34 amp up the Coca-Cola Happiness Machine

34's first task for their newly acquired client, Coca-Cola, was to drive a large volume increase over a four-month period to celebrate their 125 Year Anniversary. Knowing the brand is already one of the most loved brands in SA, 34 had to find a concept they believed could instantly change purchase intent as consumers reached to the fridge.
34 amp up the Coca-Cola Happiness Machine
34 amp up the Coca-Cola Happiness Machine
To amplify the in store message 34 looked beyond point of sale to a traditionally ATL medium, TV, to ensure reach levels would optimise customer interaction out of the store, whilst provoking incremental purchase in store. Their approach however didn't drive them to choosing a promotional TVC spot. In its place they are in the process of airing a 16-week long Coca -Cola owned gameshow, The Coca-Cola Happiness Machine, that drives the promotion and awards the cash prizes. It airs on eTV every week night and offers Coke consumers the chance to win up to R2 Million rand, with thousands more winning instant airtime on a daily basis.

With a trendy presenter, a huge amount of suspense and live consumer dial ins, this promotion just got interesting. So far they have given away over R8,000,000 in cash alone and have officially made their first two Coca-Cola millionaires with a giveaway of two R2,000,000 prizes in the first eight weeks.

Given consumers enter to play via their cell phones, 34 Business Unit Director Mimi Nicklin hopes to "change the balance in promotional messaging away from a choice between traditional and new media, towards the use of media holistically to build a consistent consumer story". The use of innovative entry mechanics alongside support from a traditional medium has led to one of the strongest starts 34 has seen yet on any of their 50+ brands.

14 Nov 2011 16:18