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Get creative with your employee benefits - RecruitgroupBenefits and rewards motivate people. Motivated staff not only work harder but they are generally more loyal to employers. Solid performing companies have been reaping the rewards of offering traditional benefits to their employees for years in various forms including; pension funds, provident funds, medical aid, etc. However, TOP performing companies have been using more creative ways to reward and motivate their employees over and above offering traditional benefits. 29 Sep 2015 Read more++

Recruitgroup CEO wins Standard Bank Rising Star Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2015 - RecruitgroupLaura Reynolds, CEO of Recruitgroup, was overwhelmed by the privilege of receiving the Entrepreneur of the Year Award on Friday evening at the star-studded Rising Star Awards 2015. 29 Jul 2015 Read more++

Recruitgroup; a proud partner of Careers24 The Future of HR Summit and Awards 2015 - RecruitgroupThis year Recruitgroup has been invited to partner with Topco Media in the Careers24 Future of HR Summit and Awards. This exemplary event is made up of two parts: the Summit held on the 22nd and 23rd of July and the Awards held on the evening of the 23rd July. 9 Jul 2015 Read more++

Recruitgroup recognised at the Africagrowth Institute's 2015 South Africa SMME Awards - RecruitgroupA lavish event was held at the Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West on Thursday evening for the annual Africagrowth Institute's South Africa SMME Conference and Awards. Recruitgroup was proudly part of this showcase of South African small, medium and micro businesses and won 2nd runner up in the Services Sector sponsored by MTN. Says Laura Reynolds, CEO of Recruitgroup: "These awards are about South Africa, about growing our country, about supporting each other so that we can really be the engine of growth in South Africa. I am so proud to be a part of this and be acknowledged in the services category as we are up against hundreds of incredible businesses." 9 Jun 2015 Read more++

Recruitgroup CEO chosen for EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women Program - RecruitgroupLaura Reynolds, CEO of Recruitgroup, has been invited to be part of a prestigious program aimed at a select group of high potential women entrepreneurs. Laura is currently CEO of Recruitgroup, South Africa's leading recruitment agency as awarded by Careerjunction in 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Recruitgroup was launched in 2006 and has been highly successful over the last nine years. Most recently winning Fast Growth Business of the Year at the 2014 National Business Awards. 20 May 2015 Read more++

Juliette AttwellIs it a CV with flashing fairy lights wafting of potpourri? Should I drop it off via helicopter and gorilla-gram? Should I tap dance into someone's office singing "a spoon full of sugar"? Well, you could, and these options would be quite entertaining, but to be honest it's really quite simple to make your CV stand out from the crowd, and I'll impart this wisdom shortly. 7 May 2015 Read more++

Recruitgroup announced as finalist in the 2015 Africa SMME Awards - Recruitgroup"We are incredibly excited and humbled," says Laura Reynolds, CEO of Recruitgroup, "to be announced as a finalist at these prestigious awards." Recruitgroup received the news on Friday, 27 March, and has been invited to attend the Gala Event at the Lord Charles Hotel on 4 June 2015. 31 Mar 2015 Read more++

You're hired! Now what? - RecruitgroupThat all-important phone call telling you "you're hired" is probably one of the best phone calls you'll ever receive. You've been dreaming of walking those corridors, chatting to new colleagues, bearing the company logo proudly and sitting at your new desk, and suddenly, with just two words, your world has changed. You're proud of yourself, give yourself a pat on the back and look admiringly in the mirror - you aced it! You're a legend! Off you go to celebrate your newfound role and enjoy a couple of drinks with friends and family and tell everyone the good news. 10 Mar 2015 Read more++

Recruitgroup launches in PE - Recruitgroup1 December marked the start of a new branch for Recruitgroup in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth. Says Ryan Reynolds, Executive Director of Recruitgroup, "There is huge potential for us in PE, the manufacturing and automotive industries provide a large base to work from and the need for specialised recruitment in these sectors makes it the perfect environment to generate business in." 5 Dec 2014 Read more++

Recruiter of the Year - Recruitgroup wins at CareerJunction Awards 2014 - RecruitgroupA glitzy event was held by CareerJunction at the Maxmillien in Sandton on Thursday, 6th November, where the Recruitment Agency of the Year was announced. Recruitgroup won this prestigious title for the fourth time and attributes their success to their supportive clients and candidates. 11 Nov 2014 Read more++

