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DigitLab hosts yet another successful Digital Swarm

DigitLab's first Digital Swarm of the year was a massive success. With all 120 tickets selling out in three days, creatives and brand managers from around Durban gathered at The Hardy Boys' offices to share their ideas and gain knowledge.
The evening started off with MC and two-time South African Comics’ Choice nominee Alfred Adriaan engaging with the crowd and introducing the topic for the night, storytelling.

The first speaker to kick off the evening was David Leslie, Creative Director of Tomfoolery. Leslie discussed his tactics for conveying a story in his talk, Digital Storytelling in a World Gone Mad. The room was introduced to Tomfoolery’s newest project, Hitched, a story about two young men with a dream to find a dinosaur in the Congo jungle.

Next up was Ryan Fauconier, Brand Manager of Axe at Unilever South Africa. Fauconier spoke about brand storytelling from a client’s perspective and introduced Digital Swarm to Axe’s new brand narrative – Find your Magic.

The last speaker of the evening was the CEO and founder of MyGrow, Mark Baker. In his very personal and hard-hitting presentation, Baker discussed how people’s stories and emotional intelligence (EQ) are critical factors in organisation growth and personal development.

Alfred Adriaan closed off the evening with his own story. Having come from an advertising background, Adriaan used his knowledge and comedic skill to breathe laughter and joy into the room after a very informative and inspiring evening.

About Digital Swarm

Digital Swarm is an event founded by DigitLab. The event was created to fuel the growth and development of the digital marketing industry. It’s based on the notion of ‘swarm mentality’. This is how people are influenced to follow the movement of the next person, collectively. However, someone had to make the first move - DigitLab is that someone.

Digital Swarm is important in the fast-evolving digital marketing industry. It allows industry leaders to share their ideas and knowledge, and take the lead in transforming digital marketing. Others swarm to these innovative ideas and connect with each other to collectively accelerate the growth of the industry.

DigitLab’s next Digital Swarm will be in June. If you wish to attend the next event or would like more information on Digital Swarm, please visit:

22 Mar 2017 12:08