34Woman launches Huggies Momville!

Below-the-line specialist, 34Woman, together with Kimberly-Clark®, has launched Huggies® Momville, a CRM programme that supports new and expectant moms as they embark on the ups and downs of parenthood.
34Woman launches Huggies Momville!
34Woman launches Huggies Momville!
It is a truth universally acknowledged that bringing a new life into this world is a time fraught with both joy and anxiety. "In the past, expectant and new moms were able to rely on the collective wisdom of their community, but the world has changed and we don't always have immediate access to this kind of support anymore," says Huggies® New Baby Brand Manager, Rego Mashilwane.

When mothers join Momville they receive weekly SMSes with information tailored to their baby's age. They also have access to exclusive content, price promotions and the wisdom of other mothers on the Momville web and mobisites.

Registration happens via USSD or by visiting www.huggiesmomville.co.za with both mobile and web platforms available, ensuring a broad reach across the target audience.

Although a number of baby-focused websites exist, Momville is unique in offering tailored content and creative solutions sourced from other moms, rather than experts to help moms get through both the rough and smooth patches of early parenting. Users can download and print a geo-segmented emergency contact list - with emergency numbers including the fire department and poison center nearest to their home address automatically completed.

The Momville birth announcement service allows new parents to notify loved ones via SMS when their baby is born. This free service is unique in allowing proud parents to upload a photograph of their newborn baby, a link to which is included in the announcement SMS.

"We're very excited about the launch of Momville. Ultimately this will serve as a community where moms receive and share tailored information, trade secrets and offer support to each other - on a platform facilitated by Huggies®," says 34Woman Managing Director, Judy During.

Momville will be supported through a variety of activities in relevant channels including in-store, online, print and social media.

30 Mar 2012 13:12