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MacKay: Industry in urgent need of expertise, lack of programmatic savvy - Atmosphere OrangeMore than half of the world's population: three billion now use the web regularly and two-thirds of those are from the developing world who, thanks to smartphones have doubled their internet use over the last five years. All of this poses significant challenges for advertisers and marketers. 2 Jul 2015 Read more ++

African youth account for 65% of the continent's R10tn consumer spending and ad targeting - Atmosphere OrangeHalf of all Africans are under the age of 20, with those aged 16-34 accounting for 65% of the entire continent's trillion-dollar consumer spending and with this being the fastest growing continent with smart-phone use, advertisers are obsessing on how best to reach them. 15 Jun 2015 Read more ++

Brand managers offered customised insight into power of programmatic marketing - Atmosphere OrangeMyth: Programmatic media buying is just RTB. Fact: SA brand managers offered customised insights session on the power of programmatic marketing. 19 May 2015 Read more ++

Craig UtermarkProgrammatic media marketing is one of the most effective and exciting means for clients to get value for their marketing buck - provided their agencies take a client-centred approach. 5 Feb 2015 Read more ++

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