34's One2One goes live!

Still feeling the success of 2011, 34 is excited to announce that it is embarking on giving its clients, the likes of Coca-Cola, SAB, Foodcorp and Kimberly-Clark, an integrated live media offering.
34's One2One goes live!
34's One2One goes live!
Live media is a place where CRM meets Social meets Events, and a space designed to capitalise on data and help clients talk to their consumers in a meaningful way. It also ensures we understand more about them and ROI than ever before.

"One2One integrates Digital, Social, CRM and Events to deliver ideas that harness the right technology and platforms to engage and deliver results," says 34 CEO Andy Sutcliffe.

One cannot deny how digital has changed the direct world, and that the line between direct and digital is falling away. Strategically, 34 feels that One2One will increase its value offering across all its successful divisions.

"Social media has changed the way we run our businesses and advise our clients," says Jean Scheltema, One2One's new Digital Strategist. "And it is becoming increasingly obvious that we need to treat this ever-changing media as something that is here to stay. One2One will offer our clients strategically-driven creative work, that will yield measurable results and formalises what 34 has been able to do for a while now."

Having recently expanded their office reach to include Johannesburg, 34 shows no sign of slowing down in the industry. Instead, One2One will continue to grow to form the umbrella over how the company utilises Media Content, Analytics, Social, WOM, CRM and Events in 2012 and beyond.

34 is looking forward to opening the conversation between brands and their consumers, in an age where consumers have the power. Research indicates that direct marketing will have an impact on economic growth and lead the industry in one-to-one marketing, making 34's One2One an intuitive decision, organically grown to facilitate both the evolution of direct marketing and the demands of the industry.

2 Feb 2012 13:13