Recruitgroup wins Fast Growth Award at the 2014 National Business Awards - RecruitgroupAn exciting evening was held at Emperors Palace on Wednesday night, 5 November, for the "Oscars of South African Business": the National Business Awards 2014. An array of South Africa's top business men and women attended this prestigious event to honour and celebrate the best performing businesses in SA. 7 Nov 2014 Read more++

Go home when you want - why Recruitgroup has done away with eight-to-five office hours - RecruitgroupWith the increasingly blurred lines between working at the office and checking emails, taking calls and logging on at home, the definition of how long exactly you physically have to be at the office has changed and Recruitgroup has seen this. 7 Oct 2014 Read more++

Recruitgroup, finalist in three categories in the National Business Awards 2014 - RecruitgroupOn Friday, 26 September, Recruitgroup was announced as a finalist in three major categories in the National Business Awards 2014. CEO Laura Reynolds is a finalist in the Top Performing Entrepreneur of 2014 Award for the second year running, Juliette Attwell is a finalist in the Top Young Executive of the Year Award 2014 and Recruitgroup is a finalist for the Fast Growth Award 2014. The awards evening will be taking place at Emperors Palace on 5 November 2014 and is sure to be a show-stopper as always. 30 Sep 2014 Read more++

Are you what Recruiters are looking for? - RecruitgroupRecruitment is about more than just selecting the candidate with the most qualifications. Recruiters look at a combination of attributes and personality traits when deciding on which candidates to submit to their clients. 4 Sep 2014 Read more++

RecruitGroup goes on a drive for graduate foundation phase teachers - RecruitgroupRecruitGroup has recently secured the contract to staff a new private school group in Johannesburg with top foundation phase graduates. This private school has entered into the market and is creating a revolution in the future of education. They are using international based practices which is turning traditional teaching on its head. The school focuses on the high importance of giving teachers a voice, of assisting them in professional and personal development as well as allowing the students to reach and realise their full potential at the youngest phase of their schooling career. 1 Sep 2014 Read more++

Recruitgroup CEO Laura Reynolds wins Standard Bank Top Women Award - RecruitgroupLaura Reynolds - CEO of Recruitgroup, last night was announced as Winner of the Standard Bank Top Women Awards in the Top Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 category. Laura has implemented exemplary vision, innovation, leadership and direction in the past eight years to create a business that has flourished to become an award-winning leader in the industry both as a service provider and as an employer. Laura's dedicated service and passion for her business has created a unique, positive and dynamic working environment that not only continuously grows its own people but fosters a culture that is respected and admired by clients, candidates and employees. Last night this dedication was recognised at a lavish gala event held at Emperors Palace. 15 Aug 2014 Read more++

Recruitgroup announced as finalist in Standard Bank Top Women Awards - RecruitgroupRecruitgroup has been shortlisted as a finalist in this year's Standard Bank Top Women Awards. Recruitgroup is the leading agency, as awarded by Careerjunction, in finding and placing top talent for South African firms through innovative products and services. Its specialised divisions, personalised service, dedicated consultants and one of a kind recruitment methodology has ensured that Recruitgroup has remained top of mind for clients and candidates alike over the last eight years. 6 Aug 2014 Read more++

Laura Reynolds - CEO of Recruitgroup announced as Standard Bank Top Women Awards finalist - RecruitgroupLaura Reynolds - CEO of Recruitgroup has been shortlisted as a finalist in this year's Standard Bank Top Women Awards in the Top Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year and Top Female Entrepreneur of 2014 categories. Laura has implemented exemplary vision, innovation, leadership and direction in the past eight years to create a business that has flourished to become an award winning leader in the industry both as a service provider and as an employer. Laura's dedicated service and passion for her business has created a unique, positive and dynamic working environment that not only continuously grows its own people but fosters a culture that is respected and admired by clients, candidates and employees. 17 Jul 2014 Read more++

RecruitGroup assists business students at the Wits Business School Careers Fair 2014 - RecruitgroupThursday 27 June at the Hyatt in Rosebank was abuzz with excited students and even more excited talent acquisition managers from some of South Africa's largest corporates. RecruitGroup was there to provide career guidance and advice, offering their CV Architecture and Career Blueprint Designing services for free to all Wits Business School graduates. 1 Jul 2014 Read more++

