Adclick Africa is proud to announce the launch of a mobile DSP serving advertisers across Africa. It's no secret that mobile is becoming the top medium to connect with African consumers and Adclick Africa is leading the way in connecting the African audience on mobile with advertisers. 28 Jul 2014 Read more++
SME South Africa, the online news portal for small and medium business news portals is proud to announce it's re-launch and welcomes three new additions. 11 Mar 2014 Read more++
AdClick Africa offers in-Read formats as part of their package to advertisers and publishers. This follows the partnership between AdClick Africa and that was finalised this month. AdClick has sole and exclusive rights of the in-Read formats, and the company is looking forward to the great partnership with offers a variety of formats besides in-Read which come with full analytics and reporting. 21 Oct 2013 Read more++
SME (Small Medium Enterprises) South Africa is an online SME news site. The portal is dedicated solely to SMEs and covers news, updates and developments that are relevant to SME's. 6 Sep 2013 Read more++
With so many terms floating around the world of internet advertising it is vital for industry participants to know new media technology trends and how they affect the media landscape in Africa. DSP (demand-side platform) has become one of the buzzwords which needs to be grounded and given true meaning and relevance in the industry. 5 Sep 2013 Read more++