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Golf Day branding packageSourcing the right branding products for an event can at times be challenging, especially when you need to consider the type of event, the suitability of the products, and the weather. In most cases, you would use dfferent products for indoor and outdoor use. Telescopic Flags and Gazebos are typically outdoor products, whereas Roller Banners (Pull Up Banners) tend to be a favourite for indoor events. Selecting the perfect items for your particular event can be made a lot easier with a pre-selected Golf Day Package. 22 Oct 2015 Read More
Banner walls - versatility and uncompromising brand exposureAwards ceremonies, televised interviews and public speaking events usually have at least one thing in common - they frequently make use of banner walls as branded backdrops. The product's massive surface area - which ranges in size, but is on average 3m x 2m - allows for an unbeatable advertising opportunity. The brand exposure achieved through the use of banner walls is invaluable and definitely worth the investment. 14 Oct 2015 Read More
New Demo Stand launchedThe portable Demo Stand, made entirely from aluminium for strength and light weight, is ideal for in-store and mall promotions. It has a backdrop frame and wraparound skirt providing an unbelievably large branding area, yet packs into a small carry bag measuring 83cm x 20cm x 20cm. With a total weight of only 3.8kg, the Demo Stand can be comfortably carried and erected by one person. Assembled dimensions are 820(l) x 460(w) x 760(h) with the backdrop measuring 820mm x 1100mm. 11 Sep 2015 Read More
Make your brand highly visible with custom printed sports events branding solutionsThis month, our focus is on sports event branding. With the various field sports on the go at the moment, it's the perfect time to highlight some highly visible and brandable sports equipment that will make your brand go that much further. 10 Jul 2015 Read More
The ultimate compact Vending Trolley solutionBrand promotion and awareness comes in a dynamite package, in the form of super-compact, lightweight and branded Vending Trolleys. The Vending Trolley is perfect for beaches and concert venues, where customers are plentiful. They fulfill the need for instant sales when shops are either too far away or inaccessible due to large crowds. 27 May 2015 Read More
Kiosks for all occasionsThe multitude of branded point-of-sale kiosks and counters available can be overwhelming, but the freedom of choice is also liberating. We believe that a wide range of options gives our clients the ability to select items that are specifically suited to their unique requirements. 24 Feb 2015 Read More
Official branding partner at Digital DayAs a supplier of high quality and cost-effective portable event branding products, we were appointed Digital Day's official branding partner. Having supplied event branding to many organisations over the years, we were more than prepared to supply and deliver the goods! Products of choice included banner walls, poller/pull-up banners and revolving lantern banners, the presence of which drew lots of attention due to their unique appearance. 5 Dec 2014 Read More
Golf Day KitsGolf Day Kits are popular due to the fact that they are comprised of several highly effective pre-selected outdoor advertising products, adding convenience and branding expertise to the mix. Each package is assembled based on current trends, as well as affordability, portability and brand exposure. Our current all-in-one package is available in two options. 2 Oct 2014 Read More
Digitally printed plastic tableclothsNever underestimate the importance of branding accessories (event extras) to complement your exhibition stand. When the right items are used in conjunction with existing branding, they have the ability to drastically improve the aesthetic appeal of your display stand. Just as jewellery complements and enhances a woman's natural beauty, the same applies to branding. 8 Aug 2014 Read More
A first in South Africa: multi-logo half-tone print event tapePossibly quite understated, yet a major role player in outdoor events is the ever-present event tape. One may not consciously give it much thought, but event tape is significant in the presentation as well as the actual functioning of an event, particularly where it is used as a barrier for crowd control and for demarcating specific areas. 29 May 2014 Read More
Solar-powered internet café spaza shopThe demand for 3G connectivity in rural areas is growing rapidly. Statistics from Nigeria and Kenya at Davos 2014 indicate that "every 10% increase in broadband penetration in any given population delivers a 1.3% increase in GDP to a country, as long as the cost of broadband does not exceed 5% of an individual's income." Internet café spaza shops provide an easy way for countries to deliver the penetration in Africa, by allowing cellular networks to extend their services to all parts of a country and to provide free solar power to individual cellphone users to keep their phones charged and connected at all times. 24 Jan 2014 Read More