RecruitGroup goes on a drive for registered nurses - RecruitgroupRecruitGroup has recently secured the contract to staff two leading private hospitals in South Africa with top registered nurses. 1 Jul 2014 Read more++

Please sir, can I have some more... - RecruitgroupEmployees are to tread cautiously around the awkward subject of salaries and the almost unapproachable conversation of an increase... Putting your neck out and asking your potentially short tempered line manager or "boss" for more money can be intimidating and more stressful than meeting your mother-in-law for the first time! More seriously, though, says Robyn Hebbert, Recruitment Consultant at RecruitGroup, "if you don't approach the topic with the appropriate information and at the right time it could potentially be harmful to your future with the company and relationship with your employer, however, it is a healthy discussion to have and has the potential to enhance your value as an employee with the company." 10 Jun 2014 Read more++

RecruitGroup expands its Africa footprint - RecruitgroupAfter gaining excellent momentum in the Africa space, leading specialist recruitment organisation, RecruitGroup Africa, has managed to secure further top clients throughout the continent this year. This makes RecruitGroup Africa one of the few agencies successfully focusing on recruitment throughout Africa. Utilising its specialist recruitment, account management and business development teams, Recruitgroup Africa has seen phenomenal growth particularly in the IT, construction, consultancy and finance industries. 13 May 2014 Read more++

How to increase your chances of landing that dream job - RecruitgroupSo after much soul searching and careful consideration you have decided to enter the job market in search of the perfect new job. You have applied to numerous positions, had a couple of interviews but you still have not managed to secure that dream job. Why is it so hard to find a new job? What are you doing wrong? 6 May 2014 Read more++

How to wave a graceful goodbye - RecruitgroupResigning is never easy for either the employer or employee. Although it may sometimes come as a relief to be leaving behind that dragon of a boss or to be saying goodbye to the "problem child" employee; it will always bring certain emotions to the surface that one would much rather have kept away. At the end of the day people come and people go and as happy or as sad as it may be, all parties involved need to make sure that it is done properly and that no bridges are burnt. 28 Feb 2014 Read more++

Working together in 2014 - RecruitgroupThink about your job, your "to-do" list when you get into the office this morning. Think about your job description, your KPA's you have to reach. Think about the never-ending deadlines, late nights at the office, grueling long meetings that you have to sit through and the important business decisions that you have to make on a daily basis. 5 Feb 2014 Read more++

RecruitGroup CEO, Laura Reynolds, recognised in National Business Awards - RecruitgroupThis weekend saw an exciting end to the awards season RecruitGroup has been indulging in these past few weeks. 19 Nov 2013 Read more++

Recruitgroup wins two awards: Careerjunction and National Business Champion 2013 - RecruitgroupWhat a night - the 7th of November proved to be a momentous one for the Recruitgroup who scooped two major awards. 8 Nov 2013 Read more++

Recruitgroup announced as finalists in the 11th Annual National Business Awards 2013 - RecruitgroupIt was announced on Tuesday 15th October that Recruitgroup are finalists in two major categories in this year's prestigious National Business Awards. Laura Reynolds, CEO of Recruitgroup, is a finalist in the Top Performing Entrepreneur of 2013 and the Recruitgroup as a whole is a finalist in the Fast Growth SMME Award category. 17 Oct 2013 Read more++

The career landscape for women in South Africa - RecruitgroupHow has the employment landscape changed for women in South Africa over the past few years? 7 Oct 2013 Read more++

The history of recruitment: Recruiting then and now - Recruitgroup"Recruitment is something which I have always classified as 'new' or 'modern.' It was only after researching the topic further, that I discovered the concept of recruitment to be rich in history, dating all the way back to the 1940's," says Kerryn Karssing senior consultant at the Recruitgroup. The global definition of recruitment refers to a process whereby a candidate is attracted, screened and selected for a job by a recruiter or employee. It is interesting to think that this process has continued for decades. However, development and technology have affected the way in which the process has been carried out from decade to decade. The current recruitment industry is an environment of radical transformation and new and innovative recruiting trends. 5 Sep 2013 Read more++

There is risk involved for every employer when employing someone new. There is no exact science to reducing this risk but there are certain factors that any employer can take into consideration to ensure a greater hit percentage on "getting the right guy" more often. 1 Aug 2013 Read more++

