34Group thinking ahead

Mimi Nicklin has been appointed 34Group Strategic Director with a simple remit in mind. Build a world class strategic department with a focus on brilliantly simple consumer and shopper insights that change the way we interact with brands as well as the way we buy them.
34Group thinking ahead
Her background in Europe and Asia having led global brand integration for Procter&Gamble gives her an international perspective to add to her depth of SA understanding.

As the advertising and marketing industry becomes more competitive, commoditised and cluttered, there is no better time to get to know our shoppers and consumers better than any other agency. And perhaps unusually for how the industry in SA views below-the-line players as tactical lick and stick operators, we are investing heavily in data and insight that brings us into line with the strategic capability of the traditional advertising agency and in doing so demanding a seat at the top table with our clients and other agencies.

"It's about delivering improved, more focused creative solutions that will help keep 34 at the top of the specialist agency pyramid in SA" says Nicklin." we are an agency set up simply to help our clients sell more and we absolutely concur with the belief that 'you need to know someone to sell to them'"

34 are AdReview's 2012 Specialist Agency of the year.

26 Oct 2012 09:18