Season's greetings to our customersAs the year draws to a close, we would like to thank our loyal customers for their support throughout 2013. Our offices will close on the 20th of December and we will reopen on the 14th of January 2014. We look forward to dealing with you in the new year and wish you and your families a wonderful festive season. 18 Dec 2013 Read More
Illuminating the importance of "green" with aluminiumIt is found just about everywhere and is commonly found in items that we as consumers use on a daily basis. We're talking about aluminium. Its strength, flexibility and exceptional lightness make it the perfect material for use in manufacturing of items where these features are necessary and of benefit to the end user. 2 Dec 2013 Read More
Spaza Shop Kiosk: The night-time trading conceptThe introduction of the Spaza Shop Kiosk presented informal traders, rural vendors and corporates with additional business opportunities by expanding into rural communities with a product which was relatively low-cost and easy to set up. 17 Oct 2013 Read More
Spaza Shop KioskSemi-permanent vending kiosks are the flexible and portable alternative to fixed store rentals. This flexibility allows the vendor the freedom to relocate his kiosk as need be. Our Spaza Shop Kiosk offers these features and more. Each unit is fully enclosed with a point-of-sale serving hatch which is protected by a galvanised security fence. 16 Aug 2013 Read More
Promoshop Kiosk for in-store product demonstrationsIn-store promotional displays have been around since the beginning of time and have evolved to what they are today. There is no shortage of brochure stands, shelving and mannequins, to name a few. 1 Jul 2013 Read More
Innovation in brandingInnovation is the application of new solutions that meet new requirements, inarticulate needs, or existing market needs. (Wikipedia) 6 Jun 2013 Read More
Right Stuff launches Augmented Reality in brandingRight Stuff is now incorporating Augmented Reality (AR) into their branding products, which will give their clients the opportunity to provide their customers with additional content about them in the form of video clips. Right Stuff has begun by incorporating it into their Stacking Cube to demonstrate how AR works. Clients now have the option of requesting AR with their branding material. This will create a far wider area of exposure than that offered by traditional branding. 10 Apr 2013 Read More
Easy-Up Cost-Effective GazeboThere's no need to compromise on quality when it comes to the Right Stuff range of gazebos. Our new Easy-Up Cost-Effective Gazebo continues this tradition of high quality outdoor branded products which offer not only superior design and finish, but also competitive pricing, not to mention the ease-of-use. 25 Jan 2013 Read More
Informal mass market mobile vending kiosks for AfricaWhether it be an upmarket vending kiosk catering to middle to upper income groups, or informal sales in rural areas, we offer three high quality yet affordable options. Our kiosks are designed specifically for portability and mobility in mind, with the added benefit of a fully custom-branded outdoor event product. For a simple and affordable portable vending solution, our Promoshop Kiosk, Quick Kiosk and Rapid Kiosk are ideal for your outdoor sales and eventing solution. 28 Nov 2012 Read More
Fantastic gazebo pricingIf you have ever considered purchasing a gazebo for your corporate event, now would be the best time to do so. With summer on its way and outdoor events becoming a regular occurrence, a sensible investment will go a long way toward promoting your corporate image. It may be argued that size doesn't count, but when it comes to branding, the more surface area and visibility, the greater the exposure! 30 Oct 2012 Read More
Revolutionary new portable instant T Frame branding systemWhat form of outdoor branding draws the most attention? There is no precise answer to this as there are several variables to take into account. However, it can be safely said that "quantity" plays a major role in the efficacy of the chosen branding material. To elaborate, a single banner sends a message, provided that it is seen. Add several more banners to form a group or cluster, and immediately the desired effect is achieved. 18 Sep 2012 Read More
Right Stuff becomes eco-friendlyRight Stuff is very pleased to have carried out an extensive eco-friendly process in the past six months. This process will ensure that our customers are buying the most eco-friendly portable event branding currently on the market in South Africa. Firstly, over 90% of the frames used and sold by Right Stuff use aluminium, a 100% recyclable product. Contrast this with our opposition, who are still predominantly using glass fibre - a product that takes thousands of years to break down to a natural state and is extremely harmful to the environment and humans during the manufacturing process, and currently cannot be recycled. 16 Aug 2012 Read More