Honesty is always the best policy and this is especially true when it comes to recruitment. 1 Jul 2013 Read more++

"Psychological assessment is a process-orientated activity aimed at gathering a wide array of information by using assessment measures (tests) and information from many other sources (e.g. interviews, a person's history, collateral sources). We then evaluate and integrate all this information to reach a conclusion or make a decision. Seen from this perspective, testing (i.e. the use of tests, measures, etc.), which involves the measurement of behaviour, is one of the key elements of the much broader evaluative process known as psychological testing." (Foxcroft & Roodt, 2007) 4 Jun 2013 Read more++

In today's current market, the above is a hugely important topic of discussion. It is extremely vital not to overprice or underprice yourself. If you end up asking for too much you could price yourself out of the market and ruin any opportunity that might be heading your way. On the other hand, if you ask for too little, you could end up frustrated in your position and spend the next few years playing catch-up in order to try get back on "track"... 17 Apr 2013 Read more++

With four years experience in dealing with contractors, and over eight years dealing with permanent staff, Samantha Nel - Specialist Account Manager at RecruitRate, knows this kind of question is always at the back of the minds of many job seekers. So what makes you decide to go the one way or the other? What are the industry trends in your specific area of expertise? Are you in the type of position that you should be in and if not, why not? Says Sam: "There are all sorts of things that you will need to take into account before you can decide if one is better suited to you than the other. We might not always get the choice especially in times still haunted by the recession, but if you do your homework, you might just be in a better position to make the right decision going forward." 8 Feb 2013 Read more++

'A New Year's resolution is a commitment that a person makes to one or more personal goals, or the reforming of habit. A key element to a New Year's resolution that sets it apart from other resolutions is that it is made in anticipation of the New Year and new beginnings.' 3 Dec 2012 Read more++

Last night the RecruitGroup won Recruiter of the Year 2012 in the Annual CareerJunction Awards held at Maximillien in Sandton Square. The awards are voted for by candidates and clients throughout the year and are one of the most prestigious awards evenings in the recruiters calendar. 9 Nov 2012 Read more++

The definition of "guarantee" is a promise or an assurance, especially one given in writing, which attests to the quality or durability of a product or service. (Encyclopaedia Online) 29 Oct 2012 Read more++

2012 has been a busy year for Recruitgroup. Firstly the establishment of RecruitSite, a specialist engineering recruitment division, secondly the nomination of CEO Laura Reynolds as a finalist in the 9th Annual Top Woman Awards and now the opening of its sixth division, RecruitRate. 2 Oct 2012 Read more++

Whenever an employee resigns from his current work place, the company requires a certain amount of time to find a suitable replacement, hence the need for notice periods. Simply and easily defined, the 'notice period' one serves after resigning from a position is often not well understood. 5 Sep 2012 Read more++

Laura Reynolds, CEO of The Recruitgroup was announced as a finalist in the 9th Annual Top Women Awards in the Top Woman Entrepreneur category. 2 Aug 2012 Read more++

It may be difficult to believe but the impression an individual makes on other individuals can determine their success or failure in various aspects of life. With specific reference to a career and employment environment; if an individual does not portray themselves in the correct and professional manner, this could be (and in many instances is) the deciding factor as to whether they will be considered as a strong and valuable candidate for the job. Will Rogers once said; "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression." This statement demonstrates the importance of making a memorable first impression. Candidates interviewing for jobs should aim to make a lasting impression which reflects professionalism, integrity and excellence. 27 Jul 2012 Read more++

The Recruitgroup, one of the leading recruitment agencies in South Africa has recently increased its portfolio to include a specialist engineering recruitment division, RecruitSite. Says Laura Reynolds CEO of The Recruitgroup: "We have seen an intense need in the marketplace for specialist engineering recruiters. South Africa is becoming a leader in construction and development and projects are therefore abounding. The need for skilled resources in this area is on the up and up and we want to be a top of mind provider." The division utilises the skills of experienced engineering recruiters to leverage off the already visible brand. 27 Jun 2012 Read more++

South Africa has been facing a skills shortage of enormous proportions. In fact, some might even go as far as to label it a crisis. Compared to its global competitors South Africa has been shedding skills at an alarming rate. It is a real problem and a massive constraint to economic growth. After all, the competitive advantage of any enterprise can be measured by the quality of the people they employ. Thus, employers need to make the right decisions with regard to recruitment, and it is here that specialist recruitment agencies seem to provide a sensible and competitive solution to the issue at hand. 4 Jun 2012 Read more++

