written and said about effective digital advertising. There are three practical improvements, however, that every agency and client can make today that will positively affect the results of live digital advertising campaigns tomorrow. 21 Feb 2014 Read more ++

Happy 10th birthday, Flickr! - ApurimacToday we're excited to celebrate Flickr's 10th birthday with you! It has been an exciting decade and it's because of the amazing community you created that Flickr has become what it is today. 10 Feb 2014 Read more ++

We're cooking up something great: Introducing Yahoo Food and Yahoo Tech - ApurimacYahoo is pioneering a new way to enjoy digital content - inspired by visually driven storytelling; anchored by distinctive editorial voices and category tastemakers; and centred on our readers' daily passions. 6 Feb 2014 Read more ++

Experience the new yahoo.co.za - ApurimacWe are very excited to share with you the brand new Yahoo homepage. It's a trusted destination for 15.1 million users monthly in sub-Saharan Africa, with 2.1 million in South Africa visiting daily to see what's making the news, how their favourite sports teams fared, if the markets are moving in the right direction, which celebrities are shining bright and whether the sun will be on the holiday destinations they're searching. 27 Nov 2013 Read more ++

Yahoo Mail's Sweet 16 is sweet: A brand new view - ApurimacYahoo Mail recently celebrated its sweet 16 by making its mail experience elegant and intuitive on desktop, iOS, and Android. 11 Oct 2013 Read more ++

Geeking out on the logo - ApurimacSo, tonight we unveiled the new Yahoo logo, concluding our 30 days of change. 5 Sep 2013 Read more ++

Introducing Yahoo's new logo! - ApurimacWe're excited to share the new Yahoo logo with you. It will begin appearing across Yahoo properties globally tonight. 5 Sep 2013 Read more ++

Bringing a refreshed Yahoo! to our global mobile web users on all devices - ApurimacWe are pleased to announce a new mobile web experience that is rolling out today globally across many Yahoo! properties including Mail, Finance, Homepage, Search, Messenger, News and more. 3 Sep 2013 Read more ++

Introducing seven redesigned, more personal Yahoo! experiences - ApurimacYahoo! has always been about bringing you the very best of the web, and today we're one step closer to creating a consistent experience across our sites with the newly redesigned Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! Movies, Yahoo! Music, Yahoo! TV, Yahoo! omg!, Yahoo! Games and Yahoo! Weather. We've made it easier and faster to get your daily fix from Yahoo!, whether you're on your phone, tablet, or in front of your computer. 29 Aug 2013 Read more ++

Kicking off 30 days of change - ApurimacYahoo! is happy to announce that it will be introducing a new Yahoo! logo next month. 7 Aug 2013 Read more ++

For the past year, Yahoo! has focused on rolling out innovative, beautiful and fast new products across desktop and mobile devices. At the same time, we've created innovative advertising experiences, and we are investing more deeply in programmatic buying and mobile advertising. 29 Jul 2013 Read more ++

Qwiki: Qwiki + Yahoo! - ApurimacYahoo! is thrilled to announce that Qwiki is joining the company! 9 Jul 2013 Read more ++

Your world, in full resolution - ApurimacPhotos tell the stories - stories we're inspired to relive, share with our friends, or capture simply to express ourselves. Collecting these moments is a part of our everyday. Since 2005, Flickr has become synonymous with inspiring imagery. Today, we're thrilled to take Flickr even further with a beautiful, completely re-imagined experience that puts photos front and center. When it comes to photography, technology and its limits shouldn't hinder the experience. So we're also giving our Flickr users one terabyte of space - for free. That's enough for a lifetime of photos - more than 500,000 original, full-resolution, pixel-perfect, brilliant photos. Flickr users will never have to worry about running out of space. 28 May 2013 Read more ++

Tumblr. + Yahoo! = !! - ApurimacI'm delighted to announce that we've reached an agreement to acquire Tumblr! 27 May 2013 Read more ++

Yahoo! retargeting - ApurimacYahoo!'s retargeting solutions drive awareness of your brand, and they drive conversions or actions right when the consumer is most likely to act. Use these retargeting tools to message prospects again when they have expressed interest in your products. 10 Sep 2012 Read more ++

Summer forecast: Hot new Yahoo! original content - ApurimacMove over beach reads and blockbuster movies. See what Yahoo! is serving up this summer to keep online audiences coming back for more. 3 Sep 2012 Read more ++

