Savanna have the apples to appoint 34°

Savanna has announced the appointment of 34° as its new strategic BTL and engagement partner. Savanna is now available in over 50 countries around the globe with an expansion plan in several key markets in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.
Savanna have the apples to appoint 34°

Commenting on the win, Wilton Ackeer, 34°’s Creative Director, says, “We are proud to partner with this amazing brand and brand team. We have a brilliant opportunity to build on strong creative foundations to produce amazing, cut-through work and we’ll be forever grateful for the brand team sticking their neck out and being bold enough to work with us.”

“We are delighted with the challenge to work on this iconic brand and to apply our 34° way of thinking to ensure a worthy evolution across markets,” adds Tenielle Maris, 34°’s Head of Strategy.

“We’ve long admired 34° and their bold and effective campaigns from afar,” stated Gillian Skinner, GM – Global Marketing for Cider. “We loved the fact too that they focus on building brands from the bottom up as in many markets we only have BTL and digital to cut through. We embarked on a journey to get back to basics to understand what the target market is looking for. The engagement battleground in SA and globally is changing fast. Big ideas can come from anywhere – it’s how you pull them through the line and ensure you have an outstanding consumer journey that is important.”

She further adds, "With increased pressure on budgets, global economies, legislative restrictions and fierce competition it is just as likely for brands to be led from an activation or experiential level as it can from a TV ad. Millennial consumers have high expectations, and they should! They prefer a two-way relationship with the brands they buy into and brands, in turn, need to connect with them emotionally as well as deliver functionally.”

2 May 2017 11:53