"As a recruitment consultant," says Chantelle Hardie, Recruitment Consultant at RecruitFIN, "a challenge that I face each day is that of people and companies who are not interested in using recruitment agencies, from those who have had bad experiences with previous agencies to those who have never engaged in the process of using an agency." There are many companies who are not using this precious resource of a trained professional to fill their vacancies. 26 Apr 2012 Read more++

It is very difficult to outline a typical day as a recruitment consultant as every day varies. Consultants are constantly dealing with different personality types, companies, job specs and recruitment processes. Environments are constantly changing in recruitment and anything can happen, which is what makes recruitment such an exciting industry to be in! Most recruitment companies work quite differently to one another; however the core practices remain the same no matter which company you are a part of. All recruitment environments are very consultative based, focusing equally on client and candidate relationships. 28 Mar 2012 Read more++

In today's society, social media is utilised by a broad range of individuals and is increasingly becoming a way for people to express their personal brand for social and professional purposes. Your social identity can either help or harm your chances of receiving a job offer. Over the last few years there has been an increase in the use of social media by future employers in order to screen their potential recruits. How can the proper use of your social identity help you secure that dream job? And which portals should you be placing emphasis on? Facebook and Linked In are two of the largest networks that have taken the world by storm and each possess qualities that can benefit your career. 28 Feb 2012 Read more++

In modern day society, communication in the business sector has dramatically increased and changed over the past few years with the likes of: Skype, Email, and even the most recent introduction, instant messaging such as Blackberry Messenger and Whatsapp. The only form of communication that has stood the test of time has been the "good old fashioned" telephone call. 27 Jan 2012 Read more++

Chief executive officer, general manager, project coordinator, executive PA... what do they actually mean? A couple of years ago you were your job title, but how times have changed. How many people know three or four people who have the same job title but do not have anywhere near the same responsibilities, similar skill sets or are in the same salary bracket? Not too many come to mind I'm sure. 28 Nov 2011 Read more++

So you have now identified what you're good at, what you're not good at, where your passions lie and where you can imagine yourself in five years time. It's now time to go out there and find that dream job and we'll show you how. 28 Oct 2011 Read more++

Receiving that all-important phonecall telling you "you're hired" is probably one of the best phonecalls you'll ever receive. You've been dreaming of walking those corridors, chatting to new colleagues, bearing the company logo proudly and sitting at your new desk, and suddenly with just two words, your world has changed. You're proud of yourself, give yourself a pat on the back and look admiringly in the mirror - you aced it! You're a legend! Off you go to celebrate your new-found role and enjoy a couple of drinks with friends and family and tell everyone you can the good news. 30 Sep 2011 Read more++

It is known that the single most important aspect of the success of any company is the people it recruits. This is also one of the greatest challenges faced by organisations. Recruiting and retaining the right people to enable an organisation to grow and gain increased success and market share places a significant demand on any company as the time and costs associated with the process are extremely high. Over the last few years, we have seen a dramatic shift in the recruitment process as companies fight against the costs and time involved, the increased skills shortage and now, the changing role of technology and the increased use of social media in trying to find the ideal employees to ensure continued success of the company, in an extremely competitive and turbulent business environment. How has technology really impacted on this process? 1 Sep 2011 Read more++

What are you deciding factors when considering a new employer? Many factors come into consideration but one aspect that is often underestimated is the size of a company. What you expect from a future employer depends on whether the company is a large corporate or a smaller organisation. 22 Jul 2011 Read more++

A trend that has started creeping in to the market is that of candidates becoming far too relaxed about accepting a job offer from a company and then getting cold feet when it comes to resigning with their current employer and starting with their new one. What candidates don't realize is that their actions could have potentially disastrous consequences for their career. 22 Jun 2011 Read more++

One of the main reasons employees are actively on the market today is to get some sort of salary increase - may it be in the way of cold hard cash, benefits or bonuses. But what type of salary increase these days is acceptable to ask for? 26 May 2011 Read more++

