When there is more to a barcode than just a code

Every once in a while a concept is introduced into the market place that changes the rules. thirtyfour, the brand activation specialists, have introduced the South African market to a first. Their Scan & Win™ concept is a simple but effective marketing mechanism for FMCG retail that rewards consumers when they purchase participating products.
In the launch promotion with Checkers, once at the till, barcodes were scanned and “hidden in them” were 30 000 free products, cash, and even the chance to win the grand prize of a new Honda FRV six-seater, valued at R 250 000. The perfect execution of the kind of instant gratification that shoppers all over South Africa have been asking for.

Checkers were very excited when thirtyfour brought this ground breaking retail campaign to them and they knew that they simply had to back it. It drives in-store excitement, is simple, very clever and a natural fit with Checkers' leading POS system, making Scan & Win™ a great differentiator. So convinced were Checkers of the potential of Scan & Win™ that they made substantial media and space commitments to launch the campaign and the overwhelming shopper response proved their instincts right all the way to the bank.

Unilever, Distell, National Brands and Tiger Brands too saw the merit in this ingenious mechanic that drives sales and promotes brand switching and partnered Checkers in the first ever execution during September and October in all Checkers and Checkers Hyper stores nationally. The promotion ran in two time slots and for each time slot three brands were put on promotion. Each brand had a designated Gondola End shelf space for their choice of product and a Scan & Win™ dispensing unit which dispensed the ‘Scan and Win' game cards – these were scanned with the products purchased and the news of numerous consumers winning free product all over the place spread like wildfire.

“The concept behind this new form of brand activation is so basic, that when brand managers see it they will ask why they didn't think of it themselves,” says Morne Fourie. “This is what we do at thirtyfour; we use brilliantly simple methods and mechanics with a clever creative twist to activate demand for our clients' brands and to keep their brands top of mind with consumers throughout the purchase decision making process outside and inside the store.”

Fourie pins down the success of this campaign to the fact that Scan & Win™ provides FMCG manufacturers with the ability to actively drive sales volumes and brand trial without the need to price discount. Moreover the resounding success of this unique concept has unlimited potential to change the way brands promote themselves within retail environments.

With game card redemption rates impressively high; between 35 and 70 percent (varying by product and category) and sale uplift of the respective brands anywhere between 50 and 550 percent compared to corresponding periods last year the success of Scan & Win™ is unquestionable.

This campaign has raised the bar for the industry, highlighting the fact that campaigns need not cost millions, all they need to do is interact directly with the consumer and give them what they want – instant gratification.

Scan & Win™ is trademarked by thirtyfour.

22 Nov 2007 15:20