Does 34 have "it"?

Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Schweppes, Stoney, Tab, PowerPlay, Powerade, Just Juice, Nestea, glacéau, Bonaqua, Valpre, Yum Yum, Sunbake, Monati Mabela, Glenryck, Bobtail, Catmor, Nola, Ouma, Pieman's, Clover Milk, Carling Black Label and Kleenex seem to think so.
Andy Sutcliffe, 34’s CEO
Andy Sutcliffe, 34’s CEO
34 has been fortunate enough to add these brands to their client list over the last 100 days.

And "it"?

It's about the buzz. The excitement. Maintaining a sense of compelling purpose and direction. The collective and individual management of energy, intensity and pace. Of being in sync with the market and what clients want from their agency.

When they launched in 2007, it was with a new value proposition - one they really believed in. Luckily for 34 so did their first client, SABMiller. So what started out as a monologue became a dialogue and has moved on to a real conversation with forward-thinking clients.

"All successful agencies need to find their sense of purpose - the one thing they do that sets them apart," comments Andy Sutcliffe, 34's CEO. "We call 'it' the 34 'gees'. A business needs to have soul. It's what makes certain businesses great."

And he adds, "Soul has been borne out of a combination of factors and relationships we have developed as we went along: crucially with our own employees and workspace but inextricably linked to our clients, partners, suppliers and investors, too."

34 has opened its doors in Johannesburg on August 1st, so they'll be transferring plenty of Cape Town spirit upcountry.

5 Aug 2011 12:07