34Woman shows why you should thank goodness for Kleenex

As one of an elite group of brands for which the brand name has become synonymous with the product, Kleenex enjoys near universal recognition as the definitive facial tissue brand.
34Woman shows why you should thank goodness for Kleenex34Woman shows why you should thank goodness for Kleenex
Kimberly-Clark® approached 34Woman, a specialist in female consumer marketing, to develop a campaign that strengthens female shoppers' emotional connection with the brand while driving the perception of Kleenex® as a superior product in the category.

"The campaign needed to demonstrate the convenience and efficacy of Kleenex® and the positive benefits it brings to her life," explains Kleenex® Brand Manager, Edme Brink.

34Woman devised a campaign that created surprise in store, to break through habitual purchasing behavior and demonstrate the wide variety of occasions for which a consumer would need a Kleenex®.

"We wanted to show that Kleenex® is the brand that cares about what you care about and identifies with your needs. Whether you're sniffling from winter flu, sneezing from hay fever or crying tears of joy at the birth of your baby, thank goodness for Kleenex®," says 34Woman Managing Director, Judy During.

The campaign launched in June 2011 with a combination of outdoor media, in-store POS and innovative product displays.

7 Sep 2011 11:03