Backpack BannerAdd new meaning to "portable advertising" with our new product, the Backpack Banner. This unique product is sure to draw attention, providing your business with substantial exposure. It is perfect for fun runs/walks, cycling events, outdoor promotions or to highlight your brand during pamphlet distribution. 11 May 2012 Read More
Long-life reusable printed barrier tape/event tapeEffective crowd control comes in the form of a high-quality branded barrier tape, one of Right Stuff's latest product offerings. By merging event management with event branding, the hard-wearing durability of our Barrier tape makes it the automatic choice for all types of events which require some form of crowd control. 23 Apr 2012 Read More
Revolving four-sided pop-up lantern bannerThe attention-grabbing qualities of the unique Revolving Banner make it a top choice for those seeking to stand out from the crowd with something a little different. 3 Feb 2012 Read More
Taking your brand higher with the Dolphin Banner/Finn FlagBy now you will have a pretty good idea as to how the new year has started for you and whether or not things are going just the way you'd like them to. 20 Jan 2012 Read More
Summer gazebo specialAs 2011 draws to an end, we have a fantastic special offer on our gazebos. 5 Dec 2011 Read More
Portable outdoor branding gazebosOur portable outdoor branding gazebo is the perfect shade product for African summers. The cost-effective, digitally-printed Aluminium Elasticated Gazebo is a full 3m x 3m from base to pole, providing you with a substantial print area for your customised branding. 3 Nov 2011 Read More
Dart Ad trials completeTrials for our re-engineered rotating tri-panel advertising banner, the Dart Ad, have come to a fruitful end, resulting in the finest hour in the life of the unusual and eye-catching branding system. 10 Oct 2011 Read More
Cluster Flag System for outdoor Point of Sale promotionsThe event branding industry is flooded with many types of advertising aids and products which are aimed at boosting your marketing initiative. This can often be somewhat overwhelming as there is just too much choice. There are still the old faithful, more traditional products on the market, which companies tend to select for their events. 15 Aug 2011 Read More
Portable outdoor event branding: Starshade GazeboThe latest shade product in our Gazebo range is by far the biggest, and leads the way in terms of printable surface area. 15 Jun 2011 Read More
Portable instant branded gazebo with complimentary new X-Frame bannerThe old favourite - a tried and tested aluminium gazebo is in the spotlight again. This time with an additional treat for those looking to purchase branded event products. 6 May 2011 Read More
Pop-up point-of-sale aluminium tasting tables for in-store retail promotionsWe see them every day at our local supermarkets and retail stores. They are ever-present in malls and at events. We're talking in-store promotion stands and tasting tables, also known as Promotional Counters. 8 Apr 2011 Read More
POP UP 3m x 2.2 m Fabric Banner Wall/back drop and product launch of Tri-Banner WallIn our continuing efforts to bring innovation, quality and portability into the realm of event advertising, we are excited to introduce our latest offering, the Tri Banner and the Banner Wall. 25 Feb 2011 Read More
Informal mass market vending kiosksWith the economy on the up, the future looks a lot healthier with each passing day. The dark days of not knowing what lay ahead are generally behind us as we concentrate on making the most of what lies ahead - and we are POSITIVE! In line with this, Right Stuff continues to be the most innovative branding company in the form of our latest product offering, The Round Kiosk. 15 Feb 2011 Read More
Wow, where did 2010 go?? The much-anticipated Soccer World Cup came and went, and before we knew it, it was the festive season. Now that 2010 is literally a thing of the past, what do we have to look forward to, you may ask. 14 Jan 2011 Read More
Rapid KioskWith summer upon us, there's no time to waste with complicated, cumbersome event products. Hence the Rapid Kiosk - the most user-friendly shade product on the market. As its name suggests, the Rapid Kiosk is quick to set up and portable. 3 Dec 2010 Read More
Linear Range in sight!Sources have revealed that the much sought-after Linear Range has been discovered and released to avid marketing gurus. The eagerly-anticipated modular display system is highly revered for its innovative design and ease-of-use. This sleek and elegantly designed banner stand incorporating a brochure holder is now available through its national representative, Right Stuff, at a price that is sure to shock and excite at the same time. 5 Nov 2010 Read More
