34Woman and Kleenex bag a winning campaign

When Kleenex® asked 34Woman - a division of below-the-line agency, 34 - to develop a campaign to promote their on-the-go product range, it was a chance to demonstrate how effective promotional marketing campaigns are when underpinned by powerful insights.
34Woman and Kleenex bag a winning campaign
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"We wanted to change the behaviour of our female target market by getting them to understand the benefits of Kleenex® pocket packs and wipes; and that these products are indispensable items in every woman's handbag," explains 34Woman Managing Director, Judy During.

A woman's handbag is more than just a fashion statement; it is both armour and ammunition against whatever life throws at her at every stage of womanhood - from heartbreaks to smudged mascara to little chocolate-covered fingers all over her new dress.

"So instead of letting these little mishaps get in the way, if you've a Kleenex in your handbag all you need to do is stop, breathe, reach for your Kleenex® and carry on," says Kleenex® brand manager, Tarryn Fowler.

Kleenex® is giving away 100 designer handbags to consumers who buy any Kleenex® product. Handbags can be redeemed from designer clothing store, Nicci Boutique.

On Facebook, Kleenex® is asking women to post photographs of the contents of their handbag to stand the chance of winning a handbag.

Extensive in-store activations are also taking place nationwide. Consumers who buy Kleenex® on activation days receive a free gift - a stylish sleeve in which to keep their Kleenex® pocket packs - perfect for any handbag.

The campaign is also supported through extensive point-of-sale in major retailers and pharmacies as well as sampling at schools and intersections.

The campaign ends August 2012.

19 Jul 2012 10:58