A clearly clever campaign from Clean & Clear and 34Woman

Johnson & Johnson (Pty) Ltd, in collaboration with below-the-line agency, 34Woman, launched 'C U @ THE MOVIES', a three-month campaign to promote Clean & Clear®, one of the leading teenage skincare brands in South Africa.
A clearly clever campaign from Clean & Clear and 34Woman
The campaign aims to capitalise on a market enjoying incremental growth as consumers begin to use skincare products for the first time, by delivering a promotion that is relevant to the teen market.

To better understand this market 34Woman approached teenage girls to gain a greater comprehension of their problems, challenges and lived experience.

"Teenagers are really very media savvy," says 34Woman Managing Director, Judy During. "While they're suspicious of carefully crafted media messages on TV and radio, on the other hand their friendships are an important lifeline and they really trust recommendations from their peers."

Teens are also adept at using cellphone-based media with instant messaging services like MXit and SMS playing a vital part in their lives and dictating how they interact and spend time with friends and others in their social group, adds During.

'C U @ THE MOVIES' benefits from these insights through a focused campaign that uses a mix of in-store, web and cellphone-based media to stimulate word-of-mouth and get existing users of Clean & Clear® products to encourage their best friends to buy it too.

The campaign offers "Free movie tickets for U & UR BFF when you both buy Clean & Clear®!"

To claim the free movie ticket, both friends must enter the unique code found on selected Clean & Clear®!" packs via USSD. The back-end system matches the friends' cellphone numbers and sends them both a SterKinekor Movie Voucher Ticket via SMS so that consumers are instantly rewarded for purchasing the product.

The campaign uses a number of touchpoints relevant to the teen market including attention-grabbing point-of-sale, in-store promotions and online, print and social media platforms including Saltwater Girl, Seventeen, MXit and Free4All.

"We really believe in this campaign, says Clean & Clear® brand manager Kerry Curran. "The concept, mechanics and channels selection is underpinned by an in-depth understanding of the retail environment and represents a fresh approach for the brand."

The campaign, which launched in May, ends on 31 July 2010.

13 Jul 2010 11:58