Sardine Run specialFrom 12th to 31st October Right Stuff has a special offer on the 2.8m² and 2.8m x 4.2m gazebos. For every 2.8m² purchased, we will supply a 1m x 1m X-Frame free of charge. For every 2.8m x 4.2m gazebo purchased, we will supply a 2m x 1m X-Frame free of charge. 18 Oct 2010 Read More
FIFA Fan Fest brandingA joint venture between Right Stuff and The Ventures Group (TVG) resulted in the successful branding and activation of the FIFA Fan Fest and beach festival in Durban. 25 Jun 2010 Read More
Mirror Socks - show your support the cool way!And the countdown continues... 19 May 2010 Read More
SA-branded Hoodzpeaks for World Cup 2010Hoodzpeaks® are attachments which fit snugly onto the peak of any regular cap to provide extended protection from the sun. Hoodzpeaks® snap onto peak caps, providing additional sun protection for the critical high-risk zones - face and ears. 11 May 2010 Read More
Flags of the worldWith the 2010 FIFA World Cup edging closer, and as the excitement and anticipation mounts, people are clamouring to purchase team paraphernalia and companies are taking full advantage of the business opportunities that this demand provides. 20 Apr 2010 Read More
Linear RangeIf you're looking for fresh ideas to spruce up your showroom, we have the perfect solution for you. The Linear Range is a series of banner stands which are made up of printed banner panels and optional brochure holders designed to be configured in a number of different ways as they have interlocking connectors, providing the user with the ability to create a display stand to suit his or her unique requirements. Made from durable materials, this high-quality point-of-purchase system is designed and manufactured to the highest standards and has a superb finish. 19 Mar 2010 Read More
Big brother gazebo8m Portable Shade Gazebo
The very popular Portable Shade Gazebo, which has earned its reputation as the best quality aluminium gazebo on the market, has just gotten substantially bigger. The Portable Shade family of gazebos now adds a big brother version to its already impressive range of high quality user-friendly gazebos.
 25 Feb 2010 Read More
Portable Banking UnitThe Portable Banking Unit was customised for Nedbank Consumer Banking and distributed around the whole of South Africa in order to take banking to all sections of the community in South Africa. The project was 10 months in development. The 2.8m x 2.8m gazebo was customised to have brochure holders, rotating mini Dart Ads on each of the four corners, as well as walls and a verandah. 20 Jan 2010 Read More
Rapid KioskWith the 2010 FIFA World Cup just around the corner, not to mention glorious summer, the Rapid Kiosk is the natural choice for public events and portable, instant retail solutions. 11 Nov 2009 Read More
Home from homeMaking the right advertising decisions can be tricky at times, which is why we regularly inform you, the customer, of exciting new products that are fresh and give you the edge. One of these new products is the House Gazebo - aptly named for its extensive size and extra advertising area. 7 Sep 2009 Read More
A kiosk for every occasionPoint-of-sale advertising with a sales platform ideally suited for rural Africa? Look no further than our Kiosk Range. With an emphasis on portability and value-for-money, our various kiosks are a great investment for point-of-sale, events and informal trading. 30 Jun 2009 Read More
Green brand energyWhat is it?
"Wind power is the conversion of wind energy into a useful form, such as electricity, using wind turbines." (Wikipedia).
 4 Jun 2009 Read More
Parasol specialThere are many advantages to living in South Africa. The weather, for example, is usually very good compared to most places in the world, affording us the opportunity to spend a lot more time outdoors than most. It's for this reason that our people are so skilled at providing excellent outdoor branding products to suit the climate and to provide the sports enthusiasts with high-quality advertising solutions. 25 May 2009 Read More
A sporting chance with our outdoor rangeWe are inundated with sporting events at the moment. Have you made the most of this opportunity to market your brand? If not, it's never too late to get a piece of the action, and our Sports Range provides you with the perfect tools to boost your brand presence. 6 May 2009 Read More
Outdoor branding with the Cabana Shade GazeboInnovation is the key to success, and the all-new Cabana Shade Gazebo is not only innovative and unique, but it's also becoming quite a success in the popularity department. 23 Apr 2009 Read More
Magnetic Car Roof Pop Right Open or Pop-Up BannerShowroom advertising just got a whole lot easier with the introduction of the super-steamlined Magnetic Car Roof Pop Right Open (or Pop-Up). The vehicle price board has finally graduated, and what a fine specimen it has evolved into! 24 Mar 2009 Read More
