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Good Night Drink just got renewed with 25% less sugarSpring is a time of phenomenal renewal. The earth reawakens from her slumber and explodes with new life. 23 Sep 2016 Read more

Saleboat - Balancing information and privacy"With Great Power comes great responsibility." - Stan Lee. There is always a fine line when dealing with data, what is sufficient in creating an effective picture from which to improve service and productivity, and what is just intrusive. 3 Mar 2016 Read more

Benefits of using SaleboatThe idea behind using Saleboat is a simple yet effective one, giving sales reps the freedom to work to their fullest potential whilst allowing managers the ability to have unhindered oversight and access to actionable information about their sales teams. 18 Feb 2016 Read more

The real benefits of SaleboatIn our "What is Saleboat?" article, the idea of what exactly the platform does was reviewed from the perspective of both the sales representatives and sales managers. This article reviews the benefits of using Saleboat in your business. You already know the basics, Saleboat helps sales people work faster and better. 3 Feb 2016 Read more

What is Saleboat?Saleboat is a multi-platform sales management application which gives more power and control to sales reps and managers. 21 Jan 2016 Read more

It's official! SAStudy exceeds 100,000 subscribers!, South Africa's number one tool used to help prospective and current students make informed decisions about the where, what and who when it comes to their studies has overcome, in the online world, a major milestone by successfully exceeding 100,000 subscribers this October. 2 Nov 2015 Read more

Young professionals lead the way as they take their spending onlineOver 80% of South Africans between the ages of 16 and 24 are transacting online. This dramatic move away from traditional shopping behaviour into "clicks-and-mortar" (online shopping) was uncovered by the online survey, "SA Shopper Survey 2015", conducted in June this year by the research company WhyFive in collaboration with Student Brands. 17 Sep 2015 Read more

Forbes Woman Africa: Because every stressful day ends with a GoodnightGoodnight SA in the spirit of Women's Month 2015 gave 60 esteemed business ladies that had been invited to the Forbes Woman Africa Event, a reason to sit back and relax after a long day of inspiring celebrations and encouraging words from guest speaker Ms Phuti Mahanyele. 21 Aug 2015 Read more

Youth portal gets a faceliftA new and better improved Students Brands youth portal introduces itself with a better look and feel that aims to bring in a broader spectrum of content that is essential in improving campus life. 9 Jul 2015 Read more

The growth journey of the Goodnight relaxation drink thus farGoodnight - a relaxation beverage specifically designed from a combination of three plant extracts, namely Valerian root, Rose Hip and Lavender. By coupling the sedative, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of these plant extracts; Goodnight induces the feeling of relaxation and therefore results in a wholesome and peaceful sleep for the user. Goodnight does not contain any preservatives, artificial colourings or intense sweeteners making it ideal for drinking it just before an individual goes to sleep. 29 Jun 2015 Read more

The Tech Issue launchedStudent Brands and Hypertext Media are pleased to announce that the second issue of Student Brands Magazine for 2015 has been published, and is being delivered directly into the hands of learners on campuses around the country. 26 May 2015 Read more

Student Brands expands!It is with great pleasure that Student Brands announces it has expanded its digital footprint by partnering with SAStudy to offer South Africa's youth the leading portfolio of student portals. 13 May 2015 Read more

It's here!The redesigned and rethought Student Brands magazine arrived back from the presses a week or so ago. And damn, is it looking good. 24 Mar 2015 Read more

The first in-store promotion for the Goodnight relaxation drinkGoodnight SA ran its very first in-store promotion over 7 and 8 March 2015 at the Lyttleton Superspar, Gauteng. The promotion was scheduled from 10am-6pm on Saturday and 10am-1pm on Sunday. 19 Mar 2015 Read more

Student High Tech Survey 2015: Students becoming more tech-savvyA new survey of the high-tech habits of South Africa's students reveals that Facebook has become the default social network among students, with no less than 97% of respondents saying they use the social network. Twitter came in second at 67%, followed in third place by YouTube, with 44%. The most recent entrant into the social arena, WeChat, has already reached 22% of the student market. 5 Mar 2015 Read more

Goodnight - now available at selected Spar retail storesGoodnight SA is excited and enthusiastic to inform you that Goodnight is now going to be available at selected Spar retail stores in Gauteng. Goodnight has now collaborated with the Spar chain of stores to make Goodnight available at selected Spar stores. 2 Feb 2015 Read more

New print and digital magazine set to put a dent in the SA student marketStudent Brands and Hypertext Media have announced a new joint venture that will see the companies relaunching and completely overhauling the youth marketing specialists' quarterly print and digital magazine in an effort to help university and college students navigate the maze of choices presented to them during their tertiary studies. 30 Jan 2015 Read more

The South African Post Office - friend or foe?The South African Post Office, once known as a place that would enable all South Africans to connect affordably with the world. This perception changed in 2014 when long strikes commenced impacting the general operations of the post office. The SA Post Office is now described as unreliable, delayed and disappointing. 27 Jan 2015 Read more

Does your brand speak Student?The student market is a vast pool of individuals that are often forgotten about during brand targeting and marketing due to the perception that students don't have much money to spend. But, with over a million students currently attending colleges and universities throughout the country and spending in the region of R41.1bn per annum, the student market is a colossally significant one to tap in to. 19 Nov 2014 Read more