Navigating technology's impact on family time 4 Jul 2012 Read more ++

Nokia Yahoo! front page takeover - ApurimacNokia has branded the Yahoo! South Africa front page for their Lumia 800 campaign. See this high impact campaign in action! 13 Jun 2012 Read more ++

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ: YHOO) today announced that the board of directors has named Fred Amoroso as chairman of the board of directors and Ross Levinsohn as interim chief executive officer, effective immediately. As interim CEO, Mr. Levinsohn will manage the Company's day-to-day operations with assistance from Yahoo!'s existing senior leadership team. 6 Jun 2012 Read more ++

Reach Audiences Most Receptive to Your Message at a Scale Needed to Drive Results

Fine-tuned by over a decade of experience meeting advertisers' complex business objectives and with an unparalleled depth and scale of data, Yahoo!'s proprietary behavioural targeting algorithms help advertisers reach audiences based on interest and purchase intent across PCs and mobile devices.
 29 May 2012

Purple Cow wins a Yahoo! Mail Login for Frank.net - ApurimacApurimac Media and Yahoo! recently launched a "Creative Canvas" competition to showcase the possibilities of the Yahoo! Mail Login page. The competition challenged agencies to physically paint their own canvases, designing it for one of their brands. The prize for this competition was a free Mail Login - which allows the brand an exclusive tenancy of the Yahoo Login page for a day. Traffic to this page varies between 130 000 and 250 000 page impressions over 24 hours. 23 May 2012 Read more ++

Capitalising on the creative canvas - Apurimac"I believe that scale combined with a creative canvas that has the power of evoking emotion to drive actions and behaviors will add up to success in the future."
Ross Levinsohn
Executive Vice President of Americas, Yahoo!

Taking this to heart, Yahoo! Insights aimed to understand how marketers can capitalise on new digital creative canvases by understanding how ads resonate emotionally with consumers. By looking at how consumers respond at a non-conscious level to specific elements within the ad units, five best practices emerged for how advertisers can leverage larger online ad units to achieve their marketing objectives.
 21 May 2012

Nu Metro Wrath of the Titans Yahoo! Mail Login - ApurimacToday, Thursday 29 March 2012, Nu Metro is running a Yahoo! South Africa Mail Login campaign for the movie launch of Wrath of the Titans. This campaign is an interactive Mail Login, whereby users can watch a trailer of the movie and click through to the Wrath of the Titans website. 29 Mar 2012 Read more ++

The first Yahoo! homepage takeover in Africa! - ApurimacEvery day millions of people begin their day browsing the internet on the Yahoo! Homepage. Today, due to the vast amount of information instantly available, consumers are able to make educated decisions on purchases and brand loyalty. The Yahoo! Homepage is a vital resource for advertisers to engage with consumers and influence their decision making with impactful and measurable advertising. 21 Jul 2011 Read more ++

Africa's largest online ad format launches - ApurimacThe size of the online audience in South Africa is growing; Nielsen Netrating statistics shows a 53% increase in unique internet users between 2009 and 2010. The size of online advertising formats are also growing, Yahoo! recently announced the launch of their biggest ad format, the XXL, which is now available to advertisers in both South Africa and Africa. 16 Mar 2011 Read more ++

South Africans keep up with global trends at New York Expo - ApurimacProminent South African digital media and advertising experts attended the annual Online Media, Marketing and Advertising (OMMA) Global Expo in New York where top industry leaders shared their insights. 23 Dec 2010 Read more ++

Leading South African digital media and marketing company apurimac media, recently appointed Alex Spagnoletti as director of their Johannesburg office. 28 Sep 2010 Read more ++

David Beckham signs with Yahoo! as Global Football Ambassador - ApurimacThis summer, Yahoo!'s more than 600 million global users will have even more reason to visit (www.yahoo.com) as global football star David Beckham will be featured exclusively as part of the company's unrivalled sports coverage. 11 Jun 2010 Read more ++

Statistics around the use of free email solutions in the South African Online media space is largely unknown. However, research conducted by leading digital media company, apurimac media, on a selected niche audience sample reveals some very interesting findings. 4 Jun 2010 Read more ++

A media first for Africa - Standard Bank video page peel - Apurimacapurimac media, in close collaboration with OMG, Standard Bank and TEAMtalk media (publishers of www.Football365.co.za), recently created a unique Home Page Video Page Peel with Synchronised Expanded Banner - a first for South Africa and Africa. This new innovation allows companies to leverage off the production cost of their television commercials, to strategically target their ads and also to measure ROI. 17 Mar 2010 Read more ++

