Play it your way with Fanta and 34!

Kids all over Luanda were full of smiles recently when they were told to "BRINCA À TUA MANEIRA" or "PLAY IT YOUR WAY" in 34's latest campaign.
Play it your way with Fanta and 34!
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The objective was to increase brand loyalty amongst school children aged 12-15, whilst perpetuating Fanta's brand intrinsic, PLAY. This needed to be achieved by pushing 'exercise through play' as this value seems to be waning in Angola. These goals were brought to fruition by creating mini events aimed at helping kids 'release the fun gene' by dancing, competing and playing. At the mini events, 20 kids won a place in the Kuduro dance-off, which took place at the Fanta Playground final event. The competition was hosted by local superstar Agre G and the winner of the dance-off was 14-year-old Demos Correia, who won $2 000!

In the retail space, kids needed to collect six Fanta cans and/or bottle tops. These entitled them to a 'Fanta Fun Pack' which was redeemable from schools and contained a colourful armband, which acted as entry into the events. "Special" orange armbands created significant hype as they allowed kids straight into the Fanta Playground. The campaign was driven by schools and radio in Luanda, with added drive by the kids themselves as the trend caught on.

1 Dec 2010 03:45