It can be argued that most companies expect a candidate to have completed some form of tertiary studies, and indeed many companies may not consider an incumbent who has not obtained this prerequisite. For those who are in a fortunate enough position to be able to pursue some form of tertiary education after school, there are many aspects that need to be considered before going ahead with a desired course of study. What should be asked is "What is my ultimate career path?" and "What is it that I am going to need to do in order to achieve my career aspirations?" 28 Apr 2011 Read more++

There are many aspects of an interview process that a potential employer considers before making the ultimate hiring decision. These days, finding the right person for the job, not only means getting through potentially 3-4 stages of interviews with the applicant, but often includes making use of a personality test. The frequency of the use of personality tests by employers in an interview/screening process is becoming more and more prevalent today. 31 Mar 2011 Read more++

It is well known that when you are selected to be interviewed you have already partly convinced your interviewer that you can do the job, and this all just on the content of your CV. The secret is in convincing your potential employer that you match up to your CV, that you are indeed the correct person for the job. Contrary to popular belief, this is the part of the process that is actually in your control. It is now up to you to ensure that you get all the required information across during the meeting and that is done by following a simple, structured interview process backed by some solid preparation. 23 Feb 2011 Read more++

In case you didn't already know it your CV is the ultimate sales and marketing tool. Knowing how to create this document is a life skill that can easily be acquired. 25 Jan 2011 Read more++

Before entering the job market there are a number of factors which you should consider, beginning with the reason(s) behind wanting to resign. If your reason is solely a desire for a higher, market-related salary then resignation may not be the answer. It is far more economical to keep an employee than attempt to replace him/her. As a result, you will often find candidates end up staying with their current employer after they receive a new job offer, as the reason for leaving in the first place, is resolved through a counter offer. 18 Nov 2010 Read more++

The night of the 13th October held the prestigious annual Careerjunction awards for the recognition and rewarding of top recruitment agencies throughout the country. 15 Oct 2010 Read more++

Recruitment organisations exist to help companies achieve their long term business goals and help candidates achieve their long term career goals. It is therefore crucial to find the right recruitment organization to effectively fill your needs. 6 Oct 2010 Read more++

Have you ever wondered why your CV is regarded as one of the most important factors in your search for a new position? Or why your colleagues CV's seem to attract more attention from both recruiters and employers, when you know that you are just as suited for the position as they are? Perhaps you feel that it is a waste of time spending hours trying to summarize your employment history, skills and qualifications? 3 Sep 2010 Read more++

Have you ever employed the wrong candidate due to a lack of time? As an employer have you found yourself in a situation where you have an unexpected vacancy that requires your urgent attention, but due to the nature of your own position, you do not have the time at your disposal to devote to filling the position? 4 Aug 2010 Read more++

For most people, a career carved out in one company is no longer a reality, or an option. Gone are the days of our parents' generation where 25 years long service awards were the norm. Be it an increased level of ambition, curiosity or belief that your resources and skills are more valuable than that of another's; people are becoming increasingly receptive to new opportunities in the marketplace. 23 Jun 2010 Read more++

It's a question that is asked time and time again. Most of the time however, it's not the hiring employer but you. It's a hard concept that most job seekers have trouble wrapping their heads around, but applicants frequently display signs that tell an employer that they're not the best fit for the job. 5 Feb 2010 Read more++

There are great questions and dumb questions and, worst of all, no questions at all. 10 Nov 2009 Read more++

Have you ever applied for a position at a company where you can literally see yourself walking down the corridors, sitting at your desk and being a part of the team? A job that is ‘made for you'? You have all the right skills and experience and still you hear nothing from them. Why is that? 7 Oct 2009 Read more++

Presenting an offer of employment. Sound simple? I mean, you have a job and someone needs a new job, how hard can it be? Well, turns out this is actually the one of the most delicate stages of the entire recruitment process. 1 Sep 2009 Read more++

It is said that the average person can expect to change their jobs five to seven times in his or her life. A successful career change will therefore largely depend on the amount of planning and preparation done. 27 Jul 2009 Read more++

It has been a year full of challenges and surprises, but most of all a year of growth. 15 Jun 2009 Read more++

I am sure that we have all, at some stage of our careers, been contacted by a recruitment agent asking the question, “are you currently looking for a new position?” This question triggers a number of thoughts: Am I really available for alternative employment? Will it hurt if I say yes and just see what is out there? Am I being properly utilised at my current company? When will I be attending the training that was mentioned in my job interview? 11 Jun 2009 Read more++