We are Student BrandsAre you the head of a company, brand manager, product developer or entrepreneur? Do you actively engage students and the youth through your marketing strategy? If not, you should seriously consider it. 13 Nov 2014 Read more

Student Brands and Kusasa IS lead the way in management technologyStudent Brands (SB) is the youth marketing company with a focus on student buying behaviour through diverse and often innovative platforms and services. Kusasa Information Systems is a technology company with a passion for productivity. The combination of SB's well established understanding of people and Kusasa's passion for productivity has revealed a potential solution to multifaceted management challenges found in many industries across the country. "Kusasa is proud to introduce our new management platform, PICS." 4 Sep 2014 Read more

Student Brands and Goodnight SA join servicesStudent Brands ("SB") is a youth marketing company with a mission of connecting the youth, institutions of South Africa and businesses through diverse platforms. As evident, Student Brands relentlessly practices to bring forward services which benefit the students across the nation. Keeping this in mind, Student Brands is now bringing forward the launch of a new beverage to South Africa, Goodnight. 26 Aug 2014 Read more

Student Brands Money Matters magazineIf you feel you do not have enough money, well welcome to student life. You hardly ever have enough money for all the things you want and yet you still have a way of getting it because you are a student and you have to be taken care of. 13 Aug 2014 Read more

SB welcomes new member!Student Brands is very proud to introduce a new member: Ms Margaret Dittberner, better known as Mags, to our young, vibrant sales team. 23 Jun 2014 Read more

Student Brands - the Smart Issue is hereJudging by this issue the future looks bright and high-tech for South Africa's sparkling young minds - our students! 19 Jun 2014 Read more

Student Brands - Sports IssueThe 12th edition of Student Brands magazine has hit campuses nationwide this March, with more action than a Don Bradman Cricket 4 game. This colourful Sports Issue covers a wide variety of sporting and active lifestyle related topics relevant to trending youth. 28 Mar 2014 Read more

In September 2013 Student Brands launched Student Research, a division inside Student Brands focused on monthly research reports for the advertising and marketing industry. Mr Bartkunsky, managing director of Student Brands, explains: "The thought process behind the launch is to provide miniature reports on topics not usually covered inside the South African youth market. Student Research's primary aim will be to provide free monthly reports on a variety of topics and give agencies and brands some insight into the student market, student mindset as well as trending cultures." 21 Oct 2013 Read more

There is much talk around the concept of "print" as a medium being reduced, or dying out among the professionals in the marketing and publishing industry, but is this really the case? Is it really a truthful statement when it comes to the youth? Student Brands believes that this statement might not be as truthful as one might think. A survey conducted by Student Brands during June 2013 amongst hundreds of students across the country asked the question, "Which platform would you prefer to read a magazine on?" The figures are astounding. 19 Jun 2013 Read more

Career guidance: the cornerstone to combating youth unemploymentSouth Africa has the highest youth unemployment rate of all developing countries across the globe, according to the Policy Action Network (PAN): children. This statistic was reported in one of a series of topical guides published to highlight the current state of affairs in South Africa, in this case with regards to unemployment in the youth sector. 24 Apr 2013 Read more

Student Brands announces partnership with Careers Inc.Online student portal and youth marketing consultancy, Student Brands, is proud to announce that it has partnered with Careers Inc., leading career development specialists for the youth market, incorporating corporate sponsorship and social investment programmes through vocational guidance workshops. Student Brands will be assisting the company with the digital aspects of their events. 28 Feb 2013 Read more

Student Brands has recently announced a partnership with School Media and Happy Go Social as part of its initiative to expand its reach and generate greater exposure for the brands it represents. 27 Feb 2013 Read more

Facebook facts and fictionThe advent of Facebook is arguably an invention that changed the world as we know it. Indeed, Facebook has linked people to each other, to advertisers and to brands in a way that is as ingenious as it is effective. Of course, it is inevitable that a tool as powerful as Facebook will generate its fair share of rumours. Daryl Bartkunsky, MD of Student Brands helps to sift the facts from the fiction, and discusses the ways in which Facebook can benefit advertisers. 21 Jan 2013 Read more

Student Brands joins Fore GoodYouth marketing specialist, Student Brands, is proud to announce that they have joined the Fore Good Group. Fore Good is a leading brand builder and distributor in the FMCG sector offering suppliers comprehensive solutions - from importation rights to merchandising and marketing. 18 Jan 2013 Read more

Student Brands the link between business and studentsStudent Brands strives to be the leading online student portal in Southern Africa, as well as globally. The company endeavours to provide students with the necessary resources, support and opportunities to excel in the competitive business world. At Student Brands we believe that scholars are the future of South Africa's economy, and in return, students trust us with their future. 17 Jan 2013 Read more

Industry statsDuring the past 24 months student brands has been collecting user data through two methods: 16 Jan 2013 Read more


Student Brands (Pty) Ltd is a South African based youth entrepreneurial marketing business that delivers brand building, motivates student buying behaviour and creates brand loyalty through unique, measureable and unrivaled channels. Student Brands is an interactive eco system that links students at school, universities and colleges by interacting with and adding value according to their education stage and lifestyle. Student Brands strives to dominant as market leaders in youth intelligence and aims to be the link between businesses and students in Southern Africa. We believe that students are our future and students believe that we are theirs.