34 and Yum Yum get serious

Brand owners Foodcorp tasked 34 with the development of a creative platform to dramatise Yum Yum's commitment to producing the smoothest, most spreadable, edible peanut butter in the country.
34 and Yum Yum get serious
34 and Yum Yum get serious
The resulting 'Serious about Smooth' campaign utilised three creative executions: 'Sumo', 'Steamroller' and 'Wrestler'to bring to life Yum Yum's playful tone and drive home their passion for creating only the smoothest peanut butter.

Yum Yum's Marketing Manager, Caroline Penfold, says, "This is a hard-hitting focused campaign that single mindedly communicates what makes us different and builds our fun and quirky brand personality."

To complement the new platform, 34 developed and implemented a hard-hitting retail promotion, offering consumers the chance to win a smoooooth share of R10,000,000 through a simple mobile entry system with pack purchase.

"This is a great example of a campaign executed true to concept and at the highest standards. We're confident that it will attract the attention of both mothers and kids, providing a sustainable communication platform for Yum Yum into the future," says Business Unit Director at 34, Tom Fels.

14 May 2012 12:15