The Dolphin Banner or Finn FlagAs with most vertical banners, the Dolphin Banner (or Finn Flag, as it is sometimes referred to) is a gregarious specimen, most comfortable and appealing in a large array, making it a great eye-catcher at outdoor events. However, it's not the least bit fazed if erected on its own alongside any other types of branding structures. Its prominent height and striking curved design is enough to neutralise any attempts by lesser structures to draw attention! 4 Feb 2009 Read More
Rapid Telescopic Flag/Feather Banner2009 is the year to create a massive impact by using the right tools to boost your marketing strategy. And what better way than with the Rapid Telescopic Flag, our top seller for 2008?! 15 Jan 2009 Read More
Portable Pop-Up Change RoomSummer is almost upon us and the familiar sight of sexy bikinis, golden tans and lazy days spent relaxing at the pool or beach springs to mind. 2 Dec 2008 Read More
Portable Event Advertising BinWhen it comes to event advertising, the "accessory" has now become the "necessity." In the past, the traditional event bin was an after-thought, a branding accessory which took a back seat behind the banners and flags, which always held centre stage when displayed at public functions. 17 Nov 2008 Read More
Sports Event KitIf you've ever been in a position where you've had to plan a sports event and requested quotes for several different items from different suppliers and the associated effort and potential headaches involved, you'll find our new Sports Event Kit a welcome relief. 14 Oct 2008 Read More
Outdoor advertising: Sports Dugout and TunnelThe Dugout is a classy shelter for seating team managers and players during a football match. Made from high-quality aluminium and polycarbon sheeting, the Dugout can be branded on the sides and back and is the professional choice in sports marketing and accessories. 29 Aug 2008 Read More
Event TapeThe ultimate branding accessory is often understated, yet it adds that essential touch that can make all the difference to a successful event. 28 Aug 2008 Read More
Linear Stand point-of-sale and brochure holderUpgrade your showroom with the latest brochure/banner display combo - the Linear Stand. Made from durable materials, this high-quality point-of-purchase system is designed and manufactured to the highest standards and has a superb finish. 24 Jul 2008 Read More
Markex Parasol specialRight Stuff will be exhibiting at Markex and World of Events 2008, where we will have several of our portable advertising products on display. The show runs from 10 to 12 June 2008 at the Sandton Convention Centre. In conjunction, we will be running a special on the 1.9m Parasol for the month of June only. 10 Jun 2008 Read More
Dart Ad June specialThe Dart Ad® has become immensely popular over the past couple of years, which we feel can be attributed to its unique appearance and functionality. Due to its patented design, which is a rotating pole system with three double-sided banner panels, the Dart Ad is like no other in the world of event advertising, making it extremely popular for companies looking for fresh ideas. 5 Jun 2008 Read More
Micro Dart Ad revolutionises point-of-purchaseThe Micro Dart Ad® is the latest addition to our ever-growing, ever-popular Dart Ad® range. Standing at around 50cm in height, the Micro Dart Ad® enters the point-of-purchase sector with an impact far greater than its diminutive size suggests. 13 May 2008 Read More
Rope barrier system makes a grand entranceBook your space in the queue with our all-new stylish and practical rope barrier queue management systems, the ideal solution for crowd control, queue management and point-of-purchase. 9 May 2008 Read More
Hoodzpeaks now available in paperWe previously introduced you to our exciting new Hoodzpeaks, specially-designed patented visor attachments for peak caps, which provide extra protection from the sun by extending over the ears and sides of the face. Now Hoodzpeaks are available in plastic as well as laminated paper, giving you the option to choose what suits your needs and budget. 10 Apr 2008 Read More
Nothing shady about our parasolsThere is clearly an unrelenting demand for umbrellas in the commercial sector, as can be clearly seen in their extensive use at outdoor cafés, beaches and sporting events. It therefore comes as no surprise that we offer a product which not only exceeds the expectations of our clients, but also fulfils the urgent need for value for money. 17 Mar 2008 Read More
A little imagination goes a long way...As you know, the Linear Stand is a dynamic display system which can be set up in a variety of configurations to achieve the desired effect. It is the next generation of showroom stands, which doubles as a banner display as well as a product holder. The product is a comprehensive solution for shopfitting due to its flexibility, robust design and portability. 3 Mar 2008 Read More
