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Oxbridge Academy launches new brand

Oxbridge Academy has enjoyed an established market position and brand identity within South African distance learning education since its inception in 1997. However, the educational landscape in South Africa has undergone major changes over the past 17 years, and to keep up with these changes (and to better meet the needs of our students), we decided that we needed to undergo a re-branding exercise.
Therefore, as of 24 July 2014, we are rolling out a completely new corporate identity that includes a redesign of our logo and look and, more importantly, a re-formulation of our moto, core values, and mission statement as a South African educational institute.

Our new look and logo

Oxbridge Academy launches new brand
Our new look is most apparent in our press material. In publications across the country, you will see a brand new public image for Oxbridge Academy. This fresh new look was developed by designer Lana Faasen with the purpose of setting Oxbridge Academy apart from the outdated appearance of our competitors. There is also an emphasis on creating better relationships with an increasingly online student body living in a predominantly visual culture, where effective visual communication is extremely important. This new look and feel is also reflected in our new website, a responsive and easily navigable site offering interesting and helpful information to all.

Our new logo is a stylised departure from the previous one; a sharper and more distinctive tick mark to inspire positivity. Accompanying the logo is a new slogan as well: "effortless excellence in education". This slogan reflects the importance we place on delivering quality education to our students, and our promise to go the extra mile and make sure that our students succeed with their studies. We know that distance learning students often have numerous obstacles that they need to overcome in their efforts towards self-improvement and self-enrichment, and we want to make this process as easy as possible for all South Africans.

Our brand promise and new value statement

Our re-branding exercise was not merely cosmetic, however. It was something that involved the whole college: because behind our new look, logo, and re-designed website, is a core brand promise that we hold ourselves to:

Providing leading, career-oriented education through dedicated service, a passion for excellence and high quality products, ensuring that we make a difference by empowering people with life skills, now and in the future.

Oxbridge Academy's brand promise provides a professional, ethical and personal commitment, not only to the students with whom we come into contact, but also to the people who contribute to making Oxbridge Academy a success. Read more here.

Internally, the brand change also meant a re-aligning of company values, and a pledge by all Oxbridge Academy staff to uphold our newly-defined core values:

  • Integrity in all we do
  • Respect for all people
  • Quality processes
  • Pro-active behaviour
  • Service-driven in everything we do

We believe that a college and its students are interdependent. If we demonstrate pride in how we identify ourselves, our students will do the same. We also believe that an educational institute leads by example. The re-branding of Oxbridge Academy was an ambitious undertaking that we hope will inspire similar ambition in our students and prospective students. "Effortless excellence" is something we strive for, but it is also something that we want our students to strive for during their time with us.

To find out more about Oxbridge Academy, visit or go take a look at our course list to find out what distance learning courses we offer. You can also call us on 021 110 200.
24 Jul 2014 13:42


Outcomes based assessor’s course

“Studying after 30 years was a battle but after understanding the course I found it very challenging I am sure I will take whatever I studied to the next level. I hate writing as there was so much writing involved but I realized that when you write you seemed to understand the concepts, as you will not forget what you learned. To Oxbridge Academy, my compliments go out to you guys and thank you for allowing me to study with you, hoping to meet you next year as I will doing the moderators course.”

- Victor Govender

“I have upgraded my educational level with Oxbridge Academy, support team is always ready to assist. Quality courses from Oxbridge Academy because they have everything to support their teaching system. I never have problems with Oxbridge Academy. All they want is loyalty. And I wish one day Oxbridge Academy can open a new branch in Pretoria.”

- Lucas Molimisi
Early Childhood Development

“I am very happy with Oxbridge Academy as I am studying my second year with them as I studied through them last year 2014 and completed a Diploma course Early Childhood Development and Au-Pairing with them. I would definitely recommend to my friends to study a course through Oxbridge Academy.”

- Jacquelyn Langhein
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