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Chloé HolensteinAccording to the Oxford English Dictionary, 'versatility' is defined as the "ability to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities." 17 Aug 2016 Read more

Bianca DelportSince starting my professional career, just over four years ago, I have worked at two reputable digital marketing agencies in South Africa, both of which have moulded me into the copywriter that I am today. However, while I managed to break into the industry as a slightly naïve writer with an above-average work ethic and, thus far, have managed to survive it, I still occasionally feel as though I have to 'wing it' more often than I'd like. So, in an effort to help prepare the fledgling junior copywriters that are out there, I have put together a list of the three most important things that I think every writer should know before landing his or her first job at an agency - things that just might help you navigate this complicated world (relatively) unscathed. 27 May 2016 Read more

Chloe HolensteinBefore I sink my teeth into this post, I feel that it's appropriate to add a disclaimer. Not something official that warns you from opening this in the office (#notNSFW), but something that is purely for the purpose of protecting my opinion, based on research and experience. So, first things first - disclaimer: all research performed was done so within the confines of my office, with members of my team during a recent recruitment drive. 1 Apr 2016 Read more

Marco GolzI think I've mentioned before that I, the content manager at National Positions, also double up as a content strategist. I also feel that it is necessary to mention that I am a cat person and that I do not approve of experiments on felines (real or imaginary). Why this is necessary will become clear as we go along. 29 Feb 2016 Read more

Marco GolzI'm struggling to get back into the swing of things after the festive break. Going on holiday for me is like entering an alternate universe. In that universe, I'm not the dedicated and hardworking individual I am when I'm at work. Quite the opposite. I become this lazy, unresponsive slacker who often can't even be bothered to move and who naps a lot. The same is true for weekends and when I get home in the evenings. 28 Jan 2016 Read more

Bianca DelportSo many writers out there are quick to say that content writers aren't 'real' writers. That we have sold out and given up on our dreams of penning the next best-selling novel (something that people 'will actually read'). They say that anyone can do it. That the job requires very little creativity; and that one needs access to a lot of beer, wine and cigarettes in order to get through the mammoth workload that comes with it. While that last assumption is indeed true, I'm here to set the record straight about the rest. 24 Nov 2015 Read more

Confessions of a content manager: Office mugs and the art of building a content teamYes, I'm a Content Manager, but I'm pretty certain that I'm not your average run-of-the-mill Content Manager. I'm also a part-time strategist and I make my office rounds with a Sex Pistols coffee mug, which has to count for something, right? 22 Oct 2015 Read more

Embracing the 'mobile revolution' - website design best practicesThe 'mobile revolution' is in full effect and, unfortunately for those who have yet to make adjustments to the design of their websites (in order to accommodate the vast number of mobile internet users), it certainly isn't pulling any punches. If you need proof of the fact that mobile is taking over, here are some stats that are sure to convince you: 17 Sep 2015 Read more

Everything you need to know about Google Panda 4.2It has been ten months since Google's last algorithm update, but Panda 4.2 is here at last. In fact, it has been rolling out since July 18th. For most, until Google finally announced its existence a few weeks ago, the update went completely unnoticed. This is due to the fact that Google has opted to embrace the process of a slow roll-out. So, until then, we can only guess the total percentage of websites that will be affected (although it has been estimated to affect between 2-3%). While we wait, here is everything that you need to know about Google Panda 4.2: 27 Aug 2015 Read more

What beer and content have in commonWe've partnered up with Kapost (the official playground for content marketers) to provide you with invaluable content marketing advice with a fun and quirky twist. 2 Jun 2015 Read more

Make 2015 your most content-centric year yetRegarded as one of the most important aspects of online marketing, authoritative content is now more valuable than ever. 23 Mar 2015 Read more

Do you re-use your content?For anyone who knows anything about Google and how it works, the golden rule has always been 'Never post duplicate content'. 20 Feb 2015 Read more

Why authoritative content is importantThe cat is out of the bag. Google has changed its algorithm and so the theatre performance that is the world of content marketing has felt the earth shift. 11 Feb 2015 Read more

What 2014 taught us: 5 SEO trends that rocked our rankingsWhen it comes to SEO there are a lot more theories than there are facts. 2 Feb 2015 Read more

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