34 hires head of Saatchi X

Sue Evered has joined below-the-line agency 34 as Head Of Strategic Planning.
34 hires head of Saatchi X
Sue is a committed advocate of the power of below-the-line and its direct impact on shopper behaviour and ultimate consumer loyalty.

After 14 years in the industry, predominantly working in ATL agencies like Saatchi's and BBDO, Sue faces the challenge of changing an industry's misguided belief that strategic thinking should be the sole remit of the ad agency.

34 has proven in the past that below-the-line is an amazing and creative space to harness the power of strategic thinking to develop even better campaigns that sell.

Sue's remit at 34 will be to keep pushing the thought leadership boundaries and demonstrate that well thought through below-the-line campaigns are a necessity for clients in SA today.

25 Jun 2010 14:31