Mobile marketing, know how - Channel MobileAt Channel Mobile knowing what mobile marketing platforms are available to you is a crucial part of setting out your mobile marketing strategy. Deciding on what platform to use will depend on where your target market can be easily reached. 20 Aug 2015 Read more >>

Mobile marketing, know why - Channel MobileMany people might wonder what mobile marketing is, or what it can do for you. Channel Mobile would like to get you up to date with modern mobile marketing. 19 Aug 2015 Read more >>

Load shedding leaving your marketing campaign in the dark? - Channel MobileHere in South Africa people cringe at the word load shedding but unfortunately it is a reality. With all these power outages we have had to adapt. Gas heaters, gas stoves, candles and making sure your cellphone is fully charged. Businesses have had to make changes to their marketing strategy as a lot of their budget goes into television adverts. 15 May 2015 Read more >>

'Tis the season to be mobile... - Channel MobileWith more active and engaged cellphone users in this country today than ever before, a smart mobile marketing campaign is the most effective way to market your company, brand and service this holiday season. It's direct, interactive and far cheaper than traditional marketing campaigns that often result in a 'hit and miss' approach. 7 Nov 2014 Read more >>

Craig RossouwThe Soccer World Cup is already well underway, and true to Brazilian culture and traditions, the event is proving to be a colourful blend of skill, entertainment and the obligatory side dish of on-and-off the field drama. Bets are raging and already people are splitting allegiances and choosing new finalists to support. 2 Jul 2014 Read more >>

Channel Mobile leads the way into Africa - Channel MobileAfrica is open for business, and this, by all accounts, bodes well for players within the mobile marketing space. As a leading South African brand, Channel Mobile is leading the way by developing innovative platforms for real engagement across the African continent. New business opportunities, new markets, new innovative campaigns to get across borders are just some of what Channel Mobile is offering its existing and new partners. 17 Mar 2014 Read more >>