Emerging market leaders from around the globe recently gathered in Cape Town for the inaugural Yahoo! Inc. Emerging Markets Conference, jointly arranged and hosted by apurimac media. Eight countries were represented at the conference sharing their insights and best practices on their respective emerging markets. 16 Mar 2010 Read more ++

TEAMtalk media, a wholly-owned division of British Sky Broadcasting, has announced the introduction of three new websites to add to its burgeoning portfolio. 20 Jan 2010 Read more ++

October 27th marked the 15th anniversary of the digital advertising industry's first banner display ads. Volvo, Club Med and American telecommunications giant AT&T were among the first six brands adventurous enough to secure advertising space on the as yet largely unknown “Internet”. They didn't even have their own websites. 6 Nov 2009 Read more ++

Consumers can now personalise their Yahoo! experience with the best of the Web; customisable apps stay with you when you're mobile. 30 Oct 2009 Read more ++

Many businesses of late have felt compelled to switch to survival mode in order to protect their market position during the economic downturn. They've limited spending, invested less and cut their advertising budgets. Conventional wisdom tells us that now is the time to play it safe and focus on what you can immediately control. Global digital advertising company apurimac media asks: at what cost to your long-term potential? 27 Oct 2009 Read more ++

apurimac media recently moved into their new Johannesburg offices, which are located at the Parktown Quarter lifestyle centre within Parktown North. 20 Oct 2009 Read more ++

As the mobile phone continues to cement itself as an indispensable part of daily life in South Africa, so too does their importance continue to grow for advertisers seeking a more accessible and personal medium of communication. 21 Sep 2009 Read more ++

Laduma! Acceleration Media partners with TEAMtalk Media to launch Telkom's online campaign - ApurimacLeading digital advertising company, Apurimac Media, scored a winning with Acceleration Media, Telkom's online media agency, as they partner up with TEAMtalk Media, Africa's largest and most popular network of football websites and mobi-sites, for Telkom's Do Broadband online campaign. 31 Jul 2009 Read more ++

Apurimac Media presents ‘Digital Frontiers' - South Africa in the global internet advertising market - Apurimacapurimac media partnered with Yahoo! to host the launch of its Digital Frontiers events series. The breakfast event was held on the 7th of May 2009, at the stunning Twelve Apostles Hotel on the slopes of the breathtaking 12 Apostles mountains and at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. The exclusive and informal gathering brought together some of the biggest regional thought leaders and innovators in the African digital advertising space. 23 Jul 2009 Read more ++

With the growth of South Africa's internet population it is no surprise that online advertising spend has also seen a tremendous increase and will continue to grow in 2009/10. However, according to online marketing company apurimac media, only having a website is no longer enough. Companies need to invest in strategically placed and designed online ads in answer to the ever-changing demands of the consumer - this will not only increase their reach but also result in better measurement and return on online marketing investment. 4 Jun 2009 Read more ++

Rather than being shaded by indecision and uncertainty at this recessive moment in our economy, digital advertising company apurimac media is reminded that informed and sensible decision making remains the foundation of successful businesses and brands. Knowing your target markets has always been the most important cornerstone of advertising - the challenge now is reaching. 30 Mar 2009 Read more ++

The most recent AMPS (2008 A) statistics for Internet usage and product choice amongst South African consumers makes for powerful reading, and bodes well for even stronger online growth in 2009, reaffirming the appeal and preference of online over traditional media channels. 21 Jan 2009 Read more ++

Online and mobile advertising - the best of both worlds - ApurimacMobile internet advertising opportunities, in the South African and continental African markets, are now attracting serious attention. And rightfully so, as the ease-of-use and low barriers-to-entry of this technology account for a steady increase in usage figures and content demand. 10 Dec 2008 Read more ++

Yahoo brings your brands closer to your exact online audience - ApurimacLeading digital media and marketing company, apurimac media has just released its bi-annual Online Demographics and Psychographics Survey for Yahoo! South Africa users. This information resource presents an exciting opportunity for advertisers, and their agencies, to communicate meaningfully with millions of South African online consumers. 12 Nov 2008 Read more ++

Apurimac Media, a leading South African-based digital ad sales and marketing company, has announced a new strategic partnership with Yahoo! Inc. that will enable local advertisers to reach millions of Yahoo! users in South Africa. 2 Apr 2008 Read more ++