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GFK - Fundi App

DigitLab is proud to announce the launch of Fundi, a mobile app empowering the entrepreneur in South Africa.

A big part of being a business owner, an entrepreneur, is building the know-how that will empower you to become more successful. It's all about finding the right mentor, getting the best finance for your business, securing space to trade, marketing your business and doing it all within the constraints of your budget.

But getting this information isn't easy. Who has the time to trawl the sites and blogs of world-leading entrepreneurs, to find these insights? Who has the time to meet with other business owners, to talk about the challenges that make small business so tough?

GfK, a global market research company, has made it so simple. They've developed a smartphone App that will deliver all these insights directly to you.

Not your average business app.

Aptly named FUNDI, it'll deliver business and entrepreneurial content to thousands of small business owners across South Africa, for free.

Firstly, FUNDI offers users Mobisite Builder, with which you can build an online profile for your business, and receive a dedicated URL accessible on desktop or mobile devices. Users can provide a short overview of their business, list their services, as well as provide their contact details and social network links.

The FUNDI Insights hub is a collection of the most valuable business articles aggregated from around the world. While the FUNDI Forum is a place where you can interact with other business owners, to discuss challenges and solutions for your business.

GFK - Fundi App

But why would GfK, a market research company, develop a business application?

In exchange for all of these useful features and valuable content, GfK will anonymously monitor your smartphone usage to understand how consumers are using their mobile devices.  Additionally, by understanding what sort of content you engage with most often, they can ensure they continue to deliver the best possible content to you.

Usage tracking is completely anonymous, FUNDI has no access to any content displayed on the screen, or any keystrokes, so all private user information is completely inaccessible to GfK. The system is fully POPI compliant as data privacy is of uttermost importance to GfK.

GfK uses the information to understand which types of mobile websites and applications are most popular in South Africa, helping media planners identify the most valuable mobile platforms to advertise on, as well as to author reports on mobile usage trends in South Africa.

"DigitLab is proud to be a part of this project. Seeing projects come to life is always exciting, but to see something that will change the lives of entrepreneurs is truly incredible. " - Mike Saunders, DigitLab CEO

How to get FUNDI -

FUNDI is currently available for download from the Google Play Store, and from Initially, Fundi will be limited to Android phones only, with rollout to IOS phones due to follow soon.

So keep an eye out for FUNDI, the only smartphone tool you'll need to conquer the world!

27 May 2014 14:58