34Woman and Jo'burg Child Welfare 'Let a Little One In'

To celebrate a hundred years of caring for abused, abandoned, neglected, orphaned and vulnerable children, Jo'burg Child Welfare is auctioning off one-of-a-kind doors, created and designed by local artists, designers, musicians and celebrities.
34Woman and Jo'burg Child Welfare 'Let a Little One In'
"The doors symbolise the way in which simple acts - like opening a door - can change a person's life," says Jo'burg Child Welfare Communications Officer, Carly Ritz.

34Woman was among those asked to design a door for the charity, joining an illustrious list of South African luminaries that includes Freshlyground, Craig Native, Louise Carver, Danny K, Johnny Clegg and John Vlismas to name a few.

The one-of-a-kind doors will be auctioned off to guests, including dignitaries, investors, businessmen, politicians and celebrities at a gala event.

The design for 34Woman's door was inspired by the story of Dorcas, a 45-year-old woman living in an informal settlement in Soweto. As part of a church group, she was a regular visitor to the children's home where she found herself drawn to a 13-month HIV positive baby, whom she now fosters.

When asked about 34Woman's design, the company's Managing Director, Judy During, said "We realised that children have needs that differ from those of adults and we wanted to bring this to life in our design. Therefore, we created a smaller, 'child-size' door within the larger one - a door that is easy for children to open and walk through and that is made especially for them."

During explains that the door is also intended to represent "letting vulnerable children into your home and into your heart and making them feel special and loved".

The words "Let a Little One In" hope to inspire people to open their hearts and doors to a child in need.

2 Sep 2010 20:36