34 and Capitec Bank prove that not all banking campaigns are the same

When Capitec Bank launched their R150,000 loan offering they knew it would be a hit. They had not however decided on the best way of informing consumers about their unique offering to achieve immediate response. When the brand knew they needed measurable and direct results in the weeks running up to Christmas, the most cluttered time of year, they turned to 34 for a creative solution.
34 and Capitec Bank prove that not all banking campaigns are the same
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In a market where loan offerings are common and often undifferentiated 34 developed an innovative approach that leveraged twenty days of radio presence with twenty unique radio ads. Time pressures meant DJ endorsements were impossible to implement, so instead 34 readdressed the traditional format of a 40" spot by demanding a direct response to ads that changed on a daily basis. By creating the sense of personal interaction and direct conversation, and by continually changing the creative content in a quirky way, the campaign asked consumers to directly engage with the ads by guessing the correct answer to the portrayed situation. This approach ensured the brand kept interest high and standout strong whilst consumers responded instantly for their chance to win up to R150,000 cash in a Capitec Bank GlobalOne loan account. The team saw promotional entry numbers consistently rise as increasingly more people were intrigued, and by announcing winners on especially dedicated radio spots each week they drove continual credibility in the promotion. A variety of entry mechanics across SMS, Facebook and a mobi site ensured the brand reached a wide and varied target and this, supported by national radio, drove awareness levels to previously untouched segments. By linking the daily radio concept to the cash reward every day and driving the exact same content visually online, they managed to attract over 220,000 entries in just 20 days, increasing their Facebook fans by 30% and using a social media manager to directly converse with all entrants in real time every day building a constant conversation. Not only did consumers come and talk to Capitec Bank, a month later they are still there talking - to the brand and each other - with over 2000 conversations being started during the campaign! And not just about loans.

Brand Manager at Capitec Bank, Francois Viviers stated: "It is important for the Capitec Bank brand to engage with our market in an exciting way that breaks the mould of the traditional 'bank speak' that people get bombarded with. This campaign did exactly that. It was the first time that we used a series of daily competitions communicated on radio and supported by social media to bring a message home. It succeeded especially well in getting the younger market to engage in the conversation on Facebook, and to remain committed followers of Capitec Bank even after the campaign has finished."

The leverage of traditional ATL mediums supported by a 'live' media approach socially and online allowed Capitec Bank and 34 to implement their most successful radio led promo to date driving new users into banks and online. A potently ingenious mix of brand building creativity and instant rewards proved, yet again, that not only is cash king in this market, but banking is worth talking about!

8 Feb 2012 12:17