Sneak peak at our HoodzWith the high incidence of skin cancer comes the unique idea of adding extra sun protection to your everyday peak cap. The average cap is great for cutting the glare, but is it providing enough (if any) protection for your ears and sides of your face? The solution is the patented Hoodz which snap onto your favourite peak cap, providing additional sun protection for the critical high-risk zones - face and ears - particularly during the UV danger period between 10am and 3pm, when radiation from the sun is most damaging. 8 Feb 2008 Read More
Outdoor cooling a misty businessRight now there are millions of people out there, particularly in South Africa, who are cursing the harsh heat of summer. Despite being a favourite time of the year for most, sans aircon, the summer sun can be your worst enemy. So it's a case of leaving the cool shelter of home to make a record-breaking dash to the air-conditioned car (once it gets going, of course) to make a trip to the office or to the local mall, where the air-conditioners are a welcome retreat from the sweltering, blazing sun outside. 17 Jan 2008 Read More
Price reduction, anyone?With every New Year comes new challenges, opportunities, new jobs, perhaps a new school for the kids... as well as the inevitable (and usually dreaded) price increases. No matter what, you can always be assured that one or more services that you subscribe to will send you a letter or e-mail advising you that, despite their greatest efforts (hmmm...), they have no alternative but to increase their fees for the new year... just like last year, the year before that, and the year before that one. 8 Jan 2008 Read More
The Linear ConnectionThe Linear Range is the latest suite of products to be introduced into Right Stuff's extensive product range. It is a set of aluminium structures which can be configured in a number of ways to create any one of the five suggested product variations, making it the most customisable item that Right Stuff has introduced to date. 15 Nov 2007 Read More
The Linear Banner WallRight Stuff has diversified the Linear Stand range to include the Linear Banner Wall, the latest in banner wall products. As with the Linear Stand, the Linear Banner Wall doubles as a banner display, as well as a brochure/product holder. 17 Oct 2007 Read More
Linear Stand updateRight Stuff has developed the Linear Stand as a dynamic portable point-of-purchase display. This concept offers a unique, diverse and affordable product that is manufactured locally. It is the next generation of showroom stands, which doubles as a banner display as well as a brochure holder. 14 Sep 2007 Read More
The Absa National Boat ShowThis spectacular event was held at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg from 17 - 19 August 2007. The annual event is a platform to showcase powerboats, yachts, outdoor adventure and watersports. The show has grown steadily in its five years of existence, with both exhibitor and visitor numbers increasing dramatically. 24 Aug 2007 Read More
Innovation is the keyRight Stuff is known for their mobile event branding innovation and are at the forefront of product design and development. The company is frequently involved in the branding of large events, and innovation plays a big role in their success. 23 Jul 2007 Read More
Right Stuff at MarkexRight Stuff had the pleasure of participating in the prestigious Markex trade show held recently at the Sandton Convention Centre. 18 Jun 2007 Read More
Right Stuff at the Durban Beach FestivalRight Stuff is proud to have been awarded the 2007 Durban Beach Festival branding and activation contract. The brief given to Right Stuff was to brand the area, to bring the event into focus to make it more streamlined and eye-catching, ensuring that it is less intrusive than in previous years, giving prominence to the Beach Festival throughout the entire event area. 1 Jun 2007 Read More
The Quick Kiosk is right every timeThe new era of outdoor event and point-of-sale branding is here. The Quick Kiosk provides a combined branding and sales platform using the classic recognisable Teardrop shape whilst also providing shade. Based on the original Quick Banner, the Quick Kiosk is the outdoor point-of-sale solution. 9 May 2007 Read More
Markex has the Right StuffRight Stuff will be exhibiting at Markex from 5 - 7 June 2007 at the Sandton Convention Centre. So, whatever you do, diarise these dates NOW to ensure that you do not miss us! 26 Apr 2007 Read More
Right Stuff at A1 Grand Prix cover upThe recent A1 Grand Prix in Durban was a great success - even the buildings dressed for the occasion! 2 Mar 2007 Read More
The Dart Ad goes rentalRight Stuff has introduced a unique way of affording our clients the opportunity to use the ever-popular Dart Ad™ on a special rental basis, making it possible to simply use it for the required period and return it when it is no longer needed. 19 Feb 2007 Read More
Stay ultra cool with the Ultra ShadeRight Stuff has introduced the Ultra Shade, which is ideal for use at all types of outdoor events such as trade shows, exhibitions, sports events, etc. It is patented, with each unit being custom-made and printed to the highest standards.  26 Jan 2007 Read More
New Pop Right UpRight Stuff is known for its continuous product innovation and they are now pleased to announce the development of yet another exciting new advertising system.  12 Jan 2007 Read More
Doing things right at the Nedbank Golf ChallengeRight Stuff recently worked with HKLM, Nedbank's ad agency, to design and manufacture point of sale products, entry boxes and banner walls for the 26th staging of the prestigious Nedbank Golf Challenge from 30 November - 3 December, an event which attracts top golfers from all over the world.  14 Dec 2006 Read More
Doing things right at Auto AfricaRight Stuff recently had the honour of co-ordinating the entire project for ABSA Vehicle & Asset Finance at Auto Africa 2006. This involved stand creation, brand activation, catering arrangements, security and more. It was a big task but all ran smoothly due to a great team effort. 6 Nov 2006 Read More
The showroom solutionIntroducing the Linear Stand, the next generation of showroom stands. With banks and car showrooms in mind, this brand new display product is unique in that it doubles as a banner display as well as a brochure holder. 26 Oct 2006 Read More
Two words: lightweight and portable. That about sums it up for this cute little number. But as I'm sure you'd rather find out more about the One Man Portable Kiosk, read on...  26 Sep 2006 Read More
Do opposites attract?The Magnetic Dart Ad is the improved version of the original Dart Ad. The Magnetic Dart rotates on magnets unlike its original counterpart, which uses bearings.  24 Aug 2006 Read More
Right Stuff banks on waterRight Stuff was proud to have taken part in the organisation of the extremely successful Durban International Boat Show held at Wilson's Wharf in Durban from 14th to 16th July 2006. 16 Jul 2006 Read More
We've got it coveredIt doesn't get any bigger than this. The ultimate in brand exposure - BUILDING WRAP. This PVC mesh banner is made using UV-resistant inks to prevent fading and is also wind-resistant due to the tiny holes in the material, allowing the air to flow through. 2 Jul 2006 Read More
Success at MarkexThe annual Markex show held at the Sandton Convention Centre is always anxiously awaited. This year was certainly no different, the highlight being the opportunity for Right Stuff to launch the Dart Ad and its mini-me version, the Mini Dart. 18 Jun 2006 Read More
Twist in the advertising taleAs a joint venture between Right Stuff and Peddle Pushers, we have attached Dart Ads to the Peddle Pusher trailers and they will be cycling around the exhibition area throughout the show at Markex, Johannesburg, from 6 - 8 June 2006. 5 Jun 2006 Read More
Right Stuff has taken the popular Roller Banner a step further and introduced the Scroller Banner, which has all of the features of the original Roller Banner, but with the additional automated scroll feature. 24 Apr 2006 Read More
Right Stuff recently had the pleasure of introducing the Eco Shade, the latest addition to the Portable Shade family. The gazebo is a very popular outdoor product and in great demand, and the Portable Shade products have always fulfilled this requirement. 3 Apr 2006 Read More
Just when you thought you'd seen it all on the advertising front, Right Stuff introduced yet another product to the Dart Ad family - the Mini Dart Ad. Well, you know what they say about dynamite! This little baby comes with all the features of its full-size counterpart, just a lot more portable and light. 10 Mar 2006 Read More
Right Stuff went in full throttle with this branding venture and has not looked back. The Dart Ad, Right Stuff's unique rotating tri-panel banner system has truly planted itself in the centre of attention at its biggest event ever - the A1 Grand Prix in Durban, which took place from 27 to 29 January 2006. 30 Jan 2006 Read More
Right Stuff has designed and conceived their latest innovation, Branding Trailers. With mobility in mind, these trailers are custom-made and packed with the client's required event products such as banners, flags and gazebos, which are all made by Right Stuff. 18 Oct 2005 Read More
Right Stuff has launched a brand new product that is set to revolutionise the branding industry! The amazing new patented Dart Ad banner system is both unique and unusual. 21 Sep 2005 Read More
Engen is back into the racing game and made history as it announced the biggest and most comprehensive motor sport development in South Africa. 7 Jul 2005 Read More
The One Man Portable Kiosk is the latest addition to our product range. Developed with Africa in mind, the One Man Portable Kiosk is so compact and lightweight, it can be taken almost anywhere. 18 May 2005 Read More
Right Stuff has recently been involved in the production of Outdoor Event Branding Material for the IRB Rugby World Cup Sevens 2005 that took place in Hong Kong this March. 22 Mar 2005 Read More
We have just launched our NEW website! Visit to see our new, fresh user-friendly website. 11 